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  1. his last pic shows the magnets hanging.
  2. yea i'm sold on the bunka - its unique for sure.
  3. or just don't rush into it and use the sasanoha for a while to understand where you think you could benefit from another knife? also you've got a ton of other knifes - i couldnt just make them redundant.
  4. i prefer the the look of the bunka, wife prefers the 210 i prefer the utility of the bunka while she is used to the more traditional 210, its often that we are both prepping in the kitchen at the same time i would probably pickup a third over time (i like threes) - maybe the honesuki..
  5. agree - i dont have anyone local who sells these and i like the idea of the blacksmith getting more money for their efforts.
  6. like you a 210 Sasanoha and a 170 Bunka
  7. when I buy a takeda (probably two) i will most likely go direct to Takeda...
  8. thats awesome ! thank you very much for sharing.
  9. YouTube?
  10. hey nick - welcome from Auckland! i'm very far down the coffee rabbit hole!
  11. I like watching this guy
  12. i own a few globals - i like the look and they are easy to keep clean (no hidden spots) - hold a great edge and easy to sharpen. I dont find them slippery to use and i think they perform well for a middle of the road mass produced knife.
  13. Cool - thanks. I wish i had a shop i could visit to touch it. What is your plan when you get it in terms of sharpening?
  14. this Takeda - normally i would prefer a rounded shoulder, interested to hear how you find that after prolonged use.
  15. great knife - its next on my list - looking forward to hearing your thoughts.