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  1. So how does the new mesh gasket attach to the grill. Is there adhesive on the back?
  2. Neat idea having it all intergrated like that. I'f I didn't already have a BBG Guru, and a Smoke Wi-Fi probe, I would consider one of these. Kills2 birds in one.
  3. It's back online and working with no problems after the update. Just wish they had better communication about the outage.
  4. I was totally freaking out this weekend when my Smoke wouldn't communicate with my phone application. It appears that the servers went down Friday 8/3/18 and have not been back up since. This is disappointing that some type of email or communication on their website hasn't occurred to let customers know about this. I was getting pissed until I got the attached email back today. Just keeping everyone in the loop here.
  5. Grilling is a year round thing in my home. Smoking some chickens for the game today.
  6. I have a classic and a Jr. I love my Jr. for quick cooks. You can get quite a bit of food on it with a rack extension and some creativity. It works great for Smoking Salmon and has the perfect spot for my probe transmitter right on the back. The best part of about the Jr is I can take it anywhere. It's been to the park, camping, even an outdoor concert. It cools down quickly using the Kick Ash basket. I just pull out the coals and dump them in a bucket and quench it with water. 15 minutes later it's cool enough to load up on the truck. It's my summer buddy for sure. My only regret is not buying one earlier so I could have gotten it in Black before KJ stopped making them in Black.
  7. Smoothbassman


    I'm interested in how it works. I'm using a different product now.
  8. Just that quick they are shipping me out a new cap! I can't complain about the customer service with KJ. It may take some time to get what you need, but they are willing to support their product 100% Can't wait to buy my Big Joe in 2018.
  9. Yeah, the paint issue continue. Submitted claim today.
  10. I have a BBQ guru to keep those temps locked in all night long. Love it. Just gives me more confidence. Before I got it I would get spikes from time to time but it stayed really consistent. 90% of the time.
  11. I clean at the beginning of the spring once a year. I find myself doing turkeys and brisket more in the cooler months. Don't need a lot of airflow for low temp cooks. The new design is a bit more challenging to assemble so that might stop me from doing it more often.
  12. Price. That's why. That grill was the most expensive grill in the entire store. The akorn was right next to it at a fraction of the price. Folks will walk in and not understand the value you are getting for the price, and no one in the store is knowledgeable enough to tell customers the difference. People will grab the cheapest thing they can grab and bounce. I'm going to keep an eye out. If that G2 classic goes on sale south of $1000 bucks I'm snatching it for my dad.
  13. Yep, I was at the East Market St location in York. How did you look that up?
  14. Walked into Lowe's today and found this. Didn't know they carried them.
  15. I have a family of 4 and find myself cooking the protein on the grill most of the time. The Jr works great. Case in point. Chicken thighs tonight right off the Jr.
  16. Same here. Higher temps move the deflector higher up.
  17. Load it up with large and medium sized pieces and you can go at least 12 hours on one load of charcoal for a low and slow cook. I use a BBQ Guru blower to maximize every load and have gone 14 hours on one load of coal in my classic before running out of fuel.
  18. They cleaned up nice in the dishwasher.
  19. I love the Jr for quick meals. 4 burgers and a small salmon is a quick to do on the Jr.
  20. This was my issue, and why I swapped it out. I hated having to adjust that vent everytime I opened the lid. Additionally had a long smoke get thrown off by a heavy rain over night once. I was sleep so I didn't catch it until morning and somehow my temp got thrown off. This design should help on both fronts. Necessary? No. Nice to have? Yes.
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