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  1. Just sent an email to the mothership outlining my circumstances and asking that they provide me an upgraded band set for my LBGE under warranty. I realize it's Sunday morning, but we'll see what the response is. If I hear nothing by mid week, I'll give them a call on the landline.
  2. Keeper, my latest LBGE is within the 5 year warranty. Should I call BGE direct or deal with the dealer I purchased the Egg from? Also, do I need to evidence a problem with the current lid bands? At the moment I'm not sure I have a problem. Thoughts?
  3. Another well done how-to video John. That thin crust pie looks amazingly good.
  4. Amazing - I think that's about as good as it gets.
  5. Google "Big Green Craig Paella" and look at his pan. It is, I believe the BGE pan and it fits the large BGE
  6. I have the BGE Paella Pan and am not sure of the actual size, but it has handles on both sides and does fit the large BGE. You may recall a while back I complained about the fact that I used the pan (it was new) as a drip pan for an overnight Boston Butt cook. Stainless steel or not, the pan blackened and no amount of scrubbing would restore the bright finish on it. Oh well, I'll get by.
  7. Excellent cook. What temp did you sous vide the brisket at and did you season the meat before or after sous vide.
  8. Luv it. Wonder what size paella pan he's using.
  9. Excuse me while I mop up the drool on my keyboard. That cook is awesome.
  10. Good for you and keep up the hard work. Me, my New Year resolution was to lose 5 lbs; only 10 to go
  11. McDonalds's fries are the best. Just my opinion of course.
  12. Yes there is. It's called fill er up. Always start with a full load of lump. When you are done cooking, just snuff it out by closing top and bottom vents. The unburnt lump can be used again after filling er up again. When you start with a full load you never have to worry if you have enough fuel to finish the cook.
  13. When I said I then "pull" the meat, double foil it, etc., what I really meant to say was I then "remove" the meat from the cooker, double foil, etc.. - Sorry for the confusion, it was a poor choice of words on my part.
  14. I've never foiled a Boston Butt and generally cook at 225 or so. Lately a lot of folks seem to be settling in at a higher temp, around 275 plus or minus. This results in a faster cook as it either eliminates altogether or gets around the stall more quickly. I will still cook at around 225 and if the stall seems endless or if I am approaching dinner time, I will raise the temp then, but only up to around 300. I pull at 205 IT unless the meat probes tender earlier than that, although for me, it never has. I then pull the meat, double foil it and wrap a towel around it and into the cooler it goes. It's good for several (4 - 6) hours that way. Hope that helps. For what it's worth, it's terribly difficult to screw up a pork shoulder, aka Boston Butt. It's probably the most forgiving meat out there.
  15. Not if it's in a traditional bun which, technically, is not 2 slices of bread.