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  1. You might want to tuck this away for trying next time. It works for me!
  2. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn nut! Remember, photos or it didn't happen.
  3. Step back from the Kamado! DO NOT ever take BBQ to work, even in the form of the perceived, lowly “Pulled Pork”... it will only lead to the attached photo for the next event. . . . LOL
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/slave-lake-wildfire-evacuation-high-level-1.5143124 Yeah, pretty scary stuff. We could see the smoke in Southern Ontario last week. The clear sky had a dull grey brown look to it. Don't worry though, I will do a hardwood grilled steak in your honour when I get home next week.
  5. I agree with “Keeper”... also, Top Sirloin IS actually one of my favourite cuts for flavour and when chosen from the case properly can have excellent marbling and tenderness.
  6. “ I peaked at the ribs maybe once every other hour, keeping the lid low and open time short.” as the old saying goes: “If you lookin', you ain't cookin!” Pardon my accent.
  7. Nicely done! I routinely have done three pork shoulder roasts on my Akorn and once managed a four pack. Nothing like serving a lot of hot food all in one shot! Good job.
  8. “I just wont open my vents to put the cover on the next day.“ Sounds to me like it hadn't fulled snuffed when you opened the vents and put the cover on....
  9. Had some time today, so I did a batch following your revised recipe and then a smaller jar (green lid) using a slightly smaller amount of sugar and incorporating rice wine vinegar to see how it will affect the result. See attached. Will advise of my findings in a week or so when we get home from travelling! Thanks for the recipe John!
  10. Welcome from a Canadian Akorn Nut! Remember, post photos or it didn't happen...
  11. Hmmm, the only time we roasted a whole hog was 20 yrs ago at our 40th birthday party. By the end of the evening, the nurses gang were so drunk there were bra's hanging from the trees and one of them was dancing around the yard with the Pig's head balancing on her own. Don¡t know where it ended up. When we went to clean up, it was gone. Sorry, but I have no advice for you...
  12. I live in an area with a large Portuguese population and they have the Picanaha in the case next to the Sirloins at my butcher... going to have to try some! Thanks for this,
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