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  1. I just bought one at Menard's in Owesboro, IN for $99 on closeout and then Fedex to my house in Atlanta for $25. I AM SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!! I called the store and they sold to me over the phone.
  2. Man of course my paper had 100 ads and circulars but not one was for Ace. The only one I wanted...
  3. Oh I meant that to read I could see Ace doing this. I've yet to see the actual ad lol.
  4. Yes I see all of the big big ticket items being excluded on the back...BGEs and Yetis, and KJs
  5. Do you think we could get a yeti or would it exclude those?
  6. http://eggheadforum.com/discussion/1153829/diy-2-3-tier-swing-grate-for-under-20-instructions-parts
  7. I made my own rack extender for my LBGE by purchase some 6" bolts, washers, nuts, and a cheap 15" Weber grate. Whole thing cost me $25 at Home Depot. I will try and find the link that gave me the idea.
  8. First poster is correct to have the screw at 6 o clock basically. This won't cause it to slide when the lidos opened. Give it a few low and slow strong smoke cooks and that dampener lid will barely move lol.
  9. Yes I can't from ipad either. Had to download the tapatalk app. It kind of sucks but works.
  10. Get it shipped to my house bro. We can meet 1/2 from Athens lol
  11. Dangit. Why is shipping $65!!!??? Now more than ever I could use a free shipping coupon. Anybody live near a menards plan on taking a trip to Georgia for thanksgiving?! Shipping to roswell ga is only $20
  12. I have the Maverick already so a Thermapen sounds awesome! I also like the other prizes too. I actually already have a guru apron too but I could gift it to someone. Thanks again for putting this all together.
  13. I love bye weeks lol! Have fun playing punks as I might just sit my entire team...give em some rest lol
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