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  1. Here are more pictures of what i am planning. I am going to route out a recess to sit these 12" floor tiles in. No grout so i can pop them out and clean them. As others have said i need to wait until spring (Ohio) to stain and seal the wood. I also found an 80"x30" cover on Amazon for $40 that fits perfect.
  2. When you take the shelves off the grill you could use the bolt holes in the side of the grill to mount the grill in the hole. You would have the bolt holes where the legs attach and the bolt holes where the shelves mounted to try to figure out some way to float or mount the grill in the hole without press fitting it like i did. I will see how it works as i heat cycle the grill and if it starts wedging itself into the hole.
  3. Hmmm that is interesting the website mysteriously seems to be gone now. I was lucky to get that PDF last week before it expired. I posted the PDF on my personal website: http://chadgray.info/misc/LargeWoodTablePlans.pdf Marine finishes are a great idea. This thing would last forever.
  4. Ya it is really "wet". I put a screw in it and moisture comes out. I get mixed answers on google about sealing/staining when the PT wood is brand new. Some people say you should stain and seal it immediately and some say you have to let the wood age. I don't know what to think. If i do try to seal it i will try it on a test piece of wood first and see if it has problems. It was about $100 in materials. Took about 5 hours total to build. I also want to route out a large square in the wood and inlay floor tiles in it. This way i have an area that i can put hot things like the chimney starter. Another idea i had was to drill a hole in the wood top that the Chargriller warming rack can plug into. Oh and casters is a must. This thing is REALLY heavy!
  5. It is sitting right on the hinge in the back. Basically it is just wedged in the hole by it's shape. The diameter of the grill is 22 inches at grate level. So by doing 21.75 inch hole it just wedges in there. I don't foresee any problems with this since the pressure is pretty equal being a circle of wood pressing on a circle of metal. The front latch does not work any more because the table is too close to it, but i could cut the wood out to make it function again, but i rarely use it unless i was moving the grill.
  6. I will check out those products. I need to run to the hardware store and see what they have. I don't have anything under it. It is just hanging there.
  7. This weekend i made a table for my Akorn Kamado. I used these plans: http://www.grilldome.com/Files/LargeWoodTablePlans.pdf *EDIT Fixed the broken link here* http://chadgray.info/misc/LargeWoodTablePlans.pdf Then i cut a 21.75" hole. I want to stain and seal it with a glossy finish (for easy clean up). Anyone have product recommendations on doing this with pressure treated wood?
  8. Yep your method is excellent. Low and slow at 225-250 for 30 minutes, then bring it up to 350ish. After 15 minutes turn. Keep going another 15 minutes and you are done. The wings i used were a big bag of frozen Giant Eagle brand. They were big and plump. If you have little skinny ones you will have to reduce your times or they will be dried out. The veggies, stuffed jalpenos and baked beans (canned) i put in when i started ramping the heat up to 350.
  9. The low coals have been great for chicken breasts, pork chops, sausages and other meats that you cook to 160. The low coals are also kind of a safety for steaks if you tend to over cook your steaks. BTW did i hear right that the USDA lowered pork's safe temperature to 140?
  10. Ya, start your charcoal in a chimney starter so they are all on fire. Then dump them in and spread them out.
  11. Maybe it is not the grill getting tighter, but the operator getting better? To me all seems to depend on the amount of hot coals. If you have all of them burning (like you used a chimney starter) then it is going to be hard to keep the temps down short of just shutting all vents and nearly snuffing them out. If you start the coals low and slow you have less coals burning and it is easier to control them. Then over the time those coals light other coals and you have a nice controlled burn. To me it has been a learning process on how to light the coals and how to start closing the vents down to get the temps you want.
  12. Ya spring latches to really get a good seal and switch to the Nomex felt type gasket instead of the type of seal you are using now. If the grease gets on the bottom felt it can be replaced by the owner. Just like the BGE. Better quality cast iron grate.
  13. Fired up the lump charcoal real low and slow and two chunks of cherry wood... I let it creep up to 200 degrees. Put the cast iron pan on with butter, capers, clam juice and fresh dill in it. Let the pan heat up a bit so everything melted together. Probably 10 minutes later i tossed in the mussels. I kept it between 200 and 250 for 30 minutes. The mussels were open and ready. So i pulled them and tented them in foil while i opened up the air vents to roast the veggies. Dont ask me how much butter is slathered over the veggies and in the mussle sauce. My doctor would not be happy with my choices tonight, but it tasted damn good!
  14. Wow! I made Italian sausages in casings with my kitchen aid grinder, but never thought to make them patties and treat them as a burger. I would have to cut back on the onion, or cut it MUCH thinner, but i might have to try this. Awesome idea!
  15. I got a bunch of fresh veggies from our CSA in the morning and one of them was beets so i got the itch to do something on the Akorn even though it was super hot outside. I did wait for the grill to get shaded by our oak tree. I picked up a whole chicken and cooked it and the potatoes and beets at 325 for about 2 hours. I used apple wood for the smoke. It turned out great. I just wish i brined the chicken. I missed that extra kick of flavor in the meat. It is the first time i have done potatoes, but they turned out really good and fluffy. The beets were perfect also. Because they were so small they only got about 45minutes of cooking.
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