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  1. We saw one in the flesh in Mississauga a few weeks ago. My neck is still sore because my head snapped around to look so hard! Absolutely gorgeous! Tell your neighbour he made a great choice.
  2. Hmmm, just needs a small round opening cut in the stainless to mount my Akorn Jr... any comments?
  3. At work about three years ago, we had a Remembrance Day Potluck. They asked us to bring in variations of foods that soldiers would have eaten in the WW’s. I brought in grilled Spam on a stick. If I remember correctly, three cans got me 24 skewers. I lightly dusted with Tony Chachere’s and then grilled them. At lunch they were then reheated. Did a little presentation about the origins as well. People either were curious, had previously eaten Spam or were disgusted with the idea of “poor people food” (someone did say that). All 24 were gone in no time, and I won the prize for the event.
  4. Welcome aboard! I would suggest that working at high temps simply requires constant vigilance To ensure that you don’t get into a meltdown situation. No cranking it up and then going off to cut grass for 20 or 30 minutes...
  5. Welcome aboard! You will enjoy it here. BTW, If you don’t think you will be home in time to meet the delivery, just redirect it to my address. As a retiree, I am home all the time and will be glad to hold it for you...
  6. Thanks for this! I can keep my eyes open for one.
  7. A good start to break this in would be a spatchcock chicken.
  8. Went for my morning walk and saw these local examples. All in a two block radius. There are many more nearby with Covid references as well. In the photos below, some are little mini galaxies, a tribute to the Jellybean houses in St. John’s NF, etc. Enjoy!
  9. Welcome aboard! Spent a lot of years commuting from YYZ to The Merchandise Mart early in my career, with 2-3 stops a year in Rosemont for the last 30 years. Finally pulled the plug just in time to socially isolate with my new bike . . . I will never win any races, and the bike is “far too sexy for you, Jeff” (frommy mechanic) but I am happy to be able to ride any time I like. That Trout has me salivating! Very nice.
  10. Far nicer that the bricks I created. Good work. Will check out Tartine options on Youtube.
  11. Early in my marriage (age 24ish), I lived fishing and a slightly older friend owned a bait and tackle. He always would walk up on me in the store aisle, scruff up my hair and say “How’s it hanging, JeffieBoy?” I have used that ever since as an identifier and BTW the pixelated image looks a lot like me today, sans hair. Now get off my lawn!
  12. How the heck did that thing get cooked if you had the lid open so often? First rule of BBQ club. If you lookin’, YOU AIN’T COOKIN’! Trust the force. It will get you to the finish line...
  13. JeffieBoy

    Been a bit....

    Great work Bosco! Will keep my eyes open for a photo op whenever I am in that big little town underneath Rattlesnake Point.
  14. These have been showing up all around our neighbourhood during the lockdown. Local families are painting them as tributes to front liners, etc and then placing them randomly in gardens and under trees all over the place. When we go for our nightly walk we see them. Yours are very well done!
  15. A common response to your question is to do a spatchcocked chicken. Pretty straight forward and all you need to do is figure out seasoning and bring the grill surface up to temperature. welcome, and much success with future cooks! You are about to become very popular with neighbours and family.
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