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  1. Looking Good @face5535! Can confirm, the Ranchero rub is awesome. I watched a vid from All-Things-BBQ, and Chef Tom used it on a turkey. I had to have it. A little pricey if you're ordering from their website, but its worth it. I've only tested it out on a small bird. Trying it on pork chops next. Smoked on a Jumbo Joe with a little Cherry wood.
  2. Smoked 15lb turkey, brined, injected, added a small piece of cherry chunk for smoke @ 300-325 degrees, for just over two hours. Pulled when the breast hit 165 degrees. Turned out really good! Decided to make gumbo with the left overs. Made the stock from the bones. Everything prepped and ready to go. Made roux with bacon grease and flower. All done, now to leave it on a slow simmer for the day. After sitting on a low simmer for the majority of the day. Added some zaterains creole seasoning, oregano, salt, pepper, and thyme. I've never had authentic gumbo before, and I dont think this is the traditional way of making gumbo? But this is the third time I've made it and it seems to be a hit at home and in my office. Plus, it was a great way to use some of the left over turkey.
  3. @daninpd Haha, no no no no, this grill has been good to me. I'm going to keep it going for as long as I can.
  4. Its time to replace the main body of my Akorn. Ok, In Feb 2018, it'll be five years of owning this Akorn. The bottom part that holds the ash pan finally rusted out. I could have lived with out it, but I figured I might as well us the warranty. Minus the ash pan holder, the main body is in good condition. I also replaced the top lid gasket. In the next couple months, I'll get a new ash pan as its starting to show its age. The holder fell off after taking this picture. It was hanging on by a thread, a rusty thread. Nice and shiny! The old gasket has seen better days. Oh yes, brand new. Was easier than I thought. Looks a lot better and seals a lot better too. All assembled and doing a burn-in. I think I can get another 5 years out of it? Maybe more If I keep the bottom well oiled?
  5. Thanks! Your telling me, it was $30 for all that meat. lol But worth it. I do the cook at least twice a year.
  6. Man that looks good. What kind of grill grate are you using on that Akorn Jr?
  7. @keeperovdeflame @ckreef @TKOBBQ @bel4_20 Thanks guys! @just4fn The dome temp was around 265-285 degrees. It got up to 300 degrees a few times, but I wasn't worried about it. Just let it ride out until the cook was finished.
  8. A lot of good tips in this thread. Here's mine from last Thanksgiving. I brushed it with butter every 30 minutes after the first hour. Easy on the smoke, I added too many chunks of wood (2-3) the first time I smoked a turkey and it turned out too smokey. Well, the wife thought so. Every year since then, she always reminds me about it.
  9. It was, the meat was so tender and flavorful. its a real easy dish, give it a try. haha, no, my wife and I were worn out. I ate it for dinner the next day.
  10. I normally make this dish in the crock pot, but after watching MarkInThePit's video on it, I’m gave it a try in the Akorn. The seasoning is from SpurTree. You can get it on Amazon or try to find it locally at a GrandMarket. I was going to heat up the cast iron and put a nice sear on it, but it was late (8pm) and I got lazy. I put onions, garlic, bay leaves, and non-salted vegetable stock. This is it going in. I didn’t add chunks of wood because Royal Oak can add a light smokey flavor on its own. This is hour two. Starting to look good. I flipped them over so the other side can get some smoke action. At hour 3, I decided to cover it with foil. This is hour 4. They look just about done, but its not fall off the bone tender. By this time, all the liquid has rendered down and all that’s left is the fat. I decided to add chicken stock. Hour 5, and its just right. You can see the meat has pulled away from the bone and I can easily break the meat with my tongs. This was sooooo good. I’m definitely making it like this again, as oppose to the crackpot method. When you see Jamaican Oxtail seasoning, you would think it have a Jamaican Jerk taste…far from it. Its very savory. Give it a try!
  11. Those were the same results i got with my first wal- mart brisket. On my second brisket from WM, I did everything the same as you, but I wrapped it at 160 degrees, then started probing at 200 degrees. Turned out juicer than my previous attempt. Check me out slicing into it!
  12. You know it! I keep a bottle in the fridge on stand by. Its a great alternative to regular ketchup during some cooks.
  13. Wow, all of it looks great! What seasoning did you use on the chicken?
  14. Thanks! Spicy banana ketchup, sriracha, brown sugar and sweet baby rays. She didn't measure, she eyeballed everything. lol. Next time I'LL measure it. Oh yes, they were.
  15. An Aldi opened up a couple months ago near my house. I’ve always wanted to try their spare ribs, finally picked up a rack and gave it a try. I didn’t trim anything, just pulled the membrane off. I even kept the little meat flap on. Seasoned it with some rub I found behind the cabinet, which was not a typical rub I would use, but glad I did. Topped it off with some Killer Hogs for a little color, then let it marinate for 30min to an hour. I used a mixture of mesquite and pecan chunks. Through-out the cook, I spritzed it with diluted apples cider vinegar. My wife made a BBQ sauce that she used on bacon chicken wraps. Man was it good. I think it consisted of banana ketchup, sweet baby rays, sriracha (very little) and brown sugar. Was surprised how fresh the ribs were compared to the Kroger brand I normally get. Definitely getting those ribs again.
  16. @Panonhas Nice! Looks really good. I'll have to give that a try. Also, 5 hours seems long for a whole bird. How heavy was that bird?
  17. Nicely done! What ingredients did you use for the Portuguese Style chicken?
  18. Thanks! Please give it a try. I can't believe I waited so long to try this method.
  19. Nice! I make my sausage too. What did you use for seasoning?
  20. Nice mods! I did something similar with a grill mesh topper I found at Walmart. I also used some to cover the bottom grill vent to help control the temps. I'm going to clean up the mesh on the bottom vent since allows me to open it up a little more then before. Looking forward to your update!
  21. Old thread, but I've never seen one like that either. Looks like an Akorn?
  22. @JB58 Thanks! I found them at an Asian Market.
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