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  1. Just picked up two bags of the Xylo block and can’t wait to try it out. The bags were 6kg versus around 8 for the Fogo Super Premium I had been buying. This works out to about $1.65 CAD a pound for the Xylo Block versus $2.05 for the Fogo. The HST tax almost makes it break even since the FOGO is cash only, all-in. First impression is good, there was no noticeable dust floating around in the bags, and no small pieces detected. More details to follow. PS - Lowes were well stocked with KJ, Cowboy, Xylo, etc... and they even had a huge clearance table of BBQ items. See
  2. Please pardon my ignorance, but I have a question. You said: “I plan on pulling them just as midget beyond ribeye steak stage: with just a little chew.” What kind of internal temp/doneness were you aiming for? Was it feel or temp? Your comment left me confused. I have never done a nice beef rib like this and am trying to buy some plate ribs through my local butcher.
  3. Wheeeewwww! Score... just checked online and my local store got one skid of Block and five skids of lump! Headed out after dinner and will stock up. Thanks!
  4. Bienvenue! Welcome aboard! The more of us Canucks on here the more Mapley goodness experience we can share.
  5. Welcome aboard from Canada! Looking forward to reading your experiences with the Kamander. Make sure you post photos or it never happened! Maybe a toasted Smorrebrod for us sandwich lovers. LOL
  6. With all this self-isolation I find myself dreaming of and planning trips that I would like to do. Just the other day I was looking at pricing and timing of the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, followed by a train to Riga. When Norwegian Airlines temporarily landed flights at a local airport, I jumped a cheap flight to Copenhagen for a week. Loved it, But my plans to take the train to Gothenburg fell through which still sits in my mind. I really wanted to see where my camera was made. Once this pandemic thing is under control, I will have plenty of ideas and plans for
  7. Looks like some small, ceramic Kamado jr’s of some sort in today’s flyer.
  8. Welcome aboard. I think charcoal is getting expensive everywhere of late. Here in Canada, there has been a shortage during the pandemic and it’s been virtually impossible to find any until a month ago. My last bag of Fogo cost me $35 CAD (233 Kr) and that was $8 less than store prices.
  9. Sorry for your loss. It’s amazing how many notables have been taken from us recently. The two that touched me the most were Jerry Jeff Walker and John Prine. Rest in peace, gentlemen. Stand by peaceful waters.
  10. Too bad there’s not enough for a “leftover lunch” the next day.
  11. Sounds like they are saying “Can Brick Pig come out and play?”.
  12. I usually will rub the meat first and let it sit for two or three hours. Just as it’s about to go onto the heat I will inject it. I find that several small injections at different depths will be better than a few larger ones. Cheers,
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