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  1. I'm going to smoke a 6lb brisket flat. Any sugestions ?
  2. Thanks everybody for the input. I was wondering How close to desired temperature before you put the Party Q in ? Just one more question. Do you take out the screened bottom vent when you install the adapter for the Party Q ?
  3. I have one and when I used it it seemed not to hold temps down to where I wanted ?
  4. Thanks DerHusker I found my way to the Introduction Forum and said hello.
  5. Hello, I have a Visions Classic Kamado from Costco. I was hoping to pick up some tips on how to maximize the potential of this awesome cooker. I figured this is a good place to start learning. Thanks, Steve
  6. Does anybody have any tips on how to use the Party Q on a Visions Classic ?
  7. I was wondering if anyone has used the Party Q on a Visions Classic Kamado, and did you have any problems ?
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