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    JeffieBoy reacted to Paul in AZ in Bone in ribeyes   
    For a massive steak like that or a rib roast try cutting the bone off leaving an inch or so of meat on the bone.  Cook the steak [or roast] boneless.   Freeze these bones for later.  Those bones with a generous amount of meat make for great short ribs another day.  The tender meat cooks in about half the time regular short ribs take.  Two dinners out of one chunk of meat.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to len440 in Bone in ribeyes   
    That's one thing my son's and I never had left over steak
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    JeffieBoy reacted to rickcharles606 in Bone in ribeyes   
    My son wanted to do some tomahawks, and we ended up with cowboys. Saved some dough on the bone, and they tasted fantastic. Had leftovers today lol
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    JeffieBoy reacted to rickcharles606 in Bone in ribeyes   
    If you were here, I’d give you one lol. It was all my son and I could do to finish one of them lol. The second is in the fridge because I love leftovers:-)
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    JeffieBoy reacted to Vanole in Bone in ribeyes   
    I would give you my right arm (warning it's pretty useless and sling bound for 5 more weeks min) for one of those rib-eyes. I know its bad but I would just eat left handed and inhale before you knew it.
    Really nice job I have huge rib-eye envy.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to rickcharles606 in Bone in ribeyes   
    so I went to our butcher and asked for 2.5” bone in tomahawk ribeyes. He comes back out with 3 steaks that are at least 3” thick and he cut the tomahawk handle off. I was less than happy, but decided to take them anyway because they’d cook up okay without the handle.
    Because of the thickness, I went at 225 until they hit 115, let them rest and come up to 122 while the Big Joe III got up to around 650, then seared them off for about 45 seconds per side. Rested again and bam! Ready to go...and served them up with some Cajun grilled shrimp. Delicious.

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    JeffieBoy reacted to SarahSpringer in From Russia with love!   
    Welcome man. I am very glad that even from Russia people come here c:
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    JeffieBoy got a reaction from SPD500 in Finally Did It!!   
    Never had an issue.  A little messy outside the seal but other than that no biggie.
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    JeffieBoy got a reaction from CentralTexBBQ in Buying meat at CostCo.   
    I also put my name forward to volunteer for those ribs.  Can you put me up for the ten day quarantine since I need to cross the border?  LOL
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    JeffieBoy reacted to len440 in The random pictures thread...   
    I grew up in a more affluent neighborhood we had black rubber hoses for better flavor.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to daninpd in Hey @daninpd--Earthquake in PD   
    It was dark so we didn't see their reaction for this one.
    In the Loma Prieta earthquake my wife was riding a horse and leading another (called ponying) up a road to a trail entrance and when the earthquake hit it sounded like someone started up a big diesel engine so she moved over and she (and the horses) started to look around for who was coming.  She finished her trail ride and on the way home encountered people standing in the road and asked them "Why aren't you watching the World Series?   That's when she found out that "big diesel engine" was a earthquake.  Notified by the horses?  Nah.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to SC Seminole in KJ Classic II Latch Not Functioning Properly   
    I had the same issue. A couple of turns and it works like a charm.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to BURGER MEISTER in KJ Classic II Latch Not Functioning Properly   
    Here ya go Hutch.
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    JeffieBoy got a reaction from JCASI in Coming soon from WA   
    Hello, all are welcome here.  I am sure you will enjoy your KJ.  Looking forward to reading your adventures along the way.  Just remember to include photos for us (or it didn’t happen!).  
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    JeffieBoy reacted to daninpd in Hey @daninpd--Earthquake in PD   
    I'm fine, it was a pretty good jolt with a decent aftershock about 2 minutes later.  Knocked some of my wife's sweaters off the top shelf of "her side" of the closet.  I emphasize the sides because what started out as "her side" and "my side" seems to have become "her side" and "our side".  All of my stuff came through OK, though.  Thanks for checking!
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    JeffieBoy reacted to lnarngr in Dead Akorn   
    And it doesn't need to be latched to move around! 
    All kidding aside, kudos on resurrecting your little steel buddy! You'd never fix a ceramic as easily! 
    Steel Rules this day! 
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    JeffieBoy reacted to JCASI in Coming soon from WA   
    Hello all!
    Maybe Im not allowed here yet since I dont own a Kamado yet. :) I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a Kamado Joe Classic 3. I was between the Classic3 and BigJoe but don't think I will need all that extra space. Mostly cooking for 3, occasionally when hosting larger parties it'd be up to 20 a couple times a year but mostly around 10-15. Also plan on forcing myself to start small with just a few accessories until I learn the grill then will look into the temp controllers, etc.
    Question I have is if they ever go on sale? looks like the average right now is $1699 but I saw a post someone found it for $1369?? Do they typically go on sale at certain times of the year and is it worth waiting for?
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    JeffieBoy reacted to SmokyBama59 in Finally Did It!!   
    I finally purchased my new Akorn about 3 weeks ago. A huge thanks to all the Gurus for the great topics and posts on this site! I am the kind of person who likes to research to death anything I buy, and have learned so much here. Being a long time offset user, I'm sure you guys cut the kamado learning curve in half for me. My first cook was a spatchcock chicken which turned out great! A few days later I did a 11 hour cook on a Boston butt using the TTT that turned out as good as any I have cooked. Gonna try some reverse seared filets next( another first for me). I am thinking about buying the warming rack from CG to add more room for my next low n slow. Does anyone know the dimensions for this? I asked CG and they just said they don't have that information. Anyone here have experience with this rack or can recommend one? Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks again for the help! 
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    JeffieBoy reacted to smokinoclock in Newbie from Texas   
    I've been having fun with my wood pellet smoker ( Recteq RT-700 ) for 3 years now. I finally ordered a Kamado Joe Classic 3 this past Saturday. They'll make a great couple I think
    I found this forum by luck and man! can't stop reading. Great contributions from many different people. Kudos to y'all. I am happy to find a source like this. Can't wait to get my KJ and the accessories, especially the Joetisserie. 
    Happy grilling everyone. 
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    JeffieBoy reacted to CentralTexBBQ in Baby Gone   
    A couple of years ago, I watched as my uncle underwent the "best death" I've ever seen. He made sure his wife and daugthers where taken care of, that deeds, titles, etc. where put solely in their respective names, called his nephews together to give them a pick of his ties, watches, etc. to have something to remember him by, planned every aspect of his death. And, he sold me his prized possession, a 2005 Chrysler 300C Hemi that has customized. It was a pampered car with less than 15,000 miles on it, meticulously kept, hand washed, etc. Never run through snow and not much rain.



    Anyway, last week, someone decided to make a right turn from a straight only lane without ever looking right.. He started by scraping my driver's side wheel well and was so distracted, he never knew he was scraping my car so, he proceeded to make a hard right turn denting my front end and eventually pulling off my entire front bumper and grill. Of course, the insurance company wants to total the car... 



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    JeffieBoy reacted to len440 in Vaccinated   
    We treated our shot card as if it was solid gold Last thing we wanted was a "do Over " on our shots and to ask what they were shoving into our arms and other parts. I almost filled up my second card. Military memories.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to jtemple in Vaccinated   
    When I served, at some point shortly after boot camp, they lost my medical record, and I had to get those boot camp injections all over again. I had a pretty bad reaction to the typhoid shot that made my arm pretty much unusable for a couple days.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to daninpd in Vaccinated   
    Nah, I'm pretty sure it was Yellow Fever.  All I know is that it was like chemical warfare, It wiped my whole platoon out for a day, we were all sicker than dogs.  The Covid shot looks tame in comparison.
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    JeffieBoy reacted to daninpd in Vaccinated   
    And the "other" shots they gave people back then were definitely not for "anti-social behavior".  It was "extra friendly" that got someone those.  As one Sergeant said before his people were going on a 3-day pass;  "Don't subtract from the population, don't add to the population.".
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