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  1. aljoseph

    Paella Pan Size for Big Joe

    Decks have been know to do that to the inside color of kamados. Happened to me too.
  2. aljoseph

    Breakfast Time

    The problem I have with cooking soft boiled eggs, regardless if they're boiled in water or cooked sous vide, is the removal from the shell process. It's bad enough with hard boiled eggs, but with soft boiled I sometimes end up with a complete mess. I've tried several methods including shaking them in a container with water but I've never run across an easy and foolproof method if there even is one. Am I alone here or am I missing some holy grail of shell removal? I forgot to mention, eggs on toast with avocado and sliced tomato are my wife's go to breakfast almost every morning. Your photo depicts a great looking breakfast treat.
  3. aljoseph

    Really California? WTH

    Only in California. Unbelieveable.
  4. aljoseph

    2 1/2" Ribeye Steak Dinner

    DH, you never cease to amaze with your delicious looking cooks. I'll just bet everything tasted every bit as good as it all looks. The only thing missing is me at the table with you all. Thanks for sharing.
  5. aljoseph

    Tri Tip Tuesday

    Man those photos are the bomb. I'm hungry all over again.
  6. aljoseph

    RSVP Cook: Beef Plate Ribs & St. Louis'

    Mmm Mmm Good. What more can I say.
  7. aljoseph

    Indoor Non-Grill Steak!

    No apologies needed for that fine looking cook GLOCKer. I'd eat that meal any day of the week.
  8. aljoseph

    Simple Steak and Shroom Dinner

    Awesome looking cook. Simple is usually (always) best.
  9. Man o man does that look good. I can almost taste it from here. Well done (again) DH.
  10. aljoseph

    I am sold on reverse sear

    That is one drool worthy looking steak.
  11. aljoseph

    Grilled Shrimp

    Among other things I consider myself to be a shrimpaholic and seasoning with Old Bay (and sometimes with Old Bay Blackening) seasoning is great. Looking at your photo's makes me hungry. Nicely done Bgosnell151 .
  12. aljoseph

    Sea Bass With Garlic Salsa Verde

    I see you haven't lost your touch Jack. That's a mighty fine looking cook you've photographed.
  13. aljoseph

    Green Light for WFO

    CK, I could not be more jealous and I can't wait to see things as you progress with this WFO. Congrats.
  14. DH you have been missed, but you apparently have not lost your touch. Nicely done and really tasty I'd bet.
  15. aljoseph

    New to SV. need some help

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video may be worth ten thousand words. Not trying to promote anyone or anyone's website, but the fact of the matter is this is worth a look. https://www.chefsteps.com/steak-by-joule