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  1. deity6667

    Last Black Big Joe parts available

    Luckily NZ Aand AUS get both Red and Black Kamado Joes - I’ve got a brand new Big Joe in black with all the new bits. black is best of course!
  2. deity6667

    Was does no one do lamb?

    I cook the following all the time on the kamado leg rump backstrap ribs rack shoulder But I do have the best lamb to choose from in New Zealand! Jump in and cook it all on the grill!
  3. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    And we have delivery of a new Big Joe in shiny black! Wonderfully happy as I certainly was not expecting or asking for this! Thank you Kamado Joe!
  4. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    Small update - for a couple of weeks it went quiet from the KJ side - i was following up every two or three days to check in. Got an email today saying i should receive tracking details soon.
  5. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    Hi - no the original BJ was perfect with no gaps. My dome cracked April 2016 and since receiving the replacement i have not been able to align the base and dome together without a gap. The only thing not replaced in my BJ is the fire ring and the bands.
  6. deity6667

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket Install Journal

    So what’s your verdict on how it fits, seals etc?
  7. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    It looks like KJ in the US might be replacing my entire grill which i'm more than happy about and certainly was not expecting. Cant wait!
  8. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    Yes! i'm with you on this. To be honest i'm getting tired of having to chase and get no response. KJ might have good support in the US - however where i live it takes a very long time even to get parts as things get sent on boats.
  9. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    I got it as part of a very long support case i have open which started with replacing a cracked top and base. Based on comments from other people it doesn't seem like the retrofit hinge is available to purchase.
  10. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    This is the part number from the box.
  11. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    Being in New Zealand I have to talk to the local dealer who is also the master importer for Kamado Joe. They assure me they have attempted multiple times to contact KJ and have not yet had a response. in the mean time they have given me a roll of the old style gasket to use to fix the gaps . At the back I’m now onto my 5th additional layer of gasket and now only have minor leaking - at least I can use her now. Summary: waiting for KJ, have a stop gap. The new hinge is soo much better to use in terms of lifting and closing the lid - would.not want to go back.
  12. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    thats kinda sucks - although i'm still waiting on what will be the nexts steps for my joe - the gap between the base and lid is big enough that i'm not able to use it without wasting a lot of lump. If it helps i could send you a picture of the part number etc that was on the box - but that would be later in the day.
  13. deity6667

    Sourdough Starter

    Without a doubt keep going. Feed everyday and keep changing the jar - mine was in that state for a while - I almost gave up but then it took off so to speak and after every feed it would practically fill the jar.
  14. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    yes the process is roughly: 1. Remove the tensioning bolt on the top band and then undo the akorn nuts on the top band and let the hinge slowly rise up (might need two people) 2. undo the akorn nut on the bottoms band. 3. pry the hinge off the bottom band- took a bit of effort on my one 4. attach the new hinge to the bottom band first 5. attach the hinge to the top band 6. remove the hinge safety (spacer,washer and nut) - this engages the spring 7. open and enjoy how easy it is. They also show how to adjust the spring for more or less pressure
  15. deity6667

    Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

    Waiting on that advice as I suggested earlier thanks