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  1. I would not use the deflectors in the low position when doing high temp cooks like this. Just a heads up.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm sure they won't mind making a trip to the Austin area for some good BBQ. I noticed lots of people suggested tex mex in San Antonio too. I think Mexican food is probably always been my favorite my whole life. So any particular restaurants I should check out? Also one of my all time favorites is a good chicken fried steak. I know the old saying goes "everything bigger in Texas". I've been to Houston once when I was a little kid but wasn't into BBQ back then. I do remember the Mexican food being a lot different than what we have up here in the pacific northwest.
  3. So next month my wife and I are going to San Antonio to visit her best friend. We will be there for 4 or 5 days. So I just had to ask if anyone out there can recommend some good old Texas BBQ in the area? I've been really wanting to try the famous Texas brisket amongst other things. I think Austin is like an hour drive from there from what I was told. So of course that's where Franklin's BBQ is. But it's not easy getting in there from what I've seen. Wait in line for hours and hours to maybe get some food. So I know there's tons of good BBQ joints all over Texas, so I was just curious what's s good place near San Antonio? Other than BBQ, is there any other recommendations? Any good burger joints or anything? Thanks in advance. Oly
  4. Thanks everyone. They were really good. Didn't think about the cheese oozing out everywhere, so the bottoms got a little burnt from the cheese. But I still ate them.
  5. Thank you everybody. I thought these would be unique and fun to try. I know they didn't look so good, but in the end they were yummy.,
  6. Thanks Reef, I always enjoy your pizza cooks since you do so many. Maybe you could give these a try sometime? My advice, I'll do this next time. Just keep it simple and don't over stuff it. So just like cheese and pepperoni only. I think I rolled out my dough a little to thin too. Things just fell apart
  7. Hey everyone, So this will be my entry for this month's pizza challenge. I wanted to try and do something a little different than the traditional pizza, so I went with pizza pinwheels. Now I have to be honest here, this was nowhere even close to the prettiest meal I've ever made. In fact before cooking it, I thought it looked down right disgusting haha. You'll see in the pictures. I know the old saying goes, you eat with your eyes first. But the good thing was is that it tasted good. So I will be posting this into the "challenge" thread as well. I think I learned a few things about this cook that didn't work so well. So if I do it again sometime I'll try a couple different things. So anyways guys, here's my cook for tonight. Enjoy. This is the flour I use on all my pizza cooks. I get it from amazon, and it comes from Naples, Italy. The dough recipe I use is a true Neopolitan style crust. I really like how it comes out. Very light and holds up to high heat very well. After kneading. Form into a ball. Place back into an oiled bowl. Covered with a towel and placed in the oven for at least 2 hours to rise. Used my KJ Classic tonight. Decided to move it out from under my gazebo tonight. It was such a nice day/night and felt like cooking in the sunshine. After rising for about 2 1/2 hrs, dump the dough onto the floured counter. Fold over a couple times by hand. I cut the dough ball in half, then rolled it out into a rectangle. Put down some of my homemade pizza sauce. Then a good heavy dose of fresh shredded mozzarella cheese. Then I chopped up some slices of pepperoni into very small pieces. Then the rest of the toppings. I got some italian sausage, onion and green peppers all chopped up very small. Starting to roll it all up. Sliced it up into about 1 inch thick pieces. NOW I KNOW I KNOW, THESE LOOK ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. BELIVE ME I WASN'T HAPPY HOW THEY TURNED OUT. LOL The KJ getting nice and hot, soaking the pizza stone. Using parchment paper always works better for me instead of cornmeal. A lot less messy too. So these went on the super hot pizza stone for about 6 min or so. Almost done, getting nice and bubbly. Plating up, with a bowl of some of the remaining pizza sauce for dipping. Final shot. Thanks for looking.
  8. I would highly invest in a good pair of welding gloves if you don't have any? I always use mine when grilling at high heat. Hope you get better.
  9. Well guys these won't be the best pictures today I'm just doing quick cell phone shots and not using my main camera. Decided to go with a few good size chunks of cheery wood today for smoke. I normally go with either apple or peach for pork cooks. But I haven't used cherry in a long time. I love the smell cherry wood smoke gives off. Here they are just going on the big Joe. Probably could of used the extender rack to space them out more. But I got them all squeezed on there. So I hope they don't take too much longer than normal to get done.
  10. As I'm getting my big Joe fired up for dinner, on the menu tonight per request from my dad: ribs. Got 4 racks here from Costco using 4 different rubs too. Gonna make grilled corn on the cob and cornbread on the side. Should be good eats. Have a happy father's day to all the dads out there.
  11. So I read about these new BBQ sauces a couple weeks ago on Facebook I think. They are made from Heinz. And recently my local grocery store started carrying them, so I wanted to give them a try. Have anyone of you guys tried these yet? I got a few of these for my big pulled pork cook last week along with some sweet baby ray's and my usual go to sauce the "killer hogs" sauce. Well so far I've only tried the Kansas city sauce on a couple of my pulled pork sandwiches and I actually really liked it. I haven't tried the other 2 yet, but I'm excited to. I know they also had a Carolina vinegar sauce and another one or two. So I'm curious if any of you out there have these in your stores and tried them yet?
  12. Thanks everybody. It's great to get personal compliments on my cooking. Again I wish I had gotten more photos of all the finished food. But like I said there was a large crowd of people getting impatient. But everything worked out great. 15 hours of slow smoked Boston butts is always a crowd favorite
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