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  1. Thats a lovely kamado! If only you knew the stories it had to tell.
  2. I agree with Canook. Rubbed, wrapped and on the stone countertop overnight. Just around an hour per pound should be be pretty accurate but plan for an extra hour. I typically pulled the meat out, wrap it in foil and leave it to rest in a heated cooler for the final hour to two. As for the cooler, I have two nice clean pave stones that I have power washed. I place them inside, pour in a full kettle of boiling water, then place the tray with the wrapped meat on the stones and close it up. It does soften the bark a little, but the meat stays nice and moist.
  3. You’re just trying to make us jealous!
  4. Best place in the world to be a part of! Welcome aboard!
  5. Fáilte ar bord! We just visited your corner of heaven last year. First tome my wife’s family had been home since they left in the 1840’s. Loved every minute there. We will return. Lets see some photoks!
  6. Judging by what I see here it needs white wine and Oregano to taste more like your mum’s...
  7. We don’t actually say that here (against the law in most provinces and two of three territories). Keep that in mind for next time, eh?
  8. Welocme aboard and don’t forget to post photos (or it didn’t happen)!
  9. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn nut! You’ll have to share your table plans (and cooks) with us!
  10. You might be smarter to first invite it in for the salad course for few months.
  11. Oh my! The new security cam caught activity in my back yard early this morning!
  12. Ah, a Brock girl! Good school. This lawn is titled, “Two day old sod”. It’s been most of our savings and we gave the contractor a massive cheque for a deposit the day before the pandemic was declared, so we can't go back. What the heck, roll the dice. After spending most of the day yesterday doing touch up painting, soaking the sod, pressure washing,prepping for plants, etc - here is what I saw this morning at 5 minutes to six. Yes, that's smoke! Still have some cleaning to do inside the patio room, but I think I can get used to drinking my morning Cuppa out here. The room is about 20 year old. The best part is the look on my wife’s face every time she walks out back.
  13. Hey Walrus, I haven’t visited there yet, but here is what I found on Kijiji:
  14. Chicken and Turkey both soak up an awful lot of smoke. You need to be very cautious to use a very small amount of smoking wood if any at all. I prefer my Chicken with just a small single piece of Hickory and cooked quickly over high heat.
  15. Thanks, it kinda gives us an excuse to see our daughter who works right next door to Dickson’s. According to my wife, by having her pick it up for us, then stopping by her place to grab the bag, it allows us to get the charcoal and visit with our grandkids all the while keeping me from dropping $2000 on a Joe... LOL
  16. Friday May 22. The contractor basically wrapped up as far as they could go today. Waiting for a sub to finish the soffit, fascia and downspouts, the electrician to do his part and the windows and door will follow when production allows. Sodding is complete, pavers trimmed, and set, and most small details done. We will be spending the weekend planting the two gardens, prepping for patio furniture that will be delivered next week and power washing where possible. We will have a minor list of deficiencies to submit, but that should only be just a few items needing correction. My wife is ecstatic seeing it with the sod in place. More photos will be taken tomorrow.
  17. I have been travelling an hour and a half into Toronto to buy the Fogo Super Premium. Love using it for low and slow. IMHO the really huge chunks help control burn rate and it’s quite clean burning. The really good news is that someone has just started advertising that they are selling it in a small town nearby! That means a savings of 3-4 hours every time I decide to buy some more!
  18. Loverly calming patio! I can see how it is affecting your dog. Many happy meals!
  19. Happy days! Welcome aboard.
  20. A rare win. Believe you me... 2.20 Pounds per Kilo.$2.99 CAD per pound or approx. $2.14 USD.
  21. My sister’s son has an excellent starter that he has maintained for several years. He lives in Toronto and named his after a Raptor’s player (forget who). Anyhow, my sister wanted some, so he divided his up and delivered it to her new place - out here, west of the city. Since it was around around the time of Kawhi Leonard’s departure from Toronto, and since it was smaller than he is, the container was marked “Little Kawhi”.
  22. This is a flat, fairly shallow tub about 6x9x3” deep. I gave up on it when it didn’t simply start to smell funky, but the black liquor formed on top and stank the house out ( about five days in).
  23. Welcome aboard you hairy handed gent! Looking forward to seeing your creations. Remember, if there are no photos - it didn’t happen.
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