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  1. Well- got a boneless rib eye roast for Xmas dinner. Set me back $42 from Costco. Rubbed with fresh rosemary, salt, garlic, evoo, and a house rub. Set it on kamado at 250 with a little mesquite. Let it roast in pan with meat temp. Pulled at IT of 130. Covered and let rest for 30 mins while crab and spinach cooked. Cut and serve. The good: good crust, excellent flavor, not too fatty, and it only cost $42. The bad: it's obvious- a little over cooked. Some people in my family don't like bloody rare so I thought cook a little longer but I should've pulled sooner. The flavor was good and it was tender but alas I'm my toughest critique. Finished off with a piece of jalapeño chocolate pecan pie warmed with a scoop of vanilla blue bell. That was awesome!
  2. Sounds good folks. I'm going to go indirect. Probably 250-300 ish to IT of 135. Most people eating don't like it too rear but I can't overcook this beautiful piece of meat so I have to find a happy medium. I read about searing it and then roasting it, which I was considering doing to get that sear on the outside but that's a good point about overcooking. I'll be sure to post some pics.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I am going to do it on the grill . Next question though is fat up or fat down? Direct at 350 or indirect at 350? Thanks and Merry Xmas
  4. Planning on doing a boneless rib eye roast for xmas dinner In a couple days. Can't decide if I should roast on kamado at 350 with very little to no smoke or roast in oven. Planning on using a simple house rub, salt, pepper, and a little garlic. Thanks for any advice!
  5. thanks for the feedback. I'm planning on hitting up Costco this week and picking me up a packer. I'm going to do as described above. Cut off the flat and then I'll cut that in two and brine one for pastrami and one for corned beef. Then I'll smoke th point for sliced brisket and burnt ends. Will be epic!
  6. Had a quick question about brisket. I'm wanting to smoke a brisket and also make a corned beef with cabbage. I don't want to buy two whole briskets as thats expensive and would feed us for a month. I'm thinking of buying a 15lb and essentially cutting off the flat to make corned beef or and then smoking the point. Had anybody done this before? Is it a stupid idea? Thanks for the input.
  7. yum-awesome looking. Especially with cinnamon on top
  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE homemade bacon. Enjoy
  9. Dang- you even make hot dogs into an art form- nice cook
  10. So we invited our neighbors over for some 4th of July dinner. I thought what is more American than fried chicken. I've seen recipes on here before for kamado fried chicken so I decided to try it. I got a package of drumsticks and a whole fryer and cut up the fryer and marinated half of drumsticks in a buttermilk and hot sauce mixture. Marinated overnight. For the flour mixture I added flour, baking powder, baking soda, and a couple rubs and some salt- if I thought it'd be good I added it. I got the fire going and put on deflector. I opted for no smoke. Cooked about 350-400 for an hour. I also put on some regular drumsticks that I was planning on adding some sauce too. There was a flare up tho and they got a little char on them so the dog was happy. I pulled the fried chicken and let rest and stay warm in oven while throwing on a couple steaks as well. Verdict on the chicken was good. Everyone liked it- there was maybe one little piece left( hell there was more steak left than chicken). The skin was crisp- I wish meat was a little moister but that's just me being a perfectionist because it was good. I'd def do this method again and watch a little closer when I'm not socializing.
  11. So earlier this week, I went to the farmers market and picked up a a nice basket of carrots. I decided to do some short ribs on the ole kamado. I let them come to room temp and rubbed with salt, pepper, EVOO, fresh rosemary, and s little coffee. Got the grill up to 500 and placed ribs on to get a crust/ sear. While grill heating up I was sautéing the carrots with some garlic and evoo. Then I deglazed the pan with some red wine and added some beef broth. Let them cook for a little while. Then I put the short ribs in the pan and decreased temp down to 350 direct. Let it sit covered for about 2 hrs. Served with some braised kale and crispy fried potatoes. We all enjoyed it. I wish I had longer to cook ribs but got called into work. Overall very good. Will definitely do again and start cooking more meals in the pot on the kamado. Thanks
  12. Thursday night- nothing fancy. Decided to throw a few burgers on the grill with some corn and beer. Used my old weber for this. Got a very nice sear and lots of flavor. Probably cooked about 1 min too long bit it was a mix of 1lb 80/20 and .5 lb lean. Turned out very good with thick slice of tomato from farmers market and whataburger pepper spread. Quick and easy. Was able to take kids to pool afterwards.
  13. So I decided to do a brisket for Father's Day. The in laws are visiting and it sounded good. I picked this up a few weeks ago and thawed out the bad boy. Got the fire started this am and threw on some mesquite and oak. First, I trimmed off the extra fat and left a thin layer of fat. Next slathered with mustard and then my simple rub of mortons salt and cracked pepper. Threw on brisket. Had to play with temp a little but finally got it to 275-300. Around 1215 ( 5.5 hrs later) I wrapped in foil- TX crutch
  14. So today started off on a downer note. Went to public pool and it was closed due to vandalism. Talked to kids and opted for some Chick Fil A and then went across town to a different pool/ play area. Had such an awesome day I didn't get home in the time I wanted to do a low and slow cook on some St. Louis style ribs. Alas, I had to do them a little quicker and hotter but they were still good. yesterday I went to Austin to this little mom and pop shop and got some new rubs and mopping sauce. tried one half with Carolina rub and the other with all purpose BBQ rub. I liked the all purpose better bc more salt. Put ribs on and cooked around 300-325 with some cherry and apple wood. During last hour I put on mopping sauce. I did flip them twice during the cook. Threw some sausage and corn on at the end and served with ice chilled watermelon. Overall decent cook- I've definitely done Better ribs but family time is more important than any cook
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