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  1. JeffieBoy

    Lump Charcoal

    It was like an unbleached, possibly yellow bag. https://dicksonbbq.com/collections/charcoal-wood/products/fogo-super-premium-lump-charcoal
  2. JeffieBoy

    Hello from Littleton, CO

    Good work. As they say: “If you lookin, you ain't cookin!”
  3. JeffieBoy

    Lump Charcoal

    Working on my second bag of Fogo since I found it last summer. Love it. Really large chunks make it even easier to keep it down low.. Expensive as heck, but really good.
  4. JeffieBoy

    The best thing about the Super Bowl...:

    Thems some good looking ribs. How long is the drive from here to Wyoming?
  5. JeffieBoy

    Tomorrows Evening Meal, Porcetta

    I'm sorry everybody. Was so excited by the results, we just dug in and chowed down. The result was really really good. A hint of wood smoke and garlic with a nice lemon finish. Meat was in the Sous Vide for 18 hours at 138 degrees whch was just about right. A small amount of fat hadn't rendered out, but that was okay. We made a slightly thckened Jus from the juices in the bag and it was perfect. Side dish was a Fennel and Clementine Slaw. We ate all we could and each of us also took home a doggy bag for meat and the (Ina Garten's) Onions and Peppers mix. Anyways, photos next time.
  6. We do a rotating Sunday dinner between my sister, brother and wife and my wife and myself. This week it's my turn for the main. I decided to try an Italian Porcetta sliced thin and heaped onto nice, warm Baguettes. Picked up a 4lb roast last night, stuffed it this morning and then dropped it onto the Akorn for about 40 minutes at about 250 degrees. Lots of Hickory and Apple chunks were added to give it a smoke profile. Right now it's cooling on the counter. In 20 minutes I will vacuum seal it, and then later on drop it into the Sous Vide for about a 24 hour bath, before a quick final sear and then service. Here is how it looks currently. Every time I went out to turn the meat, my wife followed and giggled. A neighbourhood Raccoon even caught a sniff and came to inspect! Seasoning was a puree of Fennel Fronds, Rosemary, Sage, Garlic, Lemon, Fennel Seed, Pepper Flakes, Salt and Pepper, Olive Oil. Can't wait to taste this!
  7. JeffieBoy

    Hello from Melbourne

    Smaller chunks will also burn hotter than fewer, larger pieces of charcoal. Welcome to the club from a Canadian Akorn nut! Remember, we will need to see photos of your cooks in order to validate your parking.
  8. JeffieBoy

    First cook of 2019

    Wow, an amzing breakfast! I ate cheese and crackers with a can of Kilkenny that was leftover on the back step. Just about as good, but not quite! LOL
  9. JeffieBoy

    Happy New Year

    The best of health and happiness in 2019 to all my friends in this great community. We are all blessed to enjoy each others company so much.
  10. JeffieBoy

    Closing out 2018 on a High note

    Spent some time in Copenhagen this spring. The people I was with are beer afficionados and we went from pub to pub looking for Belgian Trappists and the like. Was surprised at the amount they were willing to pay for these. Some were home runs and some left me wondering whether to swallow or spit. Glad you have access to some that you like!
  11. JeffieBoy

    Closing out 2018 on a High note

    The glass has a hole in it.
  12. JeffieBoy

    Lump Charcoal

    I tried my first bag of Fogo this year. Loved it despite the expense. Imagine my surprise when my daughter came in the door on Christmas morning with a bag for ol' Gramps. https://dicksonbbq.com/collections/charcoal-wood/products/fogo-super-premium-lump-charcoal
  13. JeffieBoy

    Noob from Philly

    Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn Nut! Many happy cooks and don't forget. The mistakes taste better than most restaurant food!
  14. JeffieBoy

    Hello from Mountains of North Carolina

    You've found the place! Welcome.