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  1. When I installed mine I was also replacing the Base so I needed to remove the hinge and bands anyway, When I put it back together it went back the same way so I dont think you need to do any special changes and I did use permatex on the back where the seem is only


  2. It depends on what version you have, If its BJII or III you just need to put on the spacer washer and nut to keep the hinge form opening, If its and older version you will need to tie wrap, Here is a video of John changeing the hinge of an older BigJoe, you could use this for help,



    This is what you use to lock the hinge on the newer versions, no tie wrap are needed


    Hinge bolt.png

  3. I have had my Big Joe for 6 years, My Classic and Jr for 4 years and the only one that cracked was my Jr and that was my fault, What I do is use a drip pan to minimize the amount of grease hitting them and I also flip them each cook and most importantly I store them in the grill to prevent any chance of moister hitting them 

  4. As much as I liked the new Kontrol Tower I gave up on them, They defiantly took more time and effort to keep them clean and workable, Like John said once all the coating peeled off it was a little easier, however I tossed mine and went with the Smokeware cap which isnt perfect either but much easier to clean


  5. On 4/25/2020 at 2:24 PM, Bayarea_Al said:

    Since the Kamado Joe charcoal basket hangs from the DC rack, how do you add additional wood chunks during the cook?


    With the old system, you could just lift up the whole DC rack and drop in a chunk.

    Because of the hooks, it seems you would have to dismantle the whole setup to get access.


    Personally I have never had to add fuel or wood chunks during a cook before, I strategically place wood chunks that last the whole cook but if you need to add just twist the D&C rack off the basket and left

  6. Mine has one too and tried to adjust the hinge to get rid of it and all I did was open a can of worms LOL, after a couple hours of playing with it i did get it back to where it was so as longs as you dont have a seal problem it wont effect how it cooks and I would leave it alone

  7. I also just got a pellet grill, I went with the Rec-Tec 340 for bringing with me camping but since getting to know it I really enjoy the ease of it, I've cooked Chicken, Ribs, Brisket, Pork Butt  and lots of side dishes and Im really impressed with it and find myself using my Kamado's less and less but I dont plan on getting rid of them, They will still be my go to for High temp cooks 

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