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  1. Thermoworks Smoke, hands down. I've had a couple different sets of Mavericks, and they worked fine. For me the heavy duty quality build and ease of use with the Smoke make it WELL worth the extra money. Even at $50-60 for a nice Maverick on sale, I have a strong gut feeling that the Smoke will outlive the Mavericks by at least twice, probably more lifespans. I'd rather have a $100 unit that I'll get ten strong quality year's use out of, than a $50-60 unit that I replace every four years.
  2. The OctoForks are seriously awesome. I still need to set up my "cinder-block challenge" and document it for Keth. My theory is that you could lock those killer forks inside the two holes of a cinder block, and spin it on a rotisserie spit and motor.
  3. Yes for sure.
  4. love my fill-it-and-grill-it basket. love my Octo-Forks. like flat baskets for some cooks. have a crush on the rib-o-lator... Haven't gotten one yet, but plan to at some point. extra forks are good to have. good spray bottle is nice to have. drip tray and charcoal basket are handy for some cooks, where you want less-direct fire action. chicken. Tons and tons of chicken. Whole chickens. Chicken parts. Big chickens. Little chickens. I haven't met a chicken that didn't absolutely love the JoeTisserie.
  5. Save the foil to wrap a deflector or some leftovers. A LOT of my friends were ga-ga over the rapped-wribs. I just don't get it. They ramble on about the "fall off the bone" tenderness, etc.... I can make a bowl of oatmeal fall off the bone tender, dumb some BBQ sauce in it and they'd be happy with that. If I wanted sixteen different flavor profiles of syrups and honey and hot sauce and butter, I'd just as soon do them in a crock pot, and make McRib sandwiches out of them. I realize these sound like rude, sarcastic opinions, but they are my opinions. At what point did we lose sight of the actual "meat" we were cooking. I may be old-fashioned, but when I smoke or grill meat, I'd still like it to taste and chew like meat. part of the obsession with all the magical wrapping concoctions came from ribs being cooked in a dry environment or overlooked in a dry environment, to where they were low grade jerky meat. In a Kamado, they should never dry out (within reasonable time frame). I'll pass on the sauce as well.
  6. Beautiful pool, patio and kitchen @RedStick !!! Really love the pergola/kitchen in relation to the pool. Wish mine was more like that. @rwalters - that will be super too. Plenty of privacy with all the fences, unless you pt in a really, reallr, really high dive. We really enjoy ours during the summer. In NE Kansas, we usually open in mid-May and close late-September/early-October. My only regret or thing I would liked to have done differently, would be to make a much bigger area around the pool. We've got a recanglular pool, then an odd shaped/abstract polygon shape poured and fenced in. One spot big enough for an 8-chaired table... Then about four big round lounge day-ned things... And a tiny 2-stool bistro table in a corner. Most people we've had in the area is 10-15in the pol and another 10-15 outside the pool. Beyond that, it would be cramped.
  7. Lemme guess.... An in-ground BBQ Pit for an elephant?
  8. Sounds/looks awesome! If I can achieve a tiny fraction of the culinary expertise that you two Rockstars have, I'll be a happy man. I've been ready posts and learning more from you guys from the first time I logged on here... and the hits keep coming! Awesome mentors like yourselves are what really make this site a daily read for me. I raise a glass to toast your awesomeness!
  9. I always thought they looked really cool, but have NO experience with or have even seen one in the wild. I think (maybe?) the goal is to replicate an in-ground-pit for whole hog type of cooking...? But I could've just imagined that with some Dr Seussian ideal utopia state. I'm sure some of the real-deal BBQ'ers on here will know what's what with the box. Seems like people that use them, really love them. Would be cool to see and use, but I don't think I would use one more than once every blue moon. Seems like it might be a Cuban traditional way of cooking? Would make sense that you'd see them for sale in southern Florida. And maybe explain why I haven't seen them in the Midwest?
  10. Dang.... I really wish I didn't see this. Quick calculations... 5L is just under 14 twelve-ounce pours, most of the "Pico-Packs" are $22-28-ish... So roughly $2 per twelve ounce serving. Best Kickstarter price now s $329+$49(s/h). You would have to drink a ton of beer to offset the initial cost. Or, you could add another $99+$20 and get 2 more brew-kegs and 2 more serve-kegs. Having 3 different flavors would be awesome. The "Brew-Unlimted" plan would be super cool, if you could actually order and get the packs like you'd want. For $50/month, order two, brew two, re-order. If you had 3 brew kegs and 3 serving kegs, you could potentially get through 9 of the 5L kegs in a month. If you could actually "get" 9 packs for $50-ish. Man, all this math is making me thirsty. I don't drink enough beer (any more) to justify the expense. I think it would be a blast to use, but don't think I would utilize it enough to make it worth getting. Would be really awesome though!
  11. That looks awesome. The notches on the sides adjust the charcoal level or the food level? Is there essentially one cooking grate level, with the bottom half of the grill used for adjusting the level of heat? Yoder smokers are super nice, so I can't imagine a grill like this being anything but top notch. Color me green with envy.
  12. Looks like a great grate! I struggle with the 3-Legged OEM model, and getting it lined up in the ONE spot that the 3 feet all line up on a rod. With those two grates, you can fit a ton of grub. Nicely done.
  13. Very cool! Great to see all that awesome real estate inside the BJ getting used so nicely! How "wide" do the trays open up and still have clearance? I really need to get some stuff ordered?
  14. Love this truck!
  15. Those look much better than my attempt at using one of these. It might be something that you get better at after using for a while, but I didn't have very good luck with mine,. I couldn't get consistent depth of cuts, some would be really deep, some would keep the "meat" in the cutter, etc... At first I thought it was taking too long and the dogs were warming up to room temperature before I did them... I even threw some in the freezer for a few minutes, etc... I really really really really wanted this to work like it was supposed to. The idea of it and in a perfect world, it seems like it would be extremely cool. My reality was pretty disappointing. Tried it a few times last summer, and found it to be more trouble than it was worth. A gadget like this should make things easier, this just made it more work. It's now in one of those kitchen drawers that resembles the Isle of Misfit Toys. Of course, this is just my experience, and I could've been doing something wrong, etc... So others may have much better results/luck.