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  1. Yeah my replacement is in the box in my garage. There doesn't seem to be any problems using the cracked one but its nice to know I've got a replacement waiting for whenever I need it.
  2. Guys I am now a fully fledged member of the " I cracked my firebox Club" Whoop whoop. I had already done around 4 cooks this year when I decided to give my firebox a clean out(I used briquettes for a cook and didn't like the taste so wanted to remove all evidence in case a fellow guru popped by and wanted to inspect my Joe). Half way through cleaning and I notice a crack 3/4 of the way round through the air holes. So I did what so many of you have already done and contacted KJ UK(Grakka). They took my details asked for a few photos and sent me another one out within a week. Yep I'm as
  3. I love that your watching the big lebowski while cooking on the porch.
  4. Hi Marty & Dwilkie. Im from Middlesbrough and I have a kamado joe too.
  5. if your paying ill accept one for christmas
  6. I love shawarma. its relatively new to me. Shawarma shops started opening round here a few years ago but now there's around 10!!! they give you a choice of chicken or lamb cooked on a spinning kebab skewer. Served in a naan or bun with salad and sauce. delicious.
  7. First name is Anthony that's what my family and work colleagues call me. Close friends call me Tash and my better half calls me tashy. Magee just sounded nice at the end.
  8. Great as always @andyscalzo are those hooks as easy to turn meat as you make them look? Also you always have a rockin track on your videos but I'd like to hear the hissin' an a sizzlin'
  9. I bought some fresh figs. I had never had them before and they tasted nothing like fig newtons(fig rolls) Now you try first time ever
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