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  1. When did you submit your claim? I'm waiting on a new box as well. I submitted claim back in March. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. I have used mine to hold drip trays, as well as heat deflectors. Not much more than that.
  3. Decided to smoke something today on the Jr. Found a cool spot for my smoke thermometer.
  4. Thernoworks Smoke all day everyday. Don't delay. It's a great remote probe and will be expanded to use Wi-Fi later this year.
  5. Great dialog on this. Personally I love listening to reviews on products as long as they are unbiased. Give me the good, the badx the ugly and you get s tumbs up from me. This is the 1st time I'm seeing this product. Looking forward to seeing how it performs.
  6. I want that new cap. Just put them on sale already. I will be buying that.
  7. So I have a Classic and a Jr. I find myself using the Jr more for smaller portions. Just yesterday I did 4 brats, 2 chicken breasts and 2 ears of corn indirect the Jr (I have a grill dome double rack). I then removed the deflector and did two burgers and I was done. She heated up fast held temp where I wanted it and I was done in 30 minutes. She was cooled off and done before the thunderstorms hit. I use my Jr a lot on the go. At the park, beach, softball games, it's really convenient, but its super nice at home for quick cooks. If your interested in that double rack it's on amazon. Grill Dome GE-4000 Grill Extender, Small
  8. Welcome to the club!!!
  9. I love my Joe Jr. It's seen a lot of action at parks, parking lots, beach, and now its on the patio waiting for warmer days. It's held up really well no cracks or anything. My only suggestion of your going to be moving it around is to secure it down very well. I put a strap thru the handles and over the top dome to keep it from moving on my truck at all. I also use a KAB to remove the coals from the unit and dump them in a metal bucket when we are ready to roll. The Jr cools off pretty quickly and can be loaded up in 20 minutes doing it that way.
  10. Wow. Not surprised here. I started out clipping my BBQ Guru on the dome termo at first. I went back to clipping it to the grate. Looks like dome will give you the best average temp.
  11. When is it coming out?? Been in.development for a while now.
  12. Yep. Just like everyone else here. All the time. My BBQ Guru keeps my temps in control no worries leaving it. I have put one on in the morning, went to work all day and come back to a perfect shoulder for some pulled pork sandwiches for dinner that night. Temp was locked in all day.
  13. It's was the Member's Mark 16" Safety Protective Box. They were on sale before Christmas now 20 bucks.
  14. Nice innovations. I just want the top cap. Hope they come out in Feb as planned.
  15. Well Friday I went to Sam's club and found a waterproof plastic case on sale for $15 bucks and had the perfect idea on how to use it! I designed it to hold all of my grilling probes, thermos, clips, a weber igrilI, as well as my BBQ Guru with room to spare. Now all of my stuff has a place and I can store it safely on my grill table with no worries of getting it damaged from the elements.