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  1. Vintage (Imperial?) Kamado on KC CL

    Not sure what I would do wth this, but it looks pretty nice. No idea what the value would be, either as a collectible or useable Kamado. For $350, I don't think I would get enough use out to of it, but thought I'd do a 'heat check' here to get input.
  2. OKJ Bandera Smoker

    Sounds good. Anxious to see your thoughts. Still can't get over that sale price.
  3. OKJ Bandera Smoker

    If it's built just like the original New Braunfels Bandera (which it looks just like it is), the main mod for that was basically adding a small metal sheet deflector where the heat/air goes from the fire box to smoke box. The issue was (is?) that the heat and smoke would go through the vent between the two and just go straight up and out the side and of the smoke box closest to the fire box. Google 'new Braunfels Bandera Mod's' and it'll come up. Simple thin metal flashing can be used... Doesn't need to go too far into the smoke box, but just directs the air down and out toward the center under where the water pan would sit. under a hundred bucks with tax.... Is a helluva good deal. the OLD New Braunfels smokers were awesome, heavy built, etc... They sold out to someone (CharBroil?)... Then OKJoe bought someone (CharBroil?)... Didn't follow the whole family tree, but wish they had kept the heavy duty old school build.
  4. Another Interesting Kickstarter Project

    Or.... To put it less eloquently, as my grandpa used to say.... "You can hope in one hand and 'poop' in the other hand and see which one fills up first".
  5. Another Interesting Kickstarter Project

    I'm beyond hoping for the Meater Block. Irritated that they took all of the capital from the whole project, apparently put 100% of their focus on filling the single probe units, are generating more money from those, and still sending out Fairy Tale updates about their premium product that so many of us suckers paid for. I really hope I'm wrong, but at this point I'll be surprised if the four probe blocks ever hit my mailbox. The inability to follow through on a promise within any kind of realistic timeframe, really takes the fun out of supporting a project like this... especially when the discount won't amount to much of anything.
  6. Testing the mayonnaise hype

    I've used it for pork butt and CSR's... Not a noticeable difference on the butts, but put a nice "glaze" type of shine on the CSR's. Did a light layer on some burgers a while back... Good flavor. Used it on some chicken legs recently and my family swore that they were the best I've ever made... That's coming from some kids that have eaten enough chicken legs to be considered expert judges. seems to to keep things nice and juicy inside, and let's the rub really sing on most things.
  7. Wowza... I would definitely skip the entree and dessert, and go with three orders of these appetizers for an incredible meal... and leave a really generous tip. True culinary art.
  8. Eggs or Grilled Cheese for Lunch???

    Best non-meat meal I've ever seen posted here....
  9. Smoked Eggs

    I made some Smoked Deviled Eggs for the Fourth of July. They had great smoky flavor, but funky/rubbery texture. I looked online beforehand and read several places where people boiled the eggs first, peeled them, then smoked them. And saw some where they put the eggs straight from the fridge into the smoker in-shell/uncooked. As you probably guessed, I did the boil first, peeled, then smoked method.... And now, after doing it that way, it totally makes sense that they turned out like they did. The smoke flavor really was great with the deviled egg recipe, so I will definitely be doing it again... But starting with uncooked in-shell eggs on the smoker next time.
  10. Ribolator Mileage

    I guess I need to scoot on over to Keith's FB page (and full website now?) and get some of those puppies on order? Gotta love the Octopus logo/mascot! Rock out out with your Oct out!
  11. Ribolator Mileage

    I don't have the Rib-o-lator, have been tempted to get one for a long time, BUT wondered if it would play out just as you've described. Have the fill-it-n-grill-it, which works great for smaller stuff... And the Octo-Forks for anything BIG (or multiple peices of small/medium stuff. since I have the F'it-n-G'it and the O-Forks... what would I "need" a ROL for? I could see maybe getting some meat and potatoes and other veggies or other meats all going together... Like a 'complete meal' going at the same time...? Or maybe a bunch of ribs and chicken parts and sausages... but how much more than the O-Forks can handle? i vaguely remember seeing something new and shiny similar to a ROL on the KJ FB feed the other day... Thinking it was from Bobby himself? But can't find it now. Appeared as if a KJ version of something similar to a ROL might be in the works? So I may need to go through this whole thought process again.
  12. Pork Boston ButT Country Style Boneless Ribs - Help

    I started using them for "pork burnt ends" too. Had trouble finding Pork Belly when everyone was going nuts over pork-belly-burnt-ends, and resorted to CSR's. Really pleased with them too!!! Usually look for the thickest cut packs without the bone. No-bone is contrary to my normal preference, but I cube the meat when it's raw, so just makes sense to use boneless. I typically cube them 1.5-2" chunks(raw), get a good coating of rub, let sit for a few hours to overnight, then smoke on two or three rack levels, with deflector in. Once they've got a good smoke, color, bark and look "done", I throw them in a disposable foil pan, dump sauce and some beer in pan, and let braise for a while. Stir/flip/rotate around a few times until they get good and sticky. Rub = Runnng Wild Pork Candy. Sauce = Blues Hog Original.
  13. Big Joe Rotisserie DownUnder

    That is an awesome "carousel"! Very cool. They've got a cool looking little tumble basket too... http://www.thebbqstore.com.au/p/cyprus-grill-chestnut-castanea-rotating-cage-bbqca/BBQCAGE
  14. The $599 Classic is probably that price because it's the discontinued BLACK version. Funny thing is that would make me want it much more. Could replace my black Vision Classic to have a pure-bred KJ TriFecta(with twin babies). Have a black BJ and two black Jr's. Nothing wrong with the Vision, but for six-bills, I would love a black Classic.
  15. Hibachi Grilling

    Lodge Sportman's Grill is just about the best bang for your BBQ-Buck if you want something nostalgic and really functional. http://www.lodgemfg.com/use-and-care/sportsmans-grill-use-and-care http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_27835_-1?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu5bN65Sh1QIVhGZ-Ch0YnQ91EAQYASABEgJ9O_D_BwE https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00022OK2A/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new