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  1. @keeperovdeflame Bang on with that response. Whilst I don’t own a pellet, my buddy has been eating off my Akorn for years. During this pandemic he thought he wanted to do the “smoking thing” and bought a pellet grill. He proudly dropped me off a chunk of a brisket the other day. It was so smoky it was like eating a loaf of white bread or in other words, not smoky at all. I was so thankful when he said he thought it wasn’t smoky enough…
  2. Keep an eye open for a small ziplock bag that will allow you to store the batteries tightly (as the newfies say) side by each, parallel. This will prevent the batteries crossing each other and prevent shorting and further drainage. Some used medication (pill) bottles will work as well.
  3. Don’t believe it should be an issue. There is a recent posting on here where someone used a jr sized kamado with a piece of flexible dryer vent pipe feeding from it (hot box) into the bottom of another full sized kamado to do salmon. The heat was diffused out through the walls of the pipe and the smoke went up through the larger kamado. Seemed to work well.
  4. How long did you let it rest? A roast like that will reabsorb a lot of the red stuff if left lightly tented for 45 minutes before carving.
  5. Don’t discount the Akorn. Very reasonably priced, bullet-proof and an overall good product to cook on. Had mine for nine years now.
  6. Have had my Akorn forever. No shutdown issues. @WilliamTell, you are correct that a few cooks will “gunk up” a few minor gaps. You might give the intake slider at the bottom a good once over. Sometimes they have a gap around the outside edges. Some copper RTV will fix that quickly. Also check to confirm that you had the ash basket positioned and latched properly. I made that mistake once…
  7. When I am doing a pork shoulder, I have a three house bricks that I place into my kettle. As I am about 5 minutes from removing the meat from the Akorn I boil a full kettle of water, pour it in to the cooler and shut it. The tray with the wrapped meat goes into the cooler and sits on the bricks just above the water. I give it at least an hour to rest like this before shredding and serving. Never lets me down.
  8. Thanks for this. We actually had SmokinBones and Pitt Bros on our list to do whilst in Dublin. Aircraft issues from YHM - DUB meant that instead of 3 days in Dublin we got 1. Since it was pouring, we just did a hop on, hop off bus until 6pm, grabbed dinner somewhere across the river and then hit the first bar we found. We will be going back to explore Dublin again. We loved what we saw, and want more!
  9. Welcome aboard from Canada. Didn’t find any good source of BBQ when we toured Ireland two years ago. Time for you to step up for the Emerald Isle and show us otherwise! LOL. Actually all is good... Enjoy your stay with us!
  10. @euan2020 I was in Copenhagen for a week just about three years ago, before this insanity hit. Loved it. Hearing your story reminds me of the Netherlands in 1972. I was 13 and we went to the beach at Zandvoort for a day. My brother and I ran ahead over the dunes. We came to a stop and when my mother caught up, she grabbed us by the ears, turned and ran back to the car park to leave. Too many topless women... LOL We will travel again...
  11. Welcome aboard from Canada!
  12. Crock Pot. Drop a cup of pure Apple juice or Cider in the bottom, insert a temperature probe and let it go on low heat until 201 degrees internal is hit. Turn it off and let it coast for an hour then shed it and enjoy. i agree that the bark will be set, and there is no advantage to further smoke.
  13. Welcome aboard. Spatchcock a chicken and grill it up! A great start.
  14. Welcome aboard from Cambridge!
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