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  1. My buddy has a set of almost 40 yr old “4 Stars” that he bought whilst in college and working part time in a kitchen. He is still using them every time I am at his place. I am of the impression that todays product isn't of the same quality although I may be wrong. I will be the first to admit I know little to nothing of steel ratings and knife design. I have had a D.H. Russell trout knife since the early seventies (a gift from my older sister who had the original belt knife model) and recently visited the factory in Nova Scotia to drop the knife off for a “spa day”. They did a factory resharpen, polished the blade, rosewood handle and waxed the sheath and charged me something like $3.50 CAD. If it had been the full sized first edition (approx 5yrs older), it would have been free. LOL. I did buy a 10” full tang Chef knife while there. I believe that it is German 4110 Stainless. Sorry, a weak moment... BTW a Russell is in the permanent collection of MOMA. I will look further into those Nexus branded knives and possibly have some delivered to our time share in SC for delivery during our visit in April. Your input is muchly appreciated!
  2. Possibly the Akorn Jr Smoking stone? https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B073GFTGFW/?coliid=I1OOV8TIBMEAJ3&colid=1EK4SXJ0D5BFS&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  3. Alder is a traditional First Nations choice for smoking fish and we have always tried to use it as well. Agreed that Apple also is nice.
  4. I wouldn't overreact. Once you've used it more, it should get a small buildup of grease and seal itself.
  5. I've always wanted to say this! “Hello, Cleveland!” Welcome aboard from just across the lake. We spend some time each year watching the Jays lose to the Indians at Progressive and my brother keeps his boat at Marblehead. Keep us up to speed as to your cooks so we know whether to stop in while passing!
  6. Der, The Kuradori are a stored branded product offered by the Home Hardware chain up here. They offer a whole range of Kitchen products under that name. Some items are great quality, some not so. While the knives feels good I am guessing they are not great and experience has proven this to me. Most likely going to buy some Wustoff in the next few months.
  7. I have bookmarked all the AF PBS series and whenever I need a thrill I rewatch them. I especially loved the one where he drags a propane tank out of the bushes and makes it into an offset... His attitude and technique makes these videos better than most.
  8. Der, I look forward to following this discussion. Am getting tired of having semi sharp knives despite having them professionally sharpened twice a year and using s steel between uses. Part of my issue is that I thought I had found a good series of knives (Kuradori) only to have my sharpening guy tell me that they don't use good steel and will not take/hold an edge very well. i was not aware of the differences in stone makes or qualities. Your shared experiences will help in my figuring out “the next puzzle”. Cheers,
  9. Drat it John! Now I am hungry and want one of these!
  10. Every year for Remembrance Day (Nov.11) we do a potluck at work. I always did an attempt at an updated food that would have been served the soldiers. Last year for the Armistice Centennary I did a take on Spam. Sliced into approx. 1x1x3 inch matchsticks, the meat was put onto a popsicle stick, panko crumb coated and panfried, then served with a dijon mustard dip. Of course I also presented a demonstration card explaining the history of the food. Most of the people had never eaten Spam. I did four cans of Spam this way and they were gone in a flash.
  11. I am so useless when it comes to baking but surely do enjoy good bread. Well done!
  12. Just remember. Photos of your cook or it didn't happen! We need evidence. Welcome to the board!
  13. There turned out to be a lot more meat on them than I remember from last time. We ate just over one full breast, with the remainder of the second breast goin home with my daughter. The third will be sliced for sandwiches this week. Win-win-win!
  14. thanks but my photo was from last year or the year before. See my other posting for this years turkey. All the best!
  15. I was able to stick the Akorn at 205 degrees almost perfectly for the last 3 hours. The breasts went to about 147 degrees then I opened the chimney and jumped the grill temp to about 260 to crisp the skin a bit. After about 20 minutes my meat probe was at 263, so I wandered out, lifted the meat off and shut 'er down. This plate is now foiled and cooling on the back patio. Looks like we are eating Turkey tomorrow for lunch! Merry Christmas everyone. Glad to be associated with such fine people on this site.
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