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  1. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    A barber that I have used for thirty years used to offer shaves. I would have one done about three or four times a year. The sting of the Sandalwood followed by the powder made me feel like a million bucks! Wish he hadn't decided to get old and stop offering them... I also found a barber in a hotel we stayed at in Cleveland. Bobby C's right downtown. I jumped out of bed on Saturday morning and ran there to be his first customer. I had told my wife I was going down for a shave. She expected about five minutes, and when I was about 30-40 minutes into the proceedings she came down to find me and ended up sitting and watching in amusement. Think she may have been jealous of the pampering. Check him out.
  2. Multiple requirements...?

    "Likes their steak abused". I have a young protege who came with us for his first work dinner at an upscale small restaurant. Once we explained that he didn't have to pay, he picked up the menu, ignored all the amazing offerings and chose the Bison Filet (IIRC). "How would you like that." And I quote: "EXTRA WELL". You could hear a pin drop in the place and an eerie creaky noise as every head in the room turned towards him. "Perhaps you'd just like to eat that industrial floor mat over by the door" another colleague announced loudly. The entire room burst into tears of laughter. He enjoyed eating his shingle. Since then we have got him down as far as medium, but he refuses to go any rarer. Our little boy is growing up!
  3. I work next to an Arbourist business. About twice a year I stop in and ask if they will cut me a few 2" biscuits of any Oak, Maple, Apple or fruitwood they may have recently cut. They go home and dry in the garden shed for about two months then I chunk them up. I often get them for free or for the guys beer money for the night. I have been known to drop off some pulled pork which doesnt hurt the relationship. That said, I do love Maple for Pork and Chicken. Also, if you driving home through your neighbourhood and somebody is having a tree dropped. Stop and ask about it. I will put money on it that they will give you two or three biscuits if you ask.
  4. New member from Upstate SC

    Wait a minute!?! A few minutes ago you said . . . the exact opposite.
  5. New Akorn coming Friday

    Lard or Olive oil about twice season. Take the temps up to about 350-400 and then snuff it and let the fire coast to a slow finish. For the first time, I'd do it twice.
  6. First chicken on the Akorn.

    Theres the money shot!
  7. First slow cook. FAIL!!!

    I have owned my Akorn for five years now. After feeling comfy using it for a long while I recently dropped a $50 chunk of brisket onto itand then proceeded to watch the temps run out of control and finally snuff itself out when I finally choked that sucker so tight . . Anyhow. A later investigation determined that an overly blustery day, combined with a lot of very small charcoal (missed by the inspector) allowed the burn to run away. So, don't worry, the sun will come up tomorrow or whatever they say in the BBQ world. Now, admit it. You ate the ribs anyway and they were still pretty good, weren't they?!?
  8. Hawk visitors

    Turkeys live in the city, here,s two shopping for a car about a mile from my house...
  9. Distiller from Australia

    Welcome aboard, hope to hear how you combine some of your products into your recipes for BBQ. We also ahve a distillery in the family. My daughter's partner just opened his business in April and has quite a few barrels of Whisky aging, offers a cask aged Gin and is about to offer an Apple Rye. www.drinkwillibald.com
  10. Blue Flames from the buttocks of hell

    I don't quite understand why, when you have blue "afterburner" flames that would essentially be hot enough to melt steel, you decided to toss a nice delicate pizza crust into that sucker? Perhaps you can expand on that for us... extreme hunger, being chased by an alien invasion and didn't have time to settle fire fire, looking for a new fuel source for your car?
  11. Addicted already in SE Michigan

    Welcome aboard from another Akorn nut! Always remember, eat your mistakes and photos or it didn't happen!
  12. As soon as you admit it's a "hobby", start watching your waistline amigo!
  13. Hah! If you check my profile, I am a very proud Canuck, here in Southern Ontario. Over the years I have been lucky enough to visit most of North America and some of Europe. Regular fishing trips to Louisiana (LA), a time share in Hilton Head (SC) and so on. Three weeks ago we did a boys road trip to Dayton OH to see the aviation museums and search for BBQ. Found a place called Pig of the month, but it turned out to not be a restaurant... Did manage to eat one of Corporal Klingers Hungarian Hotdogs at Tony Packos in Toledo. Amongst many, many other neat places, I have eaten at a Louisiana restaurant in Regina (Craw Daddies) or was that Saskatoon, Red's True BBQ in Leeds and even done a cooking class at the Institute Paul Bocuse in Nice. We even found ourselves being served dinner in the livingroom of somebody's house (pop-up restaurant) in New Orleans about 30 years ago. At about age 28, on my first trip to Louisiana and Texas a Cajun friend of ours told me "If you ever see food for sale, advertised on a homemade sign, nailed to a stick and stuck into the ground beside the road - stop and eat. You will always be pleasantly surprised. I have lived with that in the back of my head for 30 years and it has never let me down, from boiled peanuts in a bag in North Carolina to BBQ from a smoker on a trailer at the side of the road in the low country outside of Savannah its always made me happppppy! I am no pro when it comes to cooking, but I do most cooking in our house and that has kept my wife and daughters happy for a long time. I love playing with my Akorns and happily share the results with my neighbours who are nosey Parkers whenever they smell my work. We have three other couples who do monthly road trips around Ontario to find new and exciting food. Hope this puts your mind to rest and I am happy to answer other questions, accept suggestions for road trips or major trips (Iceland and Scotland are on the radar now) and will gladly continue this if you want to PM or eMail me. oh, yes - I have a two year old Grand Daughter who thinks I'm silly Grandpa! And right now I am sitting on the sofa next to the front window, drinking tea and watching Premier League Football. NewCastle is winning.
  14. Just saw this on another website. Akorn Daily Deal. $173 USD Code: WAREHOUSE30
  15. Well, it's almost 7am...

    So, after seeing that I couldn't control my temps down to where I wanted them today, I finally choked the Akorn down to the point that I snuffed the flames. This was partly caused by being focussed on other jobs around the house, visitors, gusty winds, small bitty lump, two adjustments that didn't (seem) to have an effect and my general attitude. About ten minutes ago, I pulled the $50 chunk o' beef off the Akorn and tossed it into my slow cooker to finish for about five hours. Today's lesson kids? Even when you use your Akorn regularly, sometimes you just can't win.