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  1. 3rd test drive on the Joe (Chicken)

    @Panonhas Nice! Looks really good. I'll have to give that a try. Also, 5 hours seems long for a whole bird. How heavy was that bird?
  2. 3rd test drive on the Joe (Chicken)

    Nicely done! What ingredients did you use for the Portuguese Style chicken?
  3. Kalua Pork

    Thanks! Please give it a try. I can't believe I waited so long to try this method.
  4. Super Bowl

    Nice! I make my sausage too. What did you use for seasoning?
  5. Routine maintenance and a mod or two

    Nice mods! I did something similar with a grill mesh topper I found at Walmart. I also used some to cover the bottom grill vent to help control the temps. I'm going to clean up the mesh on the bottom vent since allows me to open it up a little more then before. Looking forward to your update!
  6. Old thread, but I've never seen one like that either. Looks like an Akorn?
  7. Kalua Pork

    @JB58 Thanks! I found them at an Asian Market.
  8. Kalua Pork

    @THATGUY Thanks for the advice! I like grilled peaches with ice cream, so I'm sure I'll like it. @TKOBBQ Thanks! I got another compliment on it last night, and she had it Saturday. I still have banana leaves, I'll probably cook it again the next time smoke a butt. @K_sqrd I've read that too, but used in moderation, it adds a really nice flavor. I used two big chunks in that cook. One chunk in the beginning, and another at the two hour mark. Give it a try, or mix it with a fruit wood. You might like it?
  9. Smoking wood preferences

    I've tried Peach, Mulberry, Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Hickory, Alder, Mesquite, and even Fig. I'm fortunate to live close to a place that sells a variety of wood chunks. You can check them out here, East Cost Smoking Wood. Right now I have a batch of pecan, cherry, mesquite, (which I'm loving on pork butts, in moderation of course.) and fig.
  10. Kalua Pork

    I've always wanted try this recipe, and after talking about it for almost two years with my wife, I finally did. I did a tweaked version of Kalua Pork wrapped in banana leaves. I must say, it turned out really good. I found the recipe online and slightly tweaked it. The rub consisted of 2TB of chicken stock powder, 2TB of course salt/sea salt, 1TB all purpose seasoning (used Adobo, all I had at the moment), 1TB Bad Byron's Butt Rub, and lathered the butt in Worcestershire sauce as a binder. Kiawe wood is hard to come by, but I did a quick online search and Mesquite wood is a good alternative. Fired up the Akorn and smoked it at 260-275 degrees for 5hrs. Normally you wrap the banana leaves from the get go, but I wrapped it once the temp hit 180 degrees. I also did a layer of foil, so the leaves didn't burn. Before I warped it, I grilled a thick chunk of Pineapple and blended it with some water, brown sugar and 1/2 a stick of butter. Once it was finished, I let it rest in a cooler for about 2hrs, banana leaves and all. Made mini pork sandwiches and taco's. I also made a BBQ sauce consisting of grilled pineapple and original sweet baby rays BBQ sauce. It was a great combination and complemented the butt nicely.
  11. Korean Short Ribs

    Looks good! I love making Korean Short Ribs, its on of my favorites.
  12. Weekend Chiken and Pork

    For some reason, I can't edit the original post? Forgot to add this picture, AND I spelled "chiken" wrong.
  13. Haven't been grilling as much as I wanted to this year. But, I decided to grill a split chicken and a pork butt this past weekend. Nothing say's weekend like smoking meat and beer. Nothing special with this chicken. But I did try a new rub from Weber, Honey Garlic Rub. If you see this rub, don't hesitate to buy it, cause it's really good. Basted it with a mixture of Yammys BBQ sauce and SBR's. The pork butt, just my normal routine. I added mustard, dry rub and smoked until probe tender. I used a mixture of peach, pecan and a little mesquite. Temp was between 265-295 degrees. Thanks for looking!
  14. Rotisserie Huli Huli

    Looks good! I love me some huli huli chicken!
  15. Nothing but the money!

    Made Paella over the weekend.