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  1. Unless you have positraction which is a limited slip differential that distributes power equally to right and left tires. And as anyone in (GA) knows, when you're stuck in the red mud and you step on the gas one tire spins and the other tire does nothing... hence my title for this post. Despite the overcook, I did remember to slice the husk open on these. That much I remembered from the school trips 45 years ago... See attached. Gotta love the internet for finding photos. The girls ran for the candy apples and floss, the guys ran for the warm chestnuts.
  2. Hmmm, nope. First try failure. Probably too hot and even 30 minutes was too long. 2nd try to follow. Probably around 225 indirect and start checking at 20 minutes. On a positive note, I am guessing the squirrels will like the first ones.
  3. I am 7 years into my Akorn and while it would be nice to own a KJ, this Kamado has served me well and provided many excellent products for my table. I would seriously choose another for my next Kamado based on this and the price point. Thats my two cents worth.
  4. This one is for those of you in Ontario. Remember as kids each fall, the yellow school bus would pull up in front of the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and your class would bail out. And before you entered the building or got back on the bus you'd jump in line to buy Roasted Chestnuts from the little vendor carts out front? Well I tripped over some nice fresh chestnuts at the grocery store the other day and decided to try to recreate some of those pleasant memories. I grabbed up a dozen or so and since the temp climbed above freezing today I fired up the Akorn in my driveway and tossed half of them on a few minutes ago. They are on direct heat, around 300 degrees and I am planning on checking them in 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Smoke is supplied from whatever is left from my last cook. if anyone has experience roasting these on your Kamado, any tips for improvement would be appreciated.
  5. Congrats and many, many more. The best of health and happiness to you.
  6. $12.56?!?!? For twelve and a half pounds? Holy @#$&#$... Here in Ontario, it's rare to find one below about $2.79 a pound these days. That would be $35.40 CAD (about $26.25 USD). The least you could do is invite us all over for pork on a bun. I'm just sayin'
  7. Welcome aboard! Remember that your errors will still taste better than your neighbours successes! Let us know about your cooks and remember, “photos or it didn't happen!”
  8. That looks like a good result! I have never done bread in the Akorn because my wife “doesn't like everything with a smoky flavour”. How does the wood smoke affect the flavour in this case?
  9. I have been “retired” since May. Due to a tussle with my former company, my retirement funds have not yet been released, so I have been living fairly close to home, not spending when not necessary. I am not destitute, just being careful. My friend bought a block of and offered me (& 6 other mutual friends)a fairly good ticket package for last weekends U.S. GP in Austin. All I needed to do was buy my airfare, beer and pay for shares of a van rental and the Air BnB. A couple of the early people advised airfare from Toronto was $485. Great! I thought that a budget of about $1000 CAD all-in would not be unreasonable for a 4 day weekend and was within my self determined budget. I might even stretch an extra day or two in for “exploring”. Dreams of BBQ went through my head with ideas of side trips visiting Franklin BBQ, Kreuz Market in Lockhart, etc ranking as high or higher than actual race... Well, long story short, almost immediately upon being invited, the Blonde Goddess (she who must be obeyed) required some surgery and I became the designated carer for the next 7 weeks. After the surgery and initial recovery period, we determined I could still go. Problem was - we were now within a week of the race and Airfare was almost $1500 now... so long boys! Enjoy the trip, @#$&#..... Well I guess Austin will be there next year. Here's hoping that my buddy wants to buy us another block of tickets. Either that or my wife and I plan a spring trip down just by ourselves for BBQ. Better offer me suggestions of places to check out. Thanks for letting me spout.
  10. I was going to say “that's a wrap isn't it”? But Chasdev beat me to it. I follow a car to work almost every day that is a really unique colour but it appears to be a flat finish, clear vinyl wrap. I think it's stunning.
  11. Canook, where I live we really don't have much opportunity close by to get bone-in shoulders (butts) and those “canoodled” or bagged roasts (8 lbs) are what I end up using most of the time. I have been able to fit as many as four of them on the Akorn at a time with good success. You did pretty much what I would have in the same situation.
  12. It's not winter here in Canada unless you can smell wood smoke while it's minus 25 degrees C outside! And it's not just from people trying to their homes keep warm.
  13. Nnank76 - I think if you dig through this site the recipe that you mention has been proffered here several times over the years. Possibly without that exact title however. Personally, I have used, modified and enjoyed it myself. Good choice.
  14. Love, love, love mine! You will too.
  15. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn nut! Remember to show us photos of your cooks!
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