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  1. Are any of you using a diffuser when getting the grill to these temps and what about flare ups? I've been wanting to actually grill not smoke and was wondering if I should still be using the smoking stone for hot/fast cooks.
  2. Yeah I've never had wild Turkey though I would think low and slow would make it moist.
  3. So i sealed my ash pan and the grill top and i may admit i saw a big difference in temp control and heat/smoke retention. I'm looking forward to my next brisket now.
  4. Hey there guys, can anyone tell me how hot I can get safely using the smoking stone? I've been wanting to "grill" but I've been using the stone to avoid flare ups.
  5. How much in total did this end up costing? I'd like one but wondering if it's going to be cheaper to buy a table and have hole cut out.
  6. Hello all new akorn owner, I was wondering if anyone's been able to get a good juicy shoulder with crispy skin?
  7. By the way I'm cooking on an Akorn and have fell in love with this thing.
  8. Thanks all, I'm definitely happy to be here and keep smoking till it smolders.
  9. Hello All, New owner here, I've had my kamado for about 2 weeks now and have done a few cooks so far including brisket this past weekend. I haven't done any mods so far as i like to try and get things to work the way they are supposed too without having to do extra things first. I did order and it came today the smoking stone so I'll definitely be looking for some reason to get on it again in the next day or so. I'll try and post some pics
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