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  1. I picked mine up yesterday, 2 day delivery WOW and yes they honored the $337 price. ACE Hardware your awesome!
  2. I just bought one and its more than 10%. After I placed it in the cart and checked out the price was $337 which is more like 25% off
  3. I have a Black Big Joe and my wife wishes I would have bought the Red one so I am using that as a excuse to buy the Red Jr. as far as going to Red only my guess Is its because of all the back orders they have and with only manufacturing one color they will be able to stream line the production.My concern is will they still stock Black replacement bases and dome's for warranty purposes.
  4. They do look great but I will stick to using www.mygrillgrate.com/
  5. Those look great Sircharles - I also did Grill Grate Chops,Squash and Taters for World Series Game 1
  6. Bosco - I too have a Big Joe (Black) and would also like to have a second KJ, I was thinking on getting the Classic but lately i'm leaning towards a Jr. That way I can bring it camping or tailgating. And on the Gas grill thing I rarely use mine to cook on anymore but I do use it as to keep food warm or to re-heat.
  7. I have also heard about the dangers of using a beer can so bought the KJ Chicken stand http://www.kamadojoe.com/accessories/chicken-stand and then use white wine instead of beer. Works great!!
  8. Great cook and thanks for sharing Smokehowze. I am definitely going to try this except I will add Johns idea of using a spicy butter milk bath and add peppered breadcrumbs to the flour mix.
  9. I was shopping at Sams club and came across this 6.5 qt Tramonita covered cast Iron pot for $39.98. They are usually $60 to $70 else wear. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/6-5-qt-dutch-oven-enameled-cast-iron/prod14620147.ip?navAction=
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