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  1. Sea Bass With Garlic Salsa Verde

    I see you haven't lost your touch Jack. That's a mighty fine looking cook you've photographed.
  2. Green Light for WFO

    CK, I could not be more jealous and I can't wait to see things as you progress with this WFO. Congrats.
  3. DH you have been missed, but you apparently have not lost your touch. Nicely done and really tasty I'd bet.
  4. New to SV. need some help

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video may be worth ten thousand words. Not trying to promote anyone or anyone's website, but the fact of the matter is this is worth a look. https://www.chefsteps.com/steak-by-joule
  5. Grilled pork belly

    Wow, those incredible photo's made my taste buds go crazy. That cook looks superlicious.
  6. I have the Joule as well as the Anova. Both are really great sous vide circulators and you won't go wrong if you buy either of the two. The Joule wins out, for me anyway, because of a number of things. First, it's got a much smaller footprint which makes it great for storage and travelling. Next is that it's more powerful than the Anova. I won't get into numbers here but you can check this out on various other websites. I love the magnetic foot on the Joule. If using a steel pot you probably won't need the side attachment as the magnet safely and strongly adheres to the bottom of the pot. It has no user interface on it save for a power on off switch which means a smartphone is pretty much a requirement for its use. Not a problem for me as I don't go anywhere without my iPhone. The Joule app is a pretty amazing product as it features videos and a visual doneness display. In other words if you are cooking say a steak, you can look at the app and determine cooking temperature by looking at the photos and touching the one you think your finished steak should look like. Joule does the rest. Since it's wifi you can monitor, change temperature, turn the unit on or off from virtually anywhere. There are other features but I think I've touched on those which appeal to me. Did I say I like it? Yes, yes I do, but again whichever brand of sous vide immersion circulator you buy, you'll likely be happy with it. Cook on I say.
  7. ckreef's no stir project

    Never have I ever stirred my lump. When I see the ash level rising to an obstructive level I then clean. Simple. I do use the kick ash basket.
  8. Boneless Beef Ribs

    Beef ribs are my fav and yours looks to be really tasty. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Sous Vide Prime Rib

    Good looking hunk of meat for sure. Out of curiosity, why did you sous vide with a probe if other than to know when the IT of the protein reached 136?
  10. Random Sous Vide Question...

    I've done sous vide cooks up to and including 72 hours and have never noticed excessive air or juices in the bag to interfere with whatever I'm cooking. Are you vacuum sealing the bag or using zip lock type bags and removing air by the submersive method. It probably doesn't matter much either way. I say leave well enough alone and cook on.
  11. Sous Vide Prime Rib

    Ahhh, prime rib done right. Looks to be an outstandingly good meal. Sous vide at around 129f?
  12. Shave Question?

    I rely on Harry's these days and am satisfied with the result. I've always wanted a barbershop shave but haven't found anything I've tried to duplicate not only the feel, but the closeness of a good clean shave. Have thought about buying a straight razor, but am afraid I'd do myself in. In between regular shaves, I have a fairly new Braun Series 7 electric shaver. What I really want is a lotion to splash on my face so that I'd never have to shave again.
  13. Brisket??

    While I haven't done a brisket sous vide, I've seen videos whereby it has. It seems that some prefer a pre-sear after seasoning the meat in order to impart a smoke flavored product, then finish sous vide. However you end up doing it, I'm sure it will be great.
  14. Christmas Day PR Cook

    I'll bet that will be really good eating when ready.
  15. Dry Aged Ribeyes on the Soapstone

    Oh yeah, I'm really hungry now.