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  1. Grind them off smooth, position the new vent rotated about 5 to 10 degrees, drill three new pilot holes and use some good stainless screws? You mights have to live with a slightly offset vent position but at least it should go smoothly. Not sure if this is viable or not but would make sense to me.
  2. Rick, where is Lococo's? Err, ummm, asking for a “friend” in Cambridge... Found them! Never mind.
  3. Hmmm, going to Oakville on Wednesday to meet my new Grandson. Perhaps a side trip is in order. Thanks for this.
  4. Hah! $1.25 CAD per Litre of Gas (4.27 USD per Gallon), $3.50-4.00 a pound for Pork Shoulders and $6.00-7.00 a pound for Brisket. We have toget it right every time at those prices... I'd kill for any of those three to be cheap! LOL
  5. What an amazingly lovely slab O beef! I cannot say that I have ever seen one that nice up here in Canada before. But then again, I am starting to think most of our meat here is unaged repackaged road kill...
  6. Simple goodness as man did them thousands of years ago. Beautiful. Found a recipe recently for Vidalia onions that you might find interesting and I'd like to try on the Akorn. Core the onions by removing a small funnel shaped plug, push a bouillon cube down into it along with a tablespoon or so of melted butter. Wrap in foil like you would Garlic, leaving the core opening exposed. Roast at about 350 for an hour. Doing a brisket today. Will try one or three and report back to you.
  7. The Setup. Daughter's in-laws experienced a death in the family. Two Daughter's in law offered to do the hosting of a post service meal at the farm. This will happen tomorrow noonish. At 4:30 this afternoon said Daughter suddenly showed up at our place with about a half dozen smallish Turkey breasts and wants them smoked - tonight. With nothing prepped, I simply did a quick, heavy sprinkle of Tony Chachere's while the Akorn was coming up to 225 degrees. I tossed a few small chunks of Hickory and some Fruitwood into the mix for some flavour. Temps levelled of at about 235 and the Turkey went in. Two hours and a few minutes later I measured an internal of 167 degrees and pulled them from the heat. The breasts sat on the counter for about an hour to cool a bit, then I carefully sliced the meat in a single piece from the bones, foiled, bagged and tossed them in the fridge. A quick taste tells me that the skin is quite spicy and the meat tender, moist and sweet! She will be picking them up in the morning. Plans are to carefully toss the foil packs into the wood fired pizza oven at the farm for a quick warm up, then slice thinly and serve along with all the other food. After sending her the requisite proof photos, I managed to pick enough meat off the bones for a cold Turkey sammy (and a Guinness!) tomorrow. Time for bed! Foiled and ready to reheat. After two hours on the Akorn... My reward! Tomorrow morning? An 8 pound chunk of smoked Brisket to go along with the Marshmallow Salad, and several other 1960’s inspired dishes to be served while we watch the Apollo 11 documentary out of the back patio with some friends. I am looking forward to serving “Buzz Aldrin” cocktails (Tang and Vodka) to go along with the party!
  8. What, that's it? Is this high school all over again!?!? You tease... 18 seconds of goodness and yup. That's it!
  9. You two sure know how to live! Many happy meals...
  10. JeffieBoy


    Sometimes too much info is worse than none... sorry. Where in Britain? 105 yrs ago we arrived in Canada from Batley, Yorkshire. Our visit in 2014 was the first time our families were back together except for a 1 day visit from my father during a leave sometime around 1939-40. Love your country!
  11. Beautifully done, Jack, errr. Keeper! By the way, really outstanding outdoor area. We have had hummingbird feeders set up here for several years. I am religious about cleaning and loading them but am lucky to get 1 or 2 birds a season. This year, nothing so far which is depressing. You are lucky with that.
  12. I just retired in May. After 14 years of commuting and putting 3-4 tanks of gas every two weeks at $55-60 CAD per tank, I have just realized two things. First, nobody is putting money in my account every two weeks (first time in 39 years) and I just put my second tank of gas in it today since may 16th... wow! Too much gardening and bike riding... LOL
  13. JeffieBoy


    Do a search herein for “New member from rip off Britain”. It's from someone who recently went through the same process. The discussion may help.
  14. And don't forget to check the spare tire pressure before you leave for a trip! Take it from me.
  15. Agreed. When I told my friends how much burn time I get they freaked.
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