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  1. I have been using one for several years now. the tube develop a crack a few weeks ago...We called the Co. and they replaced it FREE..no questions ask....Love ours...we use on Butts and Turkeys...
  2. I have lots of them if any one wants some...
  3. Has any one tried Hickory Nuts in the Grill??? Our yard is covered with them...
  4. I know you will enjoy the XL....Now to get it dirty...
  5. Im between Abbeville and Eufaula, Al...near WhiteOak Creek campground...
  6. I still have a large pile of Hickory and oak and some cherry...left...It does not take much in the Primo XL.It should last me 3or 4 years..LOL :D
  7. I will have a large hickory and small oak taken down Monday...If you need some come and get it..FREE Let me know so I can save some for You.
  8. Marty you do not need to apolozice......I just wanted to try a different knife.... I hope all of you have have a GREAT weekend
  9. I tried the knife----It works at slicing and great for chopping the butts...I also have a very good Chief knife..We all are different in our ways..
  10. jm you are right....But I thought it could be used to cut and chop up butts...I will find out Wed. as Im cooking 6 Butts for our Wed.night Church dinner. We will see...
  11. Three more pigs..on the back porch
  12. I ordered this knife and really like it ---has any one else tried this type???
  13. FourEyes45

    Im Back

    Got my lap top back Gosh a lot to catch up on.
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