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  1. I do way more grilling thank smoking- I would not be able to get a way with the size of the classic when doing two zone cooking. Big joe gets my vote.
  2. its this one: https://www.amazon.com/Cuisson-Camembert-Baker-Cheese-Spreader/dp/B072C8Q3D5/ref=sr_1_35?crid=1YO4063SS2W24&keywords=chasseur%2Bcamembert&qid=1642537873&sprefix=chasseur%2Bcamembert%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-35&th=1
  3. So they built an instant read thermometer which is slower to boot, slower to read temp, thicker and heavier than the class leading product and more expensive. Seems like they used a Technical lead design versus market driven. I’ve got an older thermapen which is acting up, just don’t think this nails the brief of an instant read as well as thermoworks does…the extra features don’t stack up for me.
  4. Yep agree on all this don’t overthink, it doesn’t need perfection and works as expected. It’s such a great setup you’ll get so much use out of it!
  5. This is what mine looks like - BJII
  6. I have a BJII - my fan is set 13%, I'm pretty happy with how the blower fits. Its not critical and I'm not looking for airtight down there. FB2Pro is a great product.
  7. I’ve had a the Pitt probe fail on me - out of warranty and bought a new one- I disassembled the k-type connector and the two wires were shorting. I rewired it and it’s all good now. A spare one will be useful
  8. well Foxconn does have a website - but of course I get what you are saying.
  9. Mine normally take 8-10 hours - in fact I just took these off the grill - heading for tacos
  10. I just prepared this Camembert for baking in the kamado - will turn out great and is a favourite as the weather turns warmer here for a great lunch addition.
  11. Thank you for correcting me. Glad to see it as well.
  12. My vote would be get the Big Joe 2. That airlift hinge is great, divise and conquer system, newer firebox, kontrol tower. No fussing about trying to make a big joe 1 a hybrid. When i did the swap over of the retrofit hinge - it’s not great and only ok when you get the new gasket. This grill is going to last a very long time.
  13. I would normally do that direct till medium rare. Get the outside nice and crusty!! Goes great with a quinoa salad with grilled veg (peppers, courgette, onion, eggplant etc) and a lemon yoghurt sauce.
  14. I just did these tonight - I think you can go for more black bark!!
  15. So far I’ve done pork ribs, beef short ribs, whole chicken, spatchcock chicken and a pork butt all using the fireboard. Worked flawlessly each time and very happy with purchase. A temperature management system is a must if you value time as much as I do.
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