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  1. Yum. That looks so good. Gimme a potholder and a spoon!
  2. Awesome... This just popped up on Facebook from the KJ Facebook page. Didn't recognize the name, but sure did recognize that picture. https://www.facebook.com/KamadoJoe/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  3. Wish you were closer to my area, I've got the full cart model that's n much better shape that I'd let you have for cheap. The first and only real rust issue I had with mine is where the wheels go not the legs. I wouldn't want to take on the job of rehabbing something like that. You could stop the rust where it's at, seal up that bottom edge wth something, and then go hunting for replacement parts. It just seems like you'd be "throwing good money after bad". If you're patient, something better will come along on Craigslist.
  4. Sweet looking grill and double decker rack with those sweet flat birds. I've always liked the looks of the Saffire in pictures, but haven't seen one in person.
  5. THIS.... is about as good of an advertisement for the JT as KJ could hope for. Those birds look fantastic, with a great framed picture of the JT and the coals and fire. Just priceless. You should post that on KJ's Facebook page and every other site where anyone is on the fence about buying one can see it shine. in my most humble opinion, the JT has the biggest, best, most drastic effect on poultry... Mainly chicken (for me) but also turkey. It adds something special to everything it spins, but it transforms chicken into something magical. if I'm not mistaken, the roots of BBQ have basically been to take an ordinary (if not sub-standard) hunk of meat and transform it into something better. Any hack can take a $100+ PrimeRib and produce a decent result. The skill and challenge is taking an average hunk of whatever and making it excellent. That's where the JT becomes a major player. It lets you transform one of the least expensive meats (chicken) into a real masterpiece with some very minimal seasoning. If I was doing an infomercial for the JT, I'd do a split screen into about ten chicken cooks... For me, that pretty much pays for the unit. Everything beyond that is a bonus.
  6. Any progress/update/info on this?
  7. This is basically a Santa Maria grill, as far as the raising and lowering of the food grate over the fire goes... Main exception (which I think is a good one) is the V-shaped channel grates, and the back to front slope for drainage. This was a relatively inexpensive buy from Home Depot... Lower down in the post, I showed some minor modifications/upgrades that I did. Primarily beefier chain and added some clay tiles for heat retention and metal protection. It's definitely not a Grillworks or Kalamazoo level of grill, but for the money, it is plenty good for me.
  8. OMG!! Those look fantastic @Mr Cue.... I can imagine those being a favorite of anyone hat tries them. You should give out tiny samples for free, them charge whatever you want for a full order. First hit is free, then you're hooked on the loaded fries!
  9. It's a toss-up for me between McDonalds and 5 Guys. On pure merit, 5 Guys are better, but they pale in comparison to the burgers AND dogs at 5 Guys. Fries at McDonalds are basically the best thing McDonalds has going for them, and they have to be really fresh and relatively hot. If they spend any time out of the oil drying out under the heat lamps, they're horrific. the best way to eat any fast food fry is.... Take the rest of the food out of the bag, dump the fries and some salt into the sack, gather the top of the bag and shake the holy heck out of it. Essentially like you do with a bag of microwave popcorn. Gotta be hot and fresh for this to work, but it does two really important things... It disperses the salt throughout the whole order of fries, so none are too salty and none are completely salt-free... But it also does a pretty good job of DE-greasing the fries. Works best with a thicker old school brown bag, but even McD's flimsy white bags will do the trick. Just look at the amount of grease that leaches out into the paper... And keep that bag away from open flames.
  10. PK360... Since you specified "charcoal". Have the original style already, but think the 360 would be pretty versatile for grilling and smoking. So if we're saying this would be a primary or only grill, I'd go PK360. If you expand that to "wood", I'd go for the Karubeque KBQ-60... But as it's primarily a smoker, I'd have to establish that I'm only getting rid of my Kamado's, and get to keep Webers, Argentine grill, LG pellet pooper, wood fired pizza oven, Blackstone pizza oven, Beefeater gasser, Blackstone griddle, Southwest Discada, etc...
  11. My preference varies based on the particular donut establishment I happen to be in at the time. Some places have better cake than yeast, others have better yeast than cake. if I had to commit to ONE single donut to be faithful to til death do us part, it would definitely be a standard Krispy Kreme glazed. But since the pledge is to donuts only, I'd still keep a steady Bear Claw and Apple Fritter on the side... Just for variety.
  12. I bet that will be the BEST "Canadian" Bacon ever.
  13. Heck yeah that's a success! Looks great!
  14. Looks phenomenal! Delicious AND nutritious!?!? Really need to get more avocados in my diet. can only imagine what a "smoked avocado" guacamole would taste like...
  15. As usual, I might've fallen asleep in class... But I missed Stage 2 & 3... I'm guessing some sort of seasoning/glaze/sauce applied... And a bump up in pit temperature? This looks awesome.