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  1. You've got the reverse sear backwards - the "Reverse" part is that you cook it to temp and THEN sear it at super high temperatures. http://amazingribs.com/tips_and_technique/cooking_temperatures_and_reverse_sear.html And pertaining to the temperature spike, it sounds like you got a whole bunch of lump lit in short order with the vents wide open. If that happens, there's pretty much nothing you can do to slow it down quickly. I usually start with the low and slow method regardless of the temp I am trying to hit, and just don't crank the vents down as much or as quickly if I'm shooting for 350-400.
  2. where all did you seal yourself? Also I had heard someone had spent money by buyng new bolts/hardware from the hardware store as opposed to using the ones included I haven't actually done any of the mods myself yet. I'm waiting for a weekend day where I can fire it up, throw some smoky stuff in there, and see where it leaks. Like another post said, it may work fine out of the box. And based on my experience, new bolts are not a bad idea. I messed up the threads on one of them bad enough that it isn't really functional at this point. The steel seems really soft. Regarding the cover, I bought the one made for the grill. It's a really snug fit, but it works so far. Not sure on the durability, though.
  3. I just bought a CGK myself, and read ALL of the replies to the mods post... it took like two days. In essence all of the mods center around making it as air tight as possible. Many people use a Nomex gasket to seal behind the bottom vent. Others just use high temp RTV caulk to seal it forever. Some people seal the bottom ash pan forever, and scoop ashes out through the top of the grill. Others add Nomex to it to make it a tighter fit. Most add a Nomex gasket around the bottom lip of the main opening as well, finding it to provide a better seal. I think one XL gasket is enough to do all of those fixes, and it will run you $30-40. One option you have is to fire it up and see where it's leaking, and address it accordingly. Also, the latch leaves a lot of play in the lid, so a lot of people bend it using crescent wrenches so the clasp is shorter, providing a tighter seal. Lastly, the thermometer is apparently junk, so most people use electronic substitutes like the Maverick E-733. I've also seen some cool table builds on the site. This was a particularly good one: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/2443-planted-my-akorn-in-cedar/ I'm looking forward to it warming up here so I can get tinkering with mine!
  4. Man I hope it isn't a newer model considering I just bought mine and put it together like 3 days ago...
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