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  1. JeffieBoy

    Reducing Bark on Pulled Pork

    I do this when taking pulled pork into work. It usually happens on a Wednesday and who wants to be up all night mid-week? I start smoking the shoulder around 5pm at the usual temps. At about 10:30 I pull the meat off the heat and drop it into the slow cooker (low setting) with about 200ml of apple juice per shoulder. I like to use the little tetra boxes of pure Apple juice (lunchbox size, 8 per pack) for this as I know that I am using about the correct amount. Simply stab the foil and squeeze/spray over the meat until empty. Close the slow cooker up and go to bed. It takes about 10 minutes in the morning to shred and pack the meat and then away I go. A spare tetra goes with it just in case the meat feels a little dry when reheating.
  2. JeffieBoy

    Here comes the bride!

    They currently have somewhere around 130 barrels of whisky aging in the barrel room. They are still a few years out from selling it. In the interim they have their first offering a highly rated Gin listed in the LCBO. The distillery is called Willibald Farm Distillery. www.drinkwillibald.com. They have monthly events at the farm with music food, coctktails, tours and tastings.
  3. JeffieBoy

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    When we heard this had happened we planned an appropriate dinner for Friday night and ate like Tony would have wanted us to... He brought us all together, people of different cultures, colours, political beliefs with (mostly simple) food. I for one am sorry for his loss.
  4. JeffieBoy

    Here comes the bride!

    Sorry for the delayed response. Was up at 06:00 on the day of the wedding and had everything cleaned up by 07:00. The rain continued throught the day. I ended up with two foil roasting pans of meat, weighing in somewhere around 18 pounds. 72 slider buns, and 10 sliced tomatoes later, I loaded everything in the truck and headed off to complete the other daddy do items on my list prior to the 4:45 wedding. The rain stopped about an hour prior to the wedding (after we ordered a second tent) and the service was amazing. Our friend did the catering and there was sooo much food. Grilled Black Angus Bavette w/ Chimichurri, wood oven baked Trout, etc, etc. Simply overwhelming both in volume and quality. Leftover appetizers were immediately put out in the cocktail area and people grazed all evening. The wood fired pizzas started around 11:30pm and my wife and I wrapped it up at 01:15. The next morning we found out that the dancing went until 04:30 and the party wrapped around 05:00. It turns out that the first pan of pork was tossed into the still hot, but cooling oven at around 03:00 and third dinner started around 03:30. Almost all the pork was gone, all the tomatoes went and there was a few slider buns left. My daughter was telling me that people were eating platefulls without rolls and making really positive comments... Munchies??? I did manage to get my hands on one small container to eat for lunch on Monday. Another successful Akorn cook!
  5. JeffieBoy

    Here comes the bride!

    Well it's almost midnight and I finally pulled the meat off the racks, wrapped them and put them in the oven. The stall happened at about 164 degrees and has stuck there for several hours. And the rain started about a half hour after I started the cook. How does it go from blue skies to rain so quickly? Is it the smell of the wood smoke? i am going to set the timer for these to cook for 2 and a half more hours then let them coast until morning. I will be up by about 6:30 so plenty of time to fix this up. Sorry no photos at this moment. Oh, and I went to pick up my slider buns that I ordered last Sunday and they forgot to order them in. I did find some elsewhere, but that was another two hours of my day wasted. Here's tomorrows weather for our outdoor wedding...
  6. So my daughter is getting married tomorrow. A smaller wedding (98 guests) taking place at his family farm. The groom and his brother own a distillery business on the farm and the wedding will be held outside between the home and the business. The meal will be catered and the boys wil have the wood fired oven going for late night pizzas. Think they can do four or five at a shot. At the last minute she has asked me to provide a 60-70ish pulled pork sliders. So I snuck out of work early today, managed to find five nice pork shoulder “partial bone-in roasts” totalling about 10kg (22 lbs), raced home, rubbed them up, injected with apple juice and loaded up the Akorn. Going to finish them tonight, pulled and pack the meat and get into bed. Tomorrow I need to pick up the slider buns that I ordered, slice the tomatoes and onions, prepare some sauce and away we go! Meat will be rehated in the pizza oven prior to serving. i had done three 8 pound butts before and they were actually a better fit than these five smaller roasts. More photos to follow. Wish me luck!
  7. I agree fully. Light it up, stick the remote thermometer (with temp alarm set) into the meat,put the other end beside your bed and enjoy a nice sleep or trip to the hardware store.
  8. JeffieBoy

    Beef Short Rips

    With regards to finding the ribs, I have had the same issue here in SW Ontario. I finally found a butcher/cutter and I repeated what I heard Aaron Franklin say on his show once. I asked about “Plate Ribs”. He knew immediately what I wanted and he told me that he could cut them for me anytime with a day or two notice. Just mention how many bones and “Bob's yer uncle”. The plate is the final spread of bones that protects the chest of the cow as in back, side then plate. Hope this helps you find ribs more often!
  9. JeffieBoy

    Glad I gave the grill a pass today...

    Sounds like it's time to make lemonade with your neighbours. A few years ago, the neighbour behind us hard a very large maple drop in his yard, through my fence finishing up both of our sheds. Within two hours six neighbour families had three or four saws out cleaning up the mess, we fired up the barbecue and served some food, and few others patched up the sheds. In the end we claimed the year old fence for insurance, met one newer neighbour, resolved the situation and had a bit of a party. It was surprising to see the normally dour divorcee wailing away at the smaller limbs with an electric chainsaw on the end of a huge extension cord that she tossed over the fence.
  10. JeffieBoy

    Hello from South Dakota

    Welcome aboard from an Akorn nut from north of the border, but south of you! Post photos of your cooks!
  11. JeffieBoy

    Pork tenderloin info

    Ahhh, was going to say, a 4 pound tenderloin? Must have been a 350 pound pig!
  12. T/A Appliances on Victoria. I've bought lots of things there in the last 30 years...
  13. JeffieBoy

    Peameal Bacon aka Back Bacon

    Hey Rick, check out Witteveens on 24. Great peameal & great meats all 'round.They have a booth at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto and my buddies and I gobbled a pound and a half of fresh warm sliced Peameal after checking out what everybody was queued up for... Also Carls Choice Meats on Colbourne Street has a pretty good rep at the Cambridge Market. No need to go to St. Jacob's except for the Apple Fritters now that the Brown Dog is gone... K'man, wish I'd had your address during our trip around the rock last year. We fought hard to find the quality of meals that we were expecting to find. After talking to all the islanders here in town, I now understand what we saw/found.
  14. Bravo! Beats the hockey sticks out of the old kitty litter pan that I've been using in the Jr... will look into this immediately! Any idea what the. CTC SKU number would be? Thanks for this.
  15. JeffieBoy

    Question for "Butt" Lovers

    Personally, I've never pre-salted Pork Shoulders. I've been known to get out of bed at 04:00, light the fire, pull the pork out of the fridge, dust it up, inject apple juice and just toss it on. I was of the impression that pre salting meat of any type was a no-no... It dries it out and toughens it up. Am I wrong?