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  1. Almost wonder if they started as a KJ dealer and then asked KJ to make them a private branded product for the British market only. The older design is proven and probably still easily made and thus profitable for them.
  2. Seriously? You want this stuff sprayed around things that you cook on/with? The gassing off alone while at heat will most likely affect the flavour your next several cooks... i don't know about that.
  3. My first choice would be the rooftop deck. If not, I'd suggest starting with an Akorn. Reasonable price (read okay to experiment with for this project), steel construction and less susceptible to being fatally damaged by some @#$&* that can't figure out how to sreal it. Combine that with some solid chain around the frame and a good quantity of Tapcons into the concrete and at least you'll keep honest people honest.
  4. Thanks for this. I'm a few bags of the Fogo Premium in, but at $40 CAD + per bag, and while I love using it, I find the price quite restrictive. Will look for some of the RO XL when I am in South Carolina in a few weeks, thanks.
  5. I am in the process of beginning an early retirement. 6 more weeks to go. My wife and I are about six months ahead of what we targeted for (60). For the last four years, I have been both a volunteer and official for Track Bicycle racing at the Mattamy National Velodrome in Milton Ontario. Have made some really good friends and love being there. Too bad it's only a winter sport and I have to drive cross country for an hour to get there... I have just finished my training to begin volunteering at my local library. They just opened a “paperless” library about 8 blocks from my house. I am so looking forward to learning more about laser cutters, 3D printing, welding, soldering, etc. I visit the Canadian Warplane Heritage in Hamilton a few times a year. A senior guy there told me that they are always needing volunteers. Turns out that any plane that they restore needs to be torn down and about 50 thousand rivets removed. In his words, “We don't need Aviation Engineers, can you operate a drill?” So that's kind of in the back of my mind. Maybe when my buddy, “Captain Balsa” joins me in retirement next year... https://www.warplane.com/ And finally, I just bought my first new bicycle in 25 years. It's state of the art Carbon Fibre, is far too sexy for the owner, and is far far better than I need or deserve. Hopefully I can drop some weight over the next year or so. Tough to commit to when everytime I leave the side door, my Akorn calls out to me from the garage...
  6. Wow! Nicely done. My Akorn is about 7 years old now and getting long in the tooth. It gets emptied of ash about three times a year, has never been disassembled for cleaning and other than tightening the shelf bracket screw recently, it has been a real champ for me. Haven't seen one for sale around Southern Ontario for probably two years, so I am going to keep my eyes open for one when I head to Hilton Head in a few weeks. Edit - Just checked. Been here since May 2012, so my Akorn is almost exactly 7 years old. I bought it about two weeks before joining formally.
  7. Yeah, snapped the plastic finger cover off mine about two years ago. Managed to burn my fingers once or twice since then... I carefully disassembled the cover for cleaning and it worked pretty good since then, but it's definitely gumming up again. A soft wood block works well to knock it open and closed. Will need to replace it eventually.
  8. It was like an unbleached, possibly yellow bag. https://dicksonbbq.com/collections/charcoal-wood/products/fogo-super-premium-lump-charcoal
  9. Good work. As they say: “If you lookin, you ain't cookin!”
  10. Working on my second bag of Fogo since I found it last summer. Love it. Really large chunks make it even easier to keep it down low.. Expensive as heck, but really good.
  11. Thems some good looking ribs. How long is the drive from here to Wyoming?
  12. I'm sorry everybody. Was so excited by the results, we just dug in and chowed down. The result was really really good. A hint of wood smoke and garlic with a nice lemon finish. Meat was in the Sous Vide for 18 hours at 138 degrees whch was just about right. A small amount of fat hadn't rendered out, but that was okay. We made a slightly thckened Jus from the juices in the bag and it was perfect. Side dish was a Fennel and Clementine Slaw. We ate all we could and each of us also took home a doggy bag for meat and the (Ina Garten's) Onions and Peppers mix. Anyways, photos next time.
  13. We do a rotating Sunday dinner between my sister, brother and wife and my wife and myself. This week it's my turn for the main. I decided to try an Italian Porcetta sliced thin and heaped onto nice, warm Baguettes. Picked up a 4lb roast last night, stuffed it this morning and then dropped it onto the Akorn for about 40 minutes at about 250 degrees. Lots of Hickory and Apple chunks were added to give it a smoke profile. Right now it's cooling on the counter. In 20 minutes I will vacuum seal it, and then later on drop it into the Sous Vide for about a 24 hour bath, before a quick final sear and then service. Here is how it looks currently. Every time I went out to turn the meat, my wife followed and giggled. A neighbourhood Raccoon even caught a sniff and came to inspect! Seasoning was a puree of Fennel Fronds, Rosemary, Sage, Garlic, Lemon, Fennel Seed, Pepper Flakes, Salt and Pepper, Olive Oil. Can't wait to taste this!
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