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  1. I would start out with a low, controlled fire that allows the ceramic to heat up gently. You will be fine!
  2. “ Pulled pork perfection...“ Say it again brother. I watched the Friday Night discussion and drooled through most of it. What a lovely piece of hardware. Hope to be able to acquire a 2400 one of these days. Nice work!
  3. Sounds more like a “Picnic Shoulder Roast” rather than a Shoulder or Butt. The picnic (IIRC) is cut from the part of the arm just below the actual shoulder. It is substantially fatter than the shoulder or butt. They usually take longer times and hotter temperatures to render out the fat. The result if cooked properly is similar, but there is an amazing amount of rendered fat. If your drip pan is too small, your Akorn will pay for it! Cleanup in aisle 6! Sounds like what you experienced. I buy large, deep foil serving platters from the dollar store in bulk for drip pans that sit on the smokin’ stone. If doing two cooks in fairly rapid succession, I leave it in place. If not, then I toss it rather than letting it sour. TBH I accidentally left the drip pan on the lower shelf of the tripod after this last cook. A week later whilst shovelling the driveway I looked up and there was the neighbours dog in my garage licking up a feast…. As Tom Waits once said, “Never did like that dog”. Actually, I shooshed him away.
  4. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn nut. Give Fogo in the light coloured bag a try if you can find some. Love it for low and slow. I find the large chunks better for slow burning. Look forward to seeing your cooks!
  5. My buddy gave his late father a bottle of blue for his 75th. His father turned to my buddy’s son and asked if he had ever “partaken of the liquor”. The 17yr old (of course) said, no sir. Gramps left the party, and took the two boys into his office where they closed the door, then cracked and polished off the bottle. His attitude? Well, if you are going to get drunkish for the first time, it’s best to do it with dad and grandad and a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue! Wish I knew my Grandad…
  6. Welcome aboard from a Canadian Akorn nut. Just remember to slightly open top and bottom vents when stored to prevent moisture buildup inside. I think this is an important secret that everyone fails to share here. Can’t wait to see your cooks and don’t forget the photos. We loooove moneyshot photos here! Many happy cooks.
  7. Found this online for you. I would choose the 160 degree point as done. Pull the meat off about 10 degrees below that and tent it. Then run the kamado temp up to sear the outside and finish it. When you are done the meat should be about 160 degrees. Hope this helps.
  8. My son in law’s first whisky! I have been chasing him for almost five years for a sneak taste with no luck. This was a 500 bottle release with a 2 bottle limit and it sold out in 20 minutes. An ABV of 59.1%. We got our two bottles and will have to ration until his next release.
  9. Hey John, thanks for the Tutorial. Due to last minute pandemic direction changes here in Ontario we decided to toss a smallish (5.7 lb) Prime Rib in for the smaller group that was expected. A quick review of the tutorial and away I went. Seasoned and wrapped the day before, followed by 500(ish) on the Akorn for 20 minutes and then into a 225 oven until finished. Worked out well even though my plans were changed by the majority of “medium” beef eaters…
  10. You know, if you put that in the back of your truck and drove around the neighbourhood “rolling charcoal”, you’d give pickups a better reputation…. Great video.
  11. Yeow. I don’t feel so bad with $8.00 CAD a pound stewing beef or brisket after that! Okay, I still feel bad. Just less bad for myself…. LOL
  12. Welcome aboard from Canada. Imhave been thinking about your beef issues. Have you considered Sous Vide to slow cook the meat and break it down, then smoke or grill it to finish?
  13. Seeing all this wonderful product made me open the freezer and get out the “Scottish Maple Syrup”…
  14. Nothin’ says lovin’ like Buttermilk Chickn!
  15. @philpom it was right on freezing overnight, but the warmth of the sun has made it a gorgeous day here today. Bluebird skies and no wind. I have been working around the yard enjoying the smell.
  16. Was up before dawn and craving some flesh, so I loaded up the Akorn with some Big Block, Maple and Apple chunks and got her lit. I pulled out a 5 pound Pork Shoulder roast, coated it, injected about 2 ounces of Apple Juice and let it rest until we were up to temp. Made Tea for Two and settled in to a recorded episode of Vera (Brit Murder Mystery). Meat went on and it looks like we know what’s for dinner tonight! No mystery there. My wife loves waking up to the smell of the Akorn going. I love being outside at sunrise with the temps sitting just above feezing.
  17. @MikeRobinson I love doing some pork tenderloins on my Akorn. Show them a little low temp love and tenderness, being sure to just leave them alone until about 130-134 degrees internal, pull them off, wrap and rest. Delicate, flavourful, moist, pinky meat. Wonderful.
  18. @Paul in AZ A $30.00 USD knife in the USA would typically run $50-60 CAD here in Canada. Maybe I will look when in HHI next spring. I am happy with spending $3.99 for now…
  19. Both those slicers look gorgeous! I especially like the red guard locking pin. I do have a good “Grohmann” 10” Chef’s knife (made here in Canada) that I use for a lot of slicing work. The smaller blade will be used around bones, etc. I am happy so far with this purchase!
  20. I have been following this topic for six months now and had come to the decision that I needed a boning knife. That said, I must advise that I am cheap. Do I really need to drop $60-100 on a knife that I might use a dozen times a year? Flip - flop, flip - flop. So yesterday we made a drop off at our local charity thrift store. As usual we take a walk through and I check out the kitchen goods and the “wall of abused utensils”. Nothing. As I walk away from the wall, i see a small group of knife blocks with no-name knives. One catches my eye as there is a smaller knife with three rivets showing. Pull it out and bingo, Henckels 5.5 inch boning knife. It looked a bit dirty and dull, but essentially unused. Entire block price? $3.99 CAD. I run for the till, pay, head out the door and drop everything (sans boning knife) into the donation bin outside. Spent 5 minutes when I got home with my sharpener and steel. A good washing and now I have quite a nice, sharp and flexible boning knife! Perfect for my needs.
  21. Hey bud,


    Here is something for you to try in future.  Looking at your “Steak!” posting and thought you find this of interest.


    For almost 40 years, I have done “oven fries” sort of like the ones shown in your post.  Never had a kid pass on these yet.  I toss the fries in Olive Oil and then lightly sprinkle with “Thyme in a Bottle” and a little extra Garlic Powder.  Oven roasted on a flat pan at 410 degrees in the convection oven for 30-35 minutes.



    1/2 Cup dried Parsley Flakes

    1/4 Cup dried Thyme

    1/4 Cup dried Basil

    1 Tbsp Garlic Powder

    1-1/2 Tsp Salt

    1 Tsp Pepper

    1/4 Tsp Cayenne Pepper

    Mix all well and store in a sealed jar on your spice shelf.


    Hope you try and enjoy this!




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