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  1. Wow, that cheery, happy wood on a good piece of beef would make me happy too!
  2. Well, never having done that, my first impression is that with enough loops of twine, you might be alright. Just keep an eye on the situation and be ready to react on a moments notice to pull the bundle from the heat. Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. Fingers crossed for you.
  3. What IS this Ken Onion of which you speak? Does it fit my Value Village budget?
  4. For almost 40 years we have had a group of guys who go on one or two fishing trips a year to cottages in Northern Ontario. I got so sick of getting to these “fully supplied” cottages and having only 30 year old, burnt, thin frying pans and butter knives disguised as “chef knives”. I finally put together a Rubbermaid tub with the essentials. Over the years it morphed with the addition a spice kit, a laminated check list and even a can of green peppercorns for the steak night. More recently we added a half-dozen warm white H.O. LED lamps. That way when we find a cottage with old, 20 watt
  5. @keeperovdeflame I like how you truss the birds ankles. Is that so it can’t run away?
  6. My wife has been making an almost iidentical recipe for the last 37 years and her mother was making the same for decades prior to that. Instead of the frozen veg, we clear out all veggies in the drawer and sauté them them up prior to adding them to the pie shell. A good way to clean out the fridge and we both look forward to leftovers!
  7. I have never smoked these tomatoes, but I guess you could. TBH my wife doesn’t “appreciate” things too smoky, so I really have to limit my love offerings to her... LOL I will built the recipe and send you a copy.
  8. Welcome aboard from an Akorn nut just down the 401. Get yourself a diffuser for smoking, a phone to photograph the results and some beer and you are underway! Look forward to seeing your cooks. it’s not a trip to the lake without tossing the Akorn Jr into the boat!
  9. We have stopped buying whole turkeys. Just not worth it. We will buy from 2 to 5 bone-in, skin-on breasts then marinade them for 48 hours in Buttermilk and Garlic Brine before smoking them. Family loves the meat and plenty left over for sammies. Not a major difference in price per pound and everyone is happy. Win/win/win.
  10. I have found my Akorn has a sweet spot at around 240-250 degrees. I toss the meat in, aim for 250ish on the grate and enjoy a beer or three. If it moves to 270 or so, I choke it down a wee bit, if it drops too far, I nudger ‘er open a bit. I agree whole heartedly with @Brandon Store Don’t overthink it.
  11. Damn! Wish I had read this sooner. Was in Burlington on Saturday afternoon and could have stopped in to err, assist you! Yeah, that’s it!
  12. Have a buddy doing a two year job exchange with Apple in Portsmouth. Was hoping to visit this summer but, . . . Something something something stopped us...
  13. Today is one of my favourite days of the summer. We have a bushel of freshly picked, ripe, mixed Field and San Marzano tomatoes to be peeled and made into Salsa. Without this I don't think I could survive the Canadian winter. Depending on timing, weather and finances we may make a second batch in a month. Yum!
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