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  1. excellent advise the use of pins , i would add tie wire ( ferrous metal wire found at any lumbers yard used to tie rebar) thin flex- able to the crack length help hold your mortar
  2. rock on! i have this exact model! it is an awesome find ! been using mine for 5 years.. good luck with that beauty!
  3. all can say is wow how cool this is a find blast from past pre 1968
  4. Kiln Cement great product i kiln shelves work well as a diffusers , probably better than most retailed sold! withstand 1200 degrees
  5. I have good results using kiln cement Amaco make a grog in and differnt type fillers for kilns that would bond well with informed directions tile thin set grout that was used in construction is a outdoor pool type . good luck
  6. Rarely clean mine out the ash protects the bottom from heat same as your fireplace protects the fire brick
  7. Ive Used Amaco Kiln Cement to repair
  8. i also only used the bottom gasket start half open bottom slide same for the top once you see temps climb shut bottom to a sliver adjust the final temps with the top
  9. as far as cost they retail new 3k
  10. this a Richard johnson K-7 i have one from the same mfg era .....these on this stand seem to very well built refractory concrete and weight 600Lbs parts are available thru galaxy outdoor L V Nev
  11. 500$ buy a Kamado with a good reputation for warranty
  12. looks all good you may have something there .... charcoal wood light it set the stone never fill after lighting anyhow ... good idea
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