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  1. @SmokyBama59 that was three 7-8 pound shoulder roasts. We have a tough time finding bone-in butts locally for some reason. I used to take those to work for potluck lunches two to three times a year. I am now retired and because of self isolation, one roast is too much! I vacuum seal the pulled pork into several portions, add some apple juice and freeze them. Then we can just heat up a serving or two as required. Hmm, good idea for supper, thanks!
  2. I also put my name forward to volunteer for those ribs. Can you put me up for the ten day quarantine since I need to cross the border? LOL
  3. Hmmm brisket. Yum! Looks wonderful. it’s been a few months since I did one and there is a 16 pounder in ourfreezer that my wife wants outta there! Doesn’t make sense to do that for just two inmates though. Gads I hate this social isolation stuff.
  4. Or as my wife says, “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine”. Do the horses tell you something is coming in advance? Curious...
  5. Hello, all are welcome here. I am sure you will enjoy your KJ. Looking forward to reading your adventures along the way. Just remember to include photos for us (or it didn’t happen!).
  6. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn Nut! I will warn you that the more you offer to make in one shot, the more people take you up on it (from experience)... like this example. I don’t have immediate access to my upper rack, but IIRC it is approx. 14” in diameter. Hope this helps you.
  7. I am sure you can find an actual ash vacuum at something like Harbour Freight or similar. https://www.princessauto.com/en/22-litre-ash-vacuum/product/PA0008686289
  8. There’s a group of farmers in Saskatchewan that have cross bred Wagyu genes into their prairie raised Holstein and added a special feed mix to create a new product they are calling “Snow Beef”. Since I have never seen Wagyu in my travels, this gives me hope for a good meal at some point in the future (probably way out into the future based on the comments in the video). Finally something that Ben Mulroney and I can agree on! https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/regina/features/sask--created--snow-beef--bringing-taste-of-wagyu-to-prairies.html
  9. @Lumpy_Coal Have you considered taking the mini out on the lake with you? I always take my Akorn Junior with me on fishing trips into the Kawarthas each year. I set mine up waterside and enjoy the smells during the day. I am sure that you could set yours up on the ice without issue and enjoy it as well. Quinte?
  10. @Lumpy_Coal we are lucky, we have a local butcher who sells tubs of really good premade frozen gravy, beef or turkey. I usually keep one or two of each in the freezer. When I plan on making gravy off the Kamado, my wife will defrost and heat up the “indoor gravy”. Easy peazy! And it’s good quality.
  11. You have leftovers?... i must be doing something wrong!
  12. @daninpd are you sure that wasn’t a shot for an anti-social social disease? LOL
  13. Hello, you could add water to the drip drip. Enough that some can boil off without getting the melted fat too hot. If you need to, you can always add a bit more later. Also, my wife has the same opinion. When doing chicken I use only charcoal, nomsmoking wood. Results are pretty good. For Turkey I only add one or two chunks of Hickory. Remember, the poultry soaks up the smoke much more quickly, so you want to minimize the time over the smoke. Just using the charcoal only helps with that.
  14. @KamadoChris when you do make it to Strodes, time it for lunch and be sure to order a Pulled Pork Sammy. It’s worth the drive.
  15. Probes are about 20 bucks here in Canada at Lowes. I always have a spare and TBH a $20 investment once a year should I forget won’t break me.
  16. Check out the Maple Leaf or Xylo brands out of Quebec. Available at several places around Cambridge area. There is another brand being offered by Strodes in Brantford but for the life of me I cannot remember the name. It’s in a green and white bag and they sell a ton of it apparently. www.strodes.ca.
  17. Those look far superior to the hockey sticks I tried to cook the other week! Bravo!
  18. @dman love the look of the dinner, but with all of the social isolating, I would have gone for “Meh Years Eve Dinner”. Seems more appropriate for the times.
  19. @Lesta80 I have a simple Weber iGrill2 thermometer that I keep attached to my Akorn 24/7. The grate probe is attached to the back of the cast grate by it’s clip and gets clean “as necessary”. I light the BBQ, I turn on the iGrill. My iPad is on the kitchen counter showing me the graph of the temp as I prep food, drink, entertain or whatever. The second (or third) probe gets plugged into the meat during prep and then plugged into the iGrill as the meat hits the heat. Simple, but it works for me.
  20. @StevejoeWhere are you located?
  21. Love me some roasted chicken! Great job with this monster, Rob.
  22. About 7 yrs ago, my daughter’s boyfriend (now husband), his brother and his best friend began a distillery business here in So. Ontario. Each of the boys took different programs at university in order to have the knowledge base needed. They tore down an old barn on their farm and built a brand new building in it’s place, upcycling the old materials into the new construction. They immediately began barreling a malted rye whisky in order to get product aging, then moved into Gin. They have been very successful with the Gin products and recently added a craft brewery into the property.
  23. As much as I like smoked meat, I really don’t like the taste of the gravy made from drippings in the smoker. Smoky Gravy really doesn’t cut it for me. Just saying...
  24. @Lumpy_Coal We are climbing the walls right now. Thats for sure. Paid our annual dues today for our timeshare in Hilton Head. Yeah, thats the one. The one that we didn’t use last April because of closed borders and the very same one that added a $2000 cad special levy for “emergency renovations”. Hopefully we aren’t out of pocket again this year. That property will be sold by year end if so.
  25. @jhonka perfection! I have done these many times on my Akorn. If you are looking for something a little different next time, try this Buttermilk Brine. It works well with Turkey or Chicken. We make it several times each summer and do complete roaster chickens, first brining them for at least 24 hours in this.
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