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  1. I have one and yes you can but you will need a ash basket with handles to rest the heat deflector on which will allow you to put the main grate at the fire ring level then the top grate is useable other wise you will only have an inch or so of useable space. hers a few picks of mine
  2. IMO the D&C is awesome I use the 2 level cooking setup on all cooks other then when I smoking low & slow or High heat Pizza Cooks, It allows you to do all in one cooks if used right.
  3. I had that happen to the bolts on the handle on my classic and the way i got it to tighten was with vice grips, I clamped it on the nut and pulled out as i was tightening it and that worked
  4. No, not without modifications, There are pins on the bands that line up with the base and dome that has a hole in the front and a base has a slot in the back for the pins, Curious though, Why the need to rotate
  5. When I installed mine I was also replacing the Base so I needed to remove the hinge and bands anyway, When I put it back together it went back the same way so I dont think you need to do any special changes and I did use permatex on the back where the seem is only
  6. I installed the mesh gasket on my Classic one and have had it for over a year now and now issues with the seal, the weight of the dome works just fine, no latch needed IMO
  7. Im not completely positive but its probably the standard rack for the Jr
  8. Very interested on your review of this and looks like your party deck is getting pretty crowded John
  9. I have a 2015 Big Joe and it did not come with a ash tray, I bought this one and it fit just fine https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/ash-collector-for-bigjoe
  10. Fbov pretty much nailed it, the only thing would be his answer to question 2, I do use the grate to support it for the reasons he explained in his answer to question 4
  11. Here's a few https://www.kamadojoe.com/collections/accessories/products/kamado-joe®-sear-plate https://www.pizza-porta.com/shop/pizza-porta-for-kj-joe-junior https://smokeware.com/collections/grill-grates-fire-grates/products/stacker-and-16-grill-grate-combo?variant=2080092848159 https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/kamado-joe-joe-junior-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store
  12. There's a few out there Smokeware has a swivel system https://smokeware.com/collections/grill-grates-fire-grates/products/stacker-and-16-grill-grate-combo Ceramic Grill Store has a muli level system
  13. The cheapest I have found for the Multi Peace box is at the BBQ Guys https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/classic-multi-piece-firebox-kj-mpfb23
  14. My second grill was My Big Joe then the 3rd was a Classic Joe then my 4th was a Jr. Now I have a Rec-Tec Pellet grill and yes I find time to use all of them LOL and this is my Wife after I bought a Blackstone
  15. Pizza is good, Add it to BBQ Beans or Franklins Pinto Beans, And one of my favorites is make some Eric's Blue Smoked Cabbage and mix it in Here's Eric's Video but he used Beef Cheeks, Brisket works just as good
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