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  1. Has anyone tried Vision's Quick Change Gas Insert yet? I'd love to have the capability to do a quick grill.
  2. I've got the CyberQ wifi and love it. But thats the geek in me speaking. Nothing better than monitoring your cook while out on the town...
  3. sounds like a very creative way to mount it. could you share some pictures? I put a few up on the thread below. Since then I've come up with a couple of other ideas that would accomplish the same thing, but look a little cleaner. Either way, you get the idea from the pics. Although it looks a little Darth Vader-ish, it works great! And I usually only have it on the grill when using the DigiQ, the original drawer is on the rest of the time. http://kamadoguru.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=1293
  4. It sounds like the problem is that the air is being blown into the coal area, with no way to ensure that it is going to the coals. Once it comes in through the starter door, it can circulate without providing any O2 to the coals. By using the original inlet holes (not the starter door), the air comes in and then is channeled under the coals and through them from the bottom. For that reason, I bought an ash drawer from vision and mounted my DigiQ adapter to the bottom and sealed the starter door. Result is an air tight seal, with great temp control.
  5. Correct. It controls the temp. Usually within a few degrees of what it is set at. It is outstanding for low and medium temp cooks, but not for high temps. I believe that the max recommended temp is 400 degrees.
  6. Glad they finally put something together, didnt think that they were going to. Let us know how it works...
  7. Has anyone with the Vision Lava Stone had theirs break? Mine split down the middle after normal use.
  8. Thanks for the reviews. I ordered the box with all 9 flavors, so I'll get to try them all.
  9. I do the same. A pie pan full of water on the heat diffuser. Its probably not needed, just a habit from my days using an electric smoker.
  10. Does anyone use their products? I ordered a bunch of their rubs today and was wondering if anyone had a favorite?
  11. KelGun

    BBQ Guru

    Here you go. I've included a few pics of the drawer, the full setup, and couldnt resist including the results of my first cook using it. When I began this, I decided to try and use someplace that would bring the air up from under the coals, the DigiQ folks said that using the starter door area would blow ash onto the food. That being said, I ordered another ash drawer from Vision to play around with....roughly $25 plus shipping. My initial plan was to cut the front off from the drawer and have a welder buddy weld a new metal plate to the drawer, and mount the fan to that. That plan went out the window when my friend was tasked to deploy, and I didnt want to wait for him to get back. I then decided to rivet metal plates to all of the openings, seal them with heat resistant silicon, and mount the fan adapter to the back. While working on it, my son remarked that it kind of looked like Darth Vader's face, and we should make it look like him. Not passing on a chance to get him involved, thats what we did. All in all, it looks OK and works GREAT! Looking back, I could probably have gone with less rivets for a cleaner look, but it is what it is. I only use this drawer when using the DigiQ, and switch back to the original drawer for all other cooks. Hope this helps.
  12. KelGun

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    I did. I initially had it open all of the way and it was too hot. Closed it to half way and the temp settled to what I wanted. It stayed within +/- 5 of the set temp all night. Did you notice any difference between the Guru indicated temp and the grills thermometer temp? Mine differed by almost 70 degrees.
  13. KelGun

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    I have the wifi Guru, used with the Vision Pro. Had to modify an ash drawer for it to work, but I'm pretty happy with the whole setup. I tried to get the DigiQ people to make an adapter for the Pro, even provided them pics and measurements for the drawer. I guess they couldnt figure out how to make it work because they told me that they wouldnt be making one.
  14. I ended up buying the CyberQ Wifi, and it worked pretty well. I bought another ash drawer from Vision and modified that to hold the fan unit and am pretty happy with how it worked. The controller kept the temp +/- 5 degrees of the set temp. I also noticed that the thermometer installed in the grill consistantly read 70 degrees lower than the units reading. All in all, happy with the purchase...
  15. I heard someone that goes by KelGun was going to test it. Maybe he can provide a report. Haha, will let you know how it goes.........Go Big Red!!!!
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