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  1. Stinga

    Joe jr table

    Looks fantastic! Great job!!
  2. Stinga

    Carbon steel pan

    I too just recently started using a carbon steel pan (Lodge) and I have to say I love it. The first cook making an omelette only stuck a little however as time went on... this pan is like the best of any non-stick that I've owned. I do miss the rounded edges which I use to flip the contents around in the pan but overall... it's my go to pan now.
  3. Stinga

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Gosh... I've tried so many ways... That is an older cracked pizza stone that I added.... Not sure if it was really necessary but the results were good. Here's another setup I've tried using old cans which had some great results....
  4. Stinga

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    My classic rocks at making pies!! I love it!!
  5. Stinga

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    That's kind of how I feel as well.... However I'm excited to see some videos once they are out there....
  6. Cast iron seared on the Classic then finished on the JR.
  7. Stinga

    Love my Kamado Joe's!

    @Ben S I set up the classic to do pies after the rib eye came off. Normally I have the broken stone underneath my pizza stone but the thermometer probe bottomed out on the CI grill so I just threw it underneath. My son wanted steak and it's pizza night so I gave in and grabbed a rib eye for him. @Freddyj I can't wait for the roadshow... I'm all out of big block and hope to replenish. I sooo miss not having any...
  8. Stinga

    Did my first pizza!!

  9. Stinga

    KJ Big Block

    Anyone know of a KJ Big Block source currently in MA? My supply is running low.... No Costco road shows on the horizon. Thank you, Bruce
  10. Stinga

    KJ Big Block

    Thanks for all your help...Road trip!
  11. I purchased one recently for my classic Joe and for me it's a game changer. I spend much less time cleaning out the fire bowl and makes the experience much smoother for me. I am planning to get one additionally for my Joe jr.
  12. Stinga

    Kamado Guru T-Shirts

    Placed my order.... thanks John!
  13. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    Yes @Mewantkj is correct.... I picked up a few bags and will likely go back for more. The stuff is amazing compared to RO...
  14. @KamadoSam - I'm in the same boat as you and what works for me during those larger events is an extender rack as others have mentioned. Once I got used to the classic and how and when to use the extender, I realized that a Joe Jr. would be a nice edition for me. I use the Jr for small cooks, cooking at separate temps than my classic, or different food items than what's loaded on the classic... say vegetables or a dessert, etc.
  15. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    Scored me some Big Block Lump today and learned a few new things about the classic.... Kudos and thank you to whoever made this Northeast roadshow possible!
  16. Stinga

    Do you clean your top vent? KJ Classic II

    I've never cleaned my vent cap... I have a stainless one and while I could certainly shine it up, having it well seasoned helps keep the slider in place. Looks kinda cool too.... I've not cleaned my grates either... no wait! I did once just to see what @bosco was talking about when he used Five Star PBW to clean his grates. I tried it on my junior grates... It freakishly brought them back to looking like the just came out of the box brand new.
  17. Looks fantastic to me... The microwave did a really nice job on that steak!
  18. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    Not sure I need another Joe.... if I had the space or a set up like @andyscalzo, I might go for the trifecta. But the classic and Jr keep my family pretty happy....
  19. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    Hmmm.. interesting for sure.
  20. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    Not sure... how is it determined? What is the deal?
  21. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    Did this show get re-scheduled to late June and also moved to Dedham? In looking at the Costco web site... it appears so... https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html
  22. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    OK, understood... thank you.. the 30th it is then.
  23. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    I just re-read the Costco website and the Waltham event starts on Friday 5/26 and not the 30th. I'll be there for sure...rain or shine. I thought I'd only get lump but a joetissirie may be in the cart if the price is right.
  24. Stinga

    Kamado Joe Discovers New England

    @prowe - I live in Milford, work in Natick, so not too far away and will gladly drive the distance... @MewantkjOK, good to know the options... will have to weigh the thought of buying a membership. I'm not opposed, just not as close as I would like. Will PM for your other thoughts... Thanks!