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    marauders reacted to kittiwakecoast in Kamado K7 Restoration   
    Hi, we recently bought a K7 for just $100 but it needs work. It is in good condition with just a couple tiles off the bottom but it is missing removable pieces such as the grill and damper at the top.  I’m not even sure what other pieces there are! 
    Can someone please let me know what we are missing and where to get replacements? 
    Thank you much! 

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    marauders reacted to Addertooth in Kamado K7 Restoration   
    Looks like you are missing the top damper.  I am not sure, but you used to be able to order them from the BBQ place in Las Vegas which sold the "rocket" Kamado grill. (GalaxyOutdoors.com)  At one time they used the same size thread. 
    It looks like you got the desirable Stainless bands, and the unusual Black Tile.  It looks like one of the models made in California, which is a good thing.  Once they moved production to Indonesia, the quality control slipped markedly.
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    marauders reacted to Hoppy in K7 Accessories ?   
    Picked this up in October.  I *think* it's a 22 to 25 year old never been used Kamado K7.

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    marauders reacted to JohnnyAppetizer in K7 Accessories ?   
    RE galaxy, kamado, Richard Johnson
    FYI https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/25850-you-can-still-buy-an-rj-kamado/page/2/#comments
    does anyone know the real story? who bought the business? does it matter? who makes the closest to the real thing? who makes a quality reproduction?
    I get it, $4,000 is more than most people can justify spending on a grill. Those blue tile RJ style Kamados are beautiful, I'd love one. But purchasing any of those $1,500   models seems risky. Meanwhile the Vision, KJ, BGE seem to do pretty much the same thing for less money, maintenance and after the sale support.
    A good used RJ style would be a great find.
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    marauders reacted to K_sqrd in K7 Accessories ?   
    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking Kamado and it appears to be in excellent shape. If Galaxy can't or
    wont help, give this outfit a try. I purchased a small basket for my K1 and it works great. You'll need to take
    a few measurements and maybe give them a call but I'm sure they can help you.
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    marauders reacted to K_sqrd in K7 Accessories ?   
    Give this outfit a try...
    They bought out Richard Johnson's business several years ago. RJ was the original owner and
    manufacturer of these Kamados. What you need is a lower bracket for a K7 and a Heat Deflector.
    If they can't help you, you will have to have a lower bracket made - basically two SS rods welded
    into an X formation that hangs from the lip of the K a few inches under under your main grate.
    The deflector sits on the X frame. A round ceramic disc from a kiln shop should work as a deflector.
    Hope that description makes sense. If not, please post back.
    Nice looking K7 by the way.
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    marauders reacted to Gordon Smock in Imperial Kamado early 70’s   
    I have a Imperial Kamado that I brought back from Japan in the early 70’s. It has a small crack around the lower vent other wise no issues. I would like to sell it to someone who would enjoy it. I also don’t know how much to ask.
    Gordon Smock 

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    marauders got a reaction from KamadoKhan in Mini Diem - which firebox?   
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    marauders got a reaction from KamadoKhan in Mini Diem - which firebox?   
    all can say is wow  how cool this is a find  blast from past pre 1968
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    marauders reacted to Lost Down Under in Help Needed Kamado K7   
    Just re read your post.
    When you say that it's cracked all the way around, do you mean that the base will come away from the body if you lift it?
    If so, it's going to be an easier fix that trying to force the refractory mortar into the crack.
    If it is broken right through, repair it the same way as the fire box. Clean both faces and give a good scrub with a wire brush. Trowel the mortar on and place the top back on. You want the mortar to squeeze out as the body settles. Don't worry about the fall out, it's easy to clean once it sets.
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    marauders got a reaction from RaymondL87 in Kamado K7 Restoration   
    i also only used the bottom gasket     start  half open  bottom slide  same  for the top       once you see temps climb      shut bottom to a sliver    adjust the  final temps with the top   
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    marauders reacted to Addertooth in Kamado #7 info needed   
    To answer your question more specifically. From an ease-of-use perspective (removing ashes), the vent should have been placed lower. You cannot use the standard raking tool to remove ashes. The lower damper is 5.5 inches(measured just now) above the bottom/floor of the Kamado. Many people use a shop vac to remove the ashes via the charcoal grate hole. The lower damper is large enough for your entire hand to fit through it, if you want to reach in via the lower damper. If the lower damper had been moved down lower, then the strength of the main body would have been reduced, and perhaps encouraged cracking from that point. The capacity to hold ashes on the K7 Kamado is huge, larger than I could likely make you believe. On my Kamado Joes, the ashes need to be removed on each long (12 hour) cook to avoid creating an air restriction from the ashes. On the K7 Kamado, you could likely do 5 or 6 cooks of 12 hours without removing the ashes before the ashes would get high enough to threaten air-flow. Also, any chunks of burning coals, or sparks would have to bounce up from the bottom five and a half inches to reach the bottom of the lower damper. This makes wood decks less threatened by the risk of sparks and burning. Like most variations in design, there are advantages and weaknesses seen in the outcome.
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    marauders reacted to K_sqrd in Help Needed Kamado K7   
    Welcome to the forum. That K7 looks to be in really good shape. I'd guess that it's a late '90's or early 2000 vintage
    by the wheel cart. Richard Johnson changed to a different style in the early 2000's. If you can't find a suitable
    charcoal basket from the Weber, etc. this outfit is in the US and might be able to fill your need.
    The heat deflector / pizza stone sits on the lower bracket that you have pictured above. I don't have a K7 but
    measurements taken from my K5 and K9 are 3"  and 6.5" respectively from the lip of the Kamado to the top of
    the bracket rod. So a guess for the K7 would be about 4.75" - give or take. If you go the pizza stone route, get a
    thick stone as a thin one may not hold up as well.
    Here are some specs for size and weight which might be of use.
    RJ changed the design of the charcoal baskets probably around the mid 2000's or so. The new design required that the
    refractory heat shield be removed. The reasoning was that you could get more air flow to the charcoal and ash would not
    accumulate on the heat shield and block the air holes. Your call if you want to use it or not.
    I see that you also have the older style of gas assist option. The newer ones were redesigned to fit in the air intake damper
    at the bottom of the Kamado. Some folks have used refractory cement to fill that hole in the back of the Kamado and tile
    over it instead of using gas. Again your call. FYI - the tile used on the Kamado's can be found in tile stores which supply
    pool tile.You may have to do a little searching on line if you can't find it locally.
    Just a brief history - Richard Johnson began the Kamado company and was successful till about the mid 2000's. I think
    that he sold it a few years later and the outfit that bought it renamed the Kamado the Kamado Rocket.
    Hope this helps and good luck with your new BBQ venture.

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    marauders reacted to Lost Down Under in Help Needed Kamado K7   
    I'm new to the Kamado world and am embarking on a K7 project.
    I recently picked a Kamado that requires a bit of love before I can learn how to use it.
    The biggest problem I have is that I am in Australia and I can find very little in the way of information or parts over here. I have read through Addertooths restoration thread about a dozen times and have learnt a great deal about this unit.
    I have a heap of questions about the grill, but will attack them one at a time so as to be not too painful.
    Here's some pics of the K7 now.

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    marauders got a reaction from Colin in K7 Kamado restore   
    just an update  to this K-7.... 3 years and still performing well, the party Q-  is an excellent way to maintain temps on this old kamado     . good luck  on your restoration project.................
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    marauders got a reaction from Colin in K7 Kamado restore   
    I want to thank everyone for their comments and likes . this was a once in a lifetime find .  i really enjoyed the  work. this Kamado was a challenge not knowing its origins. the  research  was most enjoyable. that's how i found Kamadoguru.com . I had an Imperial Kamado in the 1980's until it was toppled over ! so after this sorta forgot about the Kamado cooking. had great memories of the awesomeness of   how  it performed..... almost bought a BGE until this came along. thanks again look forward to displaying more cooks in the near future!  hope this  thread will be of any help to anyone who should happen to find a jewel  Kamado!
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    marauders got a reaction from Colin in Kamado K7 Restoration   
    john @ Galaxyoutdoors sent me a   powder mix to coat and fill the cracks in my K=7 last spring ,, holding up very well...... the Stainless firebasket was the  apex of the project!   
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    marauders reacted to RaymondL87 in Kamado K7 Restoration   
    Good morning everyone! 
    I just purchased this Kamado a few days ago from a guy here in Florida. I only paid $375 and based on my initial inspection of the unit, it appeared to be in pretty good condition. He said he purchased it new in 2004. There were a couple of tiles missing on the base near the casters, and we lost two more in transit (all on the bottom cart area) but over all it is in pretty good condition. He said he only used it about 30 times because after purchasing it his wife decided she didn't like smoked meat/food, so he only cooked for himself or family/friends when they came over. He finally got sick of it just sitting there not being used. 
    My wife and I live in an apartment right now but are in the process of purchasing our home so I have it over there right because I only wanted to move this beast once. I'm hoping I can get over there sometime this weekend to take some better pictures of it out in the sun. 
    Any advice, suggestions, or general input is welcomed and greatly appreciated! I've been reading through this forum and the work you all have done is nothing short of spectacular!
    Have a great weekend, 

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    marauders reacted to Cajun_Kamado in Monolith Owners   
    It arrived today!

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    marauders reacted to Cajun_Kamado in Monolith Owners   
    The KJ Big Joe was my first choice , but $1900 was too much. I ended up getting the Le Chef for $1400 with the Cyber Q. The KJ Classic looked a little small to me.
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    marauders reacted to John Setzler in Question for Kamado/Stick burner users.   
    Stick burners are a much cleaner smoke than a kamado.  If you want your kamado to mimic a stick burner you can do two things.   Use LESS smoking wood or use a LOT LESS CHARCOAL and cook with the vents open.  The combustion profile of a stick burner is a small hot fire in a high airflow environment.  That's the exact opposite of how a kamado works.  A kamado is a larger smoldering fire in a low oxygen environment.
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    marauders reacted to taylola2010 in First cook on the akorn jr spatchcock cornish hens   
    Thanks! I am already hooked on this thing. I will definitely get a full size kamado when the right deal presents itself! 
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    marauders reacted to lunchman in Golden's Cast Iron Kamado Review request   
    I realize this request for a review of a Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker goes back quite a bit, but I figured I'd start off as a new member of the forum with a review. I've had the grill about a year and a half, ordered directly from the Goldens' Foundry in Columbus GA. Before ordering, I called the folks at Goldens', they graciously answered all my questions about the cooker and I knew that this was a company and family I wanted to do business with. I had some issues with the first grill delivered (all shipping company problems), one of the VPs at Goldens' called me directly and said they were shipping me a new cooker, no questions asked. I don't think I've ever had customer service like that from any company. 
    Here are some pics of the cooker in my garage shortly after delivery -

    Single piece cast iron firebox with the optional divider plate (used for two zone cooks) -

    Cast iron half grates. The grates have legs on them, can be turned upside down to get closer to the fire or stacked as in this photo for additional grilling surface. Even with just two grates installed, one can be legs up, the other legs down which allows for a nice reverse sear -

    Searing plate / heat diffuser. Similar to a BGE platesetter, but a bit more versatile as it can be used for searing. I've only recently used it for searing, the results were fabulous -

    Lower vent control -

    Upper vent and thermometer -

    Normal grate height -


    The usual questions:
    Does it rust? No. It took all of one cook to season the inside, no worries about it ever rusting. The outside is powder coated, nothing to worry about there either. 
    Does the outside get hot? Yes, but no hotter than a ceramic Kamado. Don't put your hands on it, but it's not scorching hot where you'd be worried about burns if you touched it.
    Does it take long to heat up? No longer than a ceramic Kamado. Usually once I light my lump it's ready for cooking in about 20 minutes. 
    Does it take long to cool down? Nope, within an hour or two it's dropped its temp where it doesn't register on the thermometer.
    Weight? 330 lbs, plus the cart which is around another 100-125 or so. Easily wheeled around on my deck, but this isn't a cooker you're going to take tailgating. I opted for the smaller of the two carts, I didn't need the larger cart with the side shelves. Goldens' does make a smaller 14" cooker.
    Diameter: 20.5" cooking surface. Plenty of room.
    My experience with this cooker has been fantastic. Coming from the Bubba Keg the learning curve was minimal, mainly getting used to the vent controls which took about 2 or 3 cooks. It's easy to cook on and quite versatile. I'll never have to worry about a Humpty Dumpty moment with this cooker. It'll last forever and in 500 years someone will be grilling on it.
    That's it for this quick review. Any questions, feel free to ask.
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    marauders reacted to K_sqrd in Another K7 in the forum   
    To remove the lid on a K7, you will have to remove three bolts and one of the bands. Take a look at this
    thread, scroll down to Addertooth's post on Nov. 18 where he comments on the band bolt removal.
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    marauders reacted to KismetKamado in Bravo Profire Kamado Reviews   
    It's an Auplex kamado.  There are a number of different branded Auplex kamado's out there - Vision being one of them.  
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