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  1. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn nut! Learning to use the Akorn is like falling off your porch, very easy. Your mistakes will still taste better than most other food. Enjoy!
  2. @Dogstar I heard that the 26 pound bird looked a little like this whilst @altautahwas preparing it:
  3. @keeperovdeflame, Pretty much the same but on a warm, very fresh Portuguese roll from the little bakery across town. Heck, even just some nice fresh tomato slices with mayo and salt goes perfectly on those buns. The turkey just enhances that.
  4. Welcome aboard from north of the border. Take some time to run a few temperature tests prior to “adding meat”. Doing a few test drives will help prevent surprises on Sunday when your new larger extended family are sitting at the table with napkins tucked into their shirts, waiting for dinner...
  5. Andrey, before you waste anymore meat, take a couple of hours to get to know your kamado better. I have an Akorn and an iGrill2 thermometer - that’s all. A good exercise would be the following: Set the bottom vent open almost completely. Do the same with the top. Open the Kamado and make a volcano of lump with a clear opening in the middle right through to the grate. This allows the air to flow and create the chimney effect. Position a starter in the volcano and light it. Then fill the box with charcoal almost all the way to the heat deflector. Set yo
  6. Well, we bought a 13 pound packer. Since it tends to be a little bit more than the two of us would eat in a meal, we cut it in half at about the point where the point ends. This would give us a piece of flat (her preference) at about 5-6 pounds which we immediately put on the Akorn and then a piece of flat with the point still sitting on top (my preference) or as you indicated an east-west cut. This is then vacuum sealed and frozen for use later. Since it tends to be larger, I smoke it when we are going to have kids or siblings over. Sorry @TKOBBQ, forgot to do “after” photos
  7. For all the Brits watching here, this is really “fake news”... The real reason is: Have you ever had a 2000 pound moose frozen to your car? It really causes problems A) with gas mileage and B ) when he wants to go somewhere different from where you want to go! LOL
  8. @chickenwings AB or AZ? AB - I would expect. AZ - not so much. @len440 “Dashing through the slush!” It’s about a degree below freezing and yes, it’s coming up Lake Erie from the Marblehead/Toledo area. Now solidly 3 hours into the stall. Meat has gained 9 degrees since 11:30ish...
  9. Thanks, that is my old driveway upcycled into about a 450 square foot patio. When we lengthened the old driveway, we couldn’t find pavers that matched the 25 year old ones closely enough. They wanted big money to haul them away, so we invested that money into a new patio instead. I have since moved the Akorn under the slight overhang of the screened porch. Not perfect but thankfully the snow is wet and heavy and not blowing around. Looks about 2” has fallen so far.
  10. Congrats on the big 25! My wife and I are closing in on 40. We have an agreement. Nobody leaves this relationship alive. So far it has worked... LOL All the best and BTW - No cheese for desert?
  11. As seen in Jasper National Park recently. Thanks to Carolyn Campbell.
  12. 8:30 Update. Don’t like the weather? Wait an hour!
  13. I will take my wood wherever I can find it. I have made a contact at a tree cutting company and they have freely given me fresh cut biscuits of Crab Apple, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, etc. I usually let them dry for six months or so in my shed, then debark the wood and chunk it up. It gets stored in mesh onion bags hanging on the wall of my garage. I prefer to let the wood dry as “you only want to kiss the meat with smoke, not turn it into an ash tray”.
  14. My secrets to doing these are as follows: 1). Inject some Apple juice into the pork prior to putting on the grill. I buy 8 packs of lunch-sized tetra packs of Apple juice from concentrate and keep them on the shelf. I find that a single box per shoulder is about right. No problems with dryness here! And the grandkiddoes always have drinks when they come to visit! 2). I often toss the pork onto my Akorn at about 6pm for around 4-5 hours. This gives the meat the nice smoky bark and ring but remains somewhat uncooked in the middle. The meat is off the heat, foiled and
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