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  1. Haha this is funny- would love to see pics. I wouldn’t have even put hot things on my old bamboo shelves in case I burnt them. luckily if it’s real the OP can replace them.
  2. You’re cooking a piece of meat that requires low and slow cooking to get tender - not a piece of steak or a roast. The last time I did short ribs mine probed tender at 204f. next time don’t remove the membrane from the short ribs- you generally do that for pork ribs but not beef as it’s required to keep them together. with anything low and slow you need to test for the meat being tender - not strictly the recipe or temperature. Each piece of meat will behave differently. Take a toothpick and probe the meat if it feels like butter you are good!
  3. Based on this. he is using a bluetooth only capable device.. https://www.ink-bird.com/products-bluetooth-thermometer-ibt4xs.html
  4. I grill direct more than i smoke so the extra real estate of the big joe suits me better.
  5. Luckily NZ Aand AUS get both Red and Black Kamado Joes - I’ve got a brand new Big Joe in black with all the new bits. black is best of course!
  6. I cook the following all the time on the kamado leg rump backstrap ribs rack shoulder But I do have the best lamb to choose from in New Zealand! Jump in and cook it all on the grill!
  7. And we have delivery of a new Big Joe in shiny black! Wonderfully happy as I certainly was not expecting or asking for this! Thank you Kamado Joe!
  8. Small update - for a couple of weeks it went quiet from the KJ side - i was following up every two or three days to check in. Got an email today saying i should receive tracking details soon.
  9. Hi - no the original BJ was perfect with no gaps. My dome cracked April 2016 and since receiving the replacement i have not been able to align the base and dome together without a gap. The only thing not replaced in my BJ is the fire ring and the bands.
  10. So what’s your verdict on how it fits, seals etc?
  11. It looks like KJ in the US might be replacing my entire grill which i'm more than happy about and certainly was not expecting. Cant wait!
  12. Yes! i'm with you on this. To be honest i'm getting tired of having to chase and get no response. KJ might have good support in the US - however where i live it takes a very long time even to get parts as things get sent on boats.
  13. I got it as part of a very long support case i have open which started with replacing a cracked top and base. Based on comments from other people it doesn't seem like the retrofit hinge is available to purchase.
  14. This is the part number from the box.
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