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  1. Kamado Joe Classic for Sale

    You should keep it and have two, heck buy the jr and then you will have the Trifecta
  2. Kamado Joe Jr. accessories

    Ah now I see what talking about when you say the deflector is wright below the grate, I wouldn't like that either, I only put my deflector when baking directly on the stone, I have cooked many cooks at 400 plus with it in the lower position with no problems, On the jr the deflector plate is 10 in which give you a good 1 1/2 inches of room between the fire rind and the plate so there is plenty of room for airflow, on the Classic and Big Joe you only have about a 1/2" so there is a need for lower, middle and upper positions
  3. Kamado Joe Jr. accessories

    Must be nice to be able to create racks like that but what is the main difference, This is the setup I use for Pizza cooks using the original rack
  4. Kamado Joe Jr. accessories

    And easy clean out
  5. Kamado Joe Jr. accessories

    There are plenty of accessories on the market for the junior, The best one is the Kick ash basket and why I say that is because it allows you to place the heat deflector on the handles of the KAB which allows you to cook indirect at the fire ring level, it also gives you a lot more headroom in the dome for grill extenders
  6. Kamado Joe Jr. accessories

    This cast iron grate fits perfectly on the JR and its compatible with the heat deflector rack https://www.cast-iron-grate.com/14-5-cast-iron-grate-one-piece.html
  7. What KJ Accessories Fit a BGE?

    Here's a video showing that the DnC for the KJ Classic fits in a Large BGE
  8. WTB: Cast iron KJ chimney

    You could upgrade and buy the new Kontrol Tower https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/cast-aluminum-kontrol-tower-top-vent
  9. Big Joe Dimension

    Here is the spec sheet on their site http://www.kamadojoe.com/downloads_public/KJO_Big Joe_Spec Sheet_Final.pdf
  10. Replacement Chimney Top

    Is what your looking for https://www.amazon.com/Cast-suitable-Classic-vision-grill/dp/B074M6XXSC/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1515096390&sr=8-4-fkmr2&keywords=Vision+series+B+Grill+replacent+parts
  11. WTB: lg. BGE parts

    This will give you part numbers and where you can order them http://biggreenegg.com/product-category/eggcessories/nests-tables-covers/components/
  12. My guess is Chad is re-designing it to be a 1 piece basket vs a two piece
  13. I wont be using the Social media part either but I really like the fact you can save your cooks with recopies, pics and notes.
  14. Not everybody here has a Facebook so here is the entire story with SS pics of the app, Well Done Bobby Quick update on iKamand. We will be releasing in late January. While the device has not changed in design we made the decision to add a number of significant enhancements to the APP. The APP will now include a featured recipe every day and a social media feed that incorporates all our postings on social platforms as well as selected other content. We would like to provide the user with a very visual and intuitive experience and we want the APP to be a source of inspiration for Joe users worldwide. We have also added a predictive cooking time feature that will use a regression type analysis of all the data of all the brisket cooks (for example) to estimate when your cook will be complete. If we have data on 10,000 brisket cooks we should be able to provide good estimates on cooking times. Nobody has taken this approach before but we are looking for creative ways to add value to the overall experience. We are also incorporating an easy share feature for users to post their cook on their social platforms of choice simultaneously. We have also incorporated text messaging where the APP will send you texts alerting you on the progress of your cook etc. We like our product design but in our opinion the real magic is in the APP. The bad news is that we will have to increase the product cost to $249 to allow for 1) increased data costs per user over the lifetime and 2) ongoing development and creative costs. Including some new screenshots of the APP. It’s not just a temp controller anymore. Apologies for delay in posting an update.
  15. Dick Enberg (82) passed away at his la Jolla home

    We lost a legend R.I.P Dick - OH MY