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  1. JaxxQ

    Converting Joe Classic I to Classic II

    One of the support nipples weld broke loose
  2. Very sad to hear this, I understand why but the worst part of it, is loosing all of the content here, there is a world ideas, DIY projects, Grill Hacks, trust worthy reviews, recipes and techniques stored here.
  3. JaxxQ

    Converting Joe Classic I to Classic II

    PB I dont know where you heard that the new bands where screwed in but that is incorrect, I just had to replace mine on my 2018 Big Joe and there is no screws, Other then the size they install just like the old bands, they have nipples on the bands that fit in holes on the base and dome
  4. JaxxQ

    Converting Joe Classic I to Classic II

    No the new bands and Air lift Hinge will not work on the older Joes, Reason being the Ceramics have changed and the bands are a heavier gauge and wider than the older ones, However you can install the new firebox, gasket and top Kontrol tower
  5. JaxxQ

    Change in Costco road show deal

    Back in May they had the roadshow at the Valencia Ca. Costco and I stopped by and was talking to the rep and asked him if anybody claimed the display Big Joe & Jr. combo yet and he said they were not doing that anymore, but what they were was giving you a joetisserie with both the displays, Big Joe and Classic and the Jr. was a $100 off
  6. JaxxQ

    Kick Ash Basket or Kamado Joe Basket

    I have the new KJ basket and I do not see a problem with the fit, What is the problem with the deflectors setting a little higher, Did you remove the Charcoal grate? I did, IMO It allows for more airflow and it doesn't affect the way it cooks
  7. JaxxQ

    Titan Ash Basket for KJ Classic

    Save charcoal on small cooks
  8. JaxxQ

    Titan Ash Basket for KJ Classic

    Its more expensive but I would go with the new KJ Ash basket, Its more robust and it comes with a divider https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-accessories/products/kamado-joe-charcoal-basket
  9. JaxxQ

    Classic M side tables and handle

    There not very expensive https://visiongrills.com/product/solid-wood-side-shelf/
  10. JaxxQ

    Cast Iron Griddle for the Joe Jr

    This one fits perfect https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004E8LJB8/?coliid=I44XLBUNCWBLF&colid=3O1P5476JZKXI&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  11. JaxxQ

    What to cook on the cast iron griddle?

    Thees are just a few Sear Steaks Smash Burgers Tacos Cheese Steak Sandwiches Breakfast
  12. JaxxQ

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket Install Journal

    Here is an authorized dealer that has them https://www.quetopiabbq.com/product/kamado-joe-gasket/
  13. JaxxQ

    Kamado Joe Charcoal Baskets

    Here are some more pictures of the one for the Classic https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216263641653648&set=pcb.1444697408992488&type=3&ifg=1
  14. JaxxQ

    Kamado Joe Charcoal Baskets

    Well done Kamado Joe, looks the bottom has some pretty thick gauge steel and the splitter can be installed in both directions
  15. They are hasselback potatoes then I topped them off with Bacon Cheese and some green onions once they were done