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  1. I did a fundraiser earlier this summer for the local hospital. My sister invited her best friend from school days. I remember the two of them babysitting me and that she was a real cutie. I haven’t seen her since I was about six…. Wait, what!?!?! Oh, yeah she is into her 70’s now…. Crap.
  2. Beautiful results! I know that my Akorn Jr just loves riding in my boat when we go on fishing trips. It’s so comforting to put something on the grill and then go off fishing, knowing that it will be hot and edible when we get back in from the water. Keep going!
  3. Saw (and reported) the same thing at the Rona in Waterdown a few months back. Seasonal clearout?
  4. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn nut. Looking forward to hearing about your cooks!
  5. Just recently received one of these as a gift after complaining about the multi-probe bluetooth thermometer I have been using for almost ten years. Was quite surprised at the good build quality and the ability to take up to six probes which I am sure that I will never use, but it’s nice to know I have available. The app downloaded easily and immediately synched with the transmitter. The functions on the transmitter, while fairly simple did the job perfectly during my first use (a sirloin roast in the oven). The real test will be the bluetooth connectivity over distance and through windows and doors. That will follow in a few days hopefully. I registered the warranty card online and received two more complimentary probes as a thankyou. They arrived in about two weeks from China. Good service there! The app has temperature alarms and timer setting, meat doneness suggestions, etc. It doesn’t seem to allow graphing or export of details like the iGrill app. I also have not found a grill surface specific probe such as the iGrill offers, but there was a grill clip in the box, suggesting that the regular meat probes are dual purpose. These are available at that rainforest website owned by the rich guy for about $60 CAD, so very reasonably priced. I will give this a run for a while and report back with long term thoughts.
  6. Back to the original topic - pictures. Travelling right now and came across an old carding mill in Nova Scotia.
  7. It happens. Usually through the users inattentiveness. It can be hard to correct a major overtemp, because then you are chasing the thermometer. It’s better (and easier) to just be on the ball and make sure you get it right first.
  8. With my Akorn, I start a small fire, and let it slowly cruise upward in Temp. As it hits 180, I close the chimney and intake a little, then again at 205, 215 and finally at 225. I usually put the meat on (quickly) at 215. The temps can vary from 215 to 260ish without affecting food too much. My Akorn seems to like 250 degrees and that is fine for almost everything. Remember - this ain't a piano we are making here. ”it’s always better to creep up to the temp, than overshoot and have to rescue the fire.”
  9. “Cut of Cut not. There is no try (to catch). I saw that in one of the movies…. LOL Reminds me of my chef brother’s teachings many year ago. “Knife safety is life safety”.
  10. In contrast to this, we are traveling right now and the smell of the brisket pulled us off the street yesterday into a little bistro. The meat had been smoked in a vertical cabinet smoker the guy had built himself from some old military locker. I then noticed, not one, but three BGE’s sitting virtually abandoned at the back corner of the patio work area. The response from our server? “Oh we never use those anymore… sorry I didn’t think to get a better photo.
  11. if you are grilling, the chimney is great. For low and slow, not so much. You want a fire starter product such as the Xtraflame blocks. They are all natural, food grade and made of wax and sawdust. They will give you a small controlled flame that allows you to have ramped temperature to your low temp cooking level. They are just one of many similar product people on the site use.
  12. My wife uses this @#$& on everything. Whenever she runs into baking pans etc with issues out comes “Bar Keepers Friend”. I have never used this on a grill but it does say that it's for Stainless Steel. Might be worth checking it out.
  13. @hokihigh I have done this several times on my Akorn with good results. The cook time does extend due to the thermal mass involved. I have done three 7-8 lb. shoulder roasts and most recently 4, 5 pounders at once. I fed 36 people at one meal. A little trick that I have done is to give them roasts about 4-5 hours in the smoker to give them flavour and colour then drop them into either the slow cooker or oven to finish them off from there. I recently borrowed two slow cookers and used two of my own with one in the garage, one on the patio, one on the stovetop and one in the laundry room to spread out the current demand. Typically I would start around 11pm and then transfer at 3am, and then getting to bed for a few hours. The slow cookers are on low power. The meat is typically done around noonish then shredded and put back into the cookers (warming mode) to hold until served. Hope this helps. 3 larger roasts. End to end on the uAkorn 4 Smaller roasts, started on the Akorn, finished in crock pot.
  14. Bravo! Still admiring your dedication and learned skill level of my favourite thing in the world (after she who must be obayed)…. Bread!
  15. Congrats on surviving yet another big storm. Even having been to LA five times in past and having been through an everyday storm (water above the floorboards of the car) I cannot comprehend what you go through with these. Definitely reason to celebrate. What is an “S.O.D. Team”?
  16. @Ricorocks where are you finding post oak in Ontario?
  17. My local Lowes and Rona stores are clearing these out at really good prices. Don't know where you are located, but that kind of purchase may be a better idea for your situation.
  18. That looks like a bin of hot asphalt, not charcoal! I can see how a lot of that would end up in the lower bin instead of burning. I recently opened my first bag of Xylo and experienced a similar situation. I will dispose of that ultra fine chunks rather than wrestle with it. I have a bag of KJ Big Block to use then I think it will be back to the Fogo Premium for me.
  19. @Warpster i buy these at the local Dollarama. They make great drip pans for my big Akorn. Fairly shallow, rigid, good diameter and when done my cook I simply drain/scrape them off into the green composting bin, then toss into the blue recycling bin. At a buck and a half they make it easy to keep three of four in the garage.
  20. Here goes. At 07:30 yesterday I was pulling the pork (literally, not figuratively) and suddenly thought - not enough! I immediately pulled out a (spare) 5 pound roast that I had in the freezer and defrosted it in the “Amana Radar Range”. Got the Akorn lit again, spiced up the roast and tossed it on (again, literally). At 11:00, my son-in-law showed up with 48 assorted cans of beers and seltzers from his distillery along with 50 pounds of ice and a $100 gift card to give-away. What a treasure! First guest showed at exactly 4pm, before I could even hit the showers. A stream of people started to flow up the driveway almost immediately afterwards and overall 36 people came. We had enough food for all and one woman showed up with 40 strawberry creme cupcakes! Sorry, I was running and never did do photos of the food! In the end, the extra roast wasn’t really needed and without using it, we even sent a few friends home with takeout boxes for later. That said, my wife started to shred the last roast and was eating it for second breakfast this morning. We raised another another chunk of money raffling off the gift card and ended up $3 shy of a G note raised. We each dropped $5 into the cup this money and did a final donation that brings the total to $1007. Five times or original goal. Everyone had a great time and we ended the evening laughing with the neighbours and drinking the extra beers. Today is a bit of final cleanup and catching our breath as it’s a full day of volunteering tomorrow at the Covid Rapid Screening centre. Your hosts, Jeffieboy, sister Wendy and wife Ellen. A view from the back fence. A pano of the setup before the insanity hit.
  21. I bet your errors on the Akorn were still great tasting! Welcome aboard.
  22. Let me start by saying that I haven’t been using the Akorn too often this summer. The lockdown has really affected my interest in a lot of things including cooking for friends and family. That is also why the following didn’t get done in time for the summer challenge. Earlier this summer our local cancer centre and now covid ICU announced a fund raising effort called the Grand Grill. The idea being that you would invite friends or family for dinner and they would donate to the event directly through the hospital website. Kinda like running a 10k fundraiser race except with food. I set up an account and named it “The Kamado Guru Tribute”. I want you all to know that I appreciate all that you've taught me these last 10 years and thusly named it in YOUR honour. I have asked that all donations to my page be used for immediate needs in either the cancer or covid areas. I asked my sister to assist me and she sent the link out to her high falooting friends. Within hours it was sold out and we exceeded our goal four-fold. We had planned on serving pulled pork on a bun with some slaw and another salad. We have now added fresh Corn and field Tomatoes, beer from my S-I-L’s brewery and I have had to buy extra of everything since we have been overloaded with requests to attend. Ontario is now in level 3 and we are allowed to have open groups. Turns out that all of these seniors have been hiding away for 18 months and are chomping at the bit to get out of the house and tomorrows the day! So I have the Akorn going now and just put four pork shoulder roasts on with another to go in the morning. These four will come off at 11pm and go into slow cookers to finish overnight. The Akorn is making groaning sounds from the weight of the meat! LOL I think this is going to work! More to follow.
  23. As the owner of an Akorn and an Akorn Jr, I find that I use my Jr most when I travel on fishing trips with the boys. Nice to have but not needed.
  24. Welcome aboard from another Akorn nut! My Akorn Jr is happiest when is jumps into my boat and goes to the lake for aweek. Many happy cooks!
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