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  1. JaxxQ

    New Hinge

    Looking at your pictures it appears the hinge is not fully closed, You should of installed it with the space and nut on the spring, That keeps the hinge in the fully closed position, Did you keep it on when installing?
  2. JaxxQ

    Meater Meat temp probe

    Mine connects with Bluetooth from inside my home know problem even with the dome closed and that is about 20 feet. And the way I do it, as I said in my other post. I connect with my iPad with bluetooth and then bridge it to my Iphone via wifi and you can monitor your cook from anywhere while connected to the internet
  3. JaxxQ

    Meater Meat temp probe

    I have had mine for over a year and it has not failed me once, Its accurate and I love the fact you can check status on a Alexa device, also if you have 2 devices, one can be near the grill connected by BT and the other will hook up via your home wifi and you can monitor cooks on the road if you have leave for a while
  4. JaxxQ

    I'm so disapointed..... Kamado Joe customer service

    This is what the site says, Metal parts have a 5 year warranty and yes gaskets are 1 year
  5. JaxxQ

    Kick Ash Basket Divider

    I have the divider and it fits in between the grates of the basket so im pretty confident it would work, my only concern would be is the grate your using stable? or does it slide around
  6. I have two of the KJ Cast Iron grates and I pretty much use them instead of the SS grates, There much more robust then the SS grates and they give much better grill marks, I know lot of people say there to hard to maintain but I find it just as easy, I just brush and wipe oil on them after each cook and there good to go, I never have had a rust problem, I also have the griddle and love it, There a lot of fun to cook with. I use it when searing steaks, Fish, Smash Burgers, Street Tacos, Philly Steak sandwiches, and breakfast some times
  7. are you talking about the red container, its just another bin that I keep my temp controller and tools in, The cabinet I bought at Home Depot
  8. I Bought these containers at lowes, Its works well for me
  9. JaxxQ

    Converting Joe Classic I to Classic II

    One of the support nipples weld broke loose
  10. Very sad to hear this, I understand why but the worst part of it, is loosing all of the content here, there is a world ideas, DIY projects, Grill Hacks, trust worthy reviews, recipes and techniques stored here.
  11. JaxxQ

    Converting Joe Classic I to Classic II

    PB I dont know where you heard that the new bands where screwed in but that is incorrect, I just had to replace mine on my 2018 Big Joe and there is no screws, Other then the size they install just like the old bands, they have nipples on the bands that fit in holes on the base and dome
  12. JaxxQ

    Converting Joe Classic I to Classic II

    No the new bands and Air lift Hinge will not work on the older Joes, Reason being the Ceramics have changed and the bands are a heavier gauge and wider than the older ones, However you can install the new firebox, gasket and top Kontrol tower
  13. JaxxQ

    Change in Costco road show deal

    Back in May they had the roadshow at the Valencia Ca. Costco and I stopped by and was talking to the rep and asked him if anybody claimed the display Big Joe & Jr. combo yet and he said they were not doing that anymore, but what they were was giving you a joetisserie with both the displays, Big Joe and Classic and the Jr. was a $100 off
  14. JaxxQ

    Kick Ash Basket or Kamado Joe Basket

    I have the new KJ basket and I do not see a problem with the fit, What is the problem with the deflectors setting a little higher, Did you remove the Charcoal grate? I did, IMO It allows for more airflow and it doesn't affect the way it cooks