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  1. Funny thing about the acrid smoke... I notice that horrible after-taste and then reflux from the acrid smoke, after eating out at a lot of BBQ restaraunts. Just last night, wife was working and two of my four kids were away with friends... So I took the two kids I had to a local BBQ joint that's pretty good(they've been featured on DinersDriveIns&Dives). Had some burnt ends and chicken wings. Woke up in the middle of the night with the worst acid reflux essentially gagging on that acrid smoke taste. Very dissappointing and disheartening, but I notice it from other places too. After the very rudimentary learning curve of the basic concept of "dirty smoke", I haven't had that happen to a single item I've grilled or smoked in years. I know these places understand this stuff much more than I do, so I have to wonder why they don't do better with this? Inconsistency with the people working? Rushing the process? I've never been to Franklins' but everyone says it's good because of the consistently "good" product. Some places might be "great" sometimes but not other times? I'm rambling, sorry.
  2. Pizzas look killer. Sweet dog looks like a real teddy bear. Love big dogs like that.
  3. Chicken pot pie is one of my all time favorites. Even not-so-great ones are still really good... THIS one just looked phenomenal. the magic that a rotisserie does to chicken alone is worth the cost of the rotisserie. It's great for other things too, but the way it transforms chicken is incredible.
  4. I thought the same... But between SK and CK, I wasn't going to be too surprised if they had come up with something like that. Some kind of crazy artisanal hollow bread calzone shape tube.... With all the fixin's inside, just rolling along like a cement mixer... Getting some kind of egg wash then seasoned butter brushed along as it spins.... regardless of of our super challenging misconceptions of the cooking method, that resulting pie looked like an epicurean masterpiece!
  5. I have the rounder heavy wire Weber kind, and use them with a loaf sized drip pan in between them. I like that I can put coals/fire in front and back or one or the other. The loaf pan wedges between them nicely on a Classic sized Kamado. next question on this topic.... If you are only burning coal on one side, do you want it to be the back side, where the spin is going toward the fire, or front, where the spin is coming back up away from the fire. For some reason, it seems like I read somewhere/sometime that it's better to have th heat on the side rotating up and away, rather than down into the heat. I've tried both ways and couldn't tell much difference in the results... But it was a much bigger PITA doing t with the heat up front. Is one better than the other? If so, why?
  6. Sounds great... Can't wait for explanation of what it is and some pics. Who doesn't love a good burger?
  7. Me too!! I don't think I would want that more than one percent more cooked or more than two percent less cooked. Looks 100% delicious to me!
  8. I like mine a little Chewy.
  9. I bought the Pizza Bible a couple of years ago, but haven't done a lot with it. I recently got "Pizza Camp" and love the book. Haven't had time to try anything from it, but it is a really FUN well written BOOK... Not really a 'cook book' but sort out of an autobiography of this crazy cool sounding pizza dork from Philly. Funny, self-depricating humor... Both cocky/sarcastic and humble at the same time. I read the whole 'story' part is f the book, and just per used the recipes as they were mixed in throughout. Would love to hear from anyone on here from Philly, if they've eaten at his place, etc.. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1419724096/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I have to agree with CC and throw an emphatic "heck no" on getting the 'hybrid' burner set-up. A lot of people a lot smarter than me have done a lot of work and research to try to come up with a gas option, and I've yet to see anyone anywhere praising the grilling delights of using propane to cook in a Kamado. I just don't like the idea of a potential explosion. I would imagine there are some sort of safety fail-safes built in to the design, and I won't claim to have any understanding of how something 'really bad' could happen, so I plead complete ignorance on the topic. Gut feeling for ME is that I would never want one. For quick controlled start up and small quick grill sessions, for me, there are two big parts to a gas-assist set up. First, a kick-ash-basket to hold your lump charcoal in. The basket just helps with air circulation and makes for a better start for me. Second, some sort of propane or MAPP-pro torch. I use one of the Benzomatic torches with the hose connecting to the skinny gas metal bottles. It works like a charm, but is probably more than you 'need' to get by and have great results. There are tons of options for these small torches. The easiest way that I've found to get this going is load up a decent amount of lump in the basket, and light it with the torch from underneath through the bottom vent. Doesn't take long or use much gas at all. Just need to get s small area in the middle of your charcoal going, then let the air control do the rest. And just as @GS1397 said, the flavor from lump charcoal is so much better than from propane, it's well worth the mess of charcoal.
  11. Great story. Love the enthusiasm and appreciation of great products as well! I have a Vision, not S, not Pro, not sure what it is (B maybe?)... Configured some kind of package discount deal with CGS for racks and grates and whole set-up. They make fantastic products. The KickAshBasket is definitely my first "required addition" to any Kamado I buy. Their quality is awesome as well. Originally they used a lighter gauge wire, but over the last couple years they upgraded to something that feels about twice as thick/heavy. Old ones were fine, and worth every penny. New ones are fantastic and worth their weight in gold. I have the ThermoWorks Smoke system and have been really pleased with it too. Did tons of cooks with two different versions of the Mavericks, and just a few with the Smoke, but already like the Smoke much better. GrillGrates are awesome too! Have a set of them for every sized grill I own, I think. All of my Kamado's, my 22" Weber... And even replaced the whole surface of my four burner Beefeater. Hardly ever use the Beefeater, but when I do, the GrillGrates help ease the shame of using propane. With all that sweet equipment, you've got a ton of great meals in your future. I know the two growing boys will make sure you never cook "too much" and your wife sounds like she already understands your enjoyment. You've got it made in the shade.
  12. Now that's some next level math, CC! I like where you're going with that. That liquid to food ratio is just perfect for this time of the year (and every other time of the year) and I like the Carl Sagan-like cosmic theory of repeating that 1&1 cycle through the universe to infinity and beyond. (Two points for Carl Sagan and Buzz Lightyear hits in same sentence). And remember, swimsuit season for us is Grand Lake pontoon party barge season... Where a pair of cut-off jeans, tank top and Hawaiin shirt classify as 'swimsuit'. Beach bodies in this region are measured as kegs, not 6-packs or 8-packs.
  13. I'd like to.take.the.high road and say something nice.about.FedEx.... Sorry....hearing the old phrase in my head "if you don't have.anything nice to.say, don't say anything at all". I LOVE UPS!!! They absolutely crush it in my area. UPS is head and shoulders THE best delivery company ever. We have packages delivered from two area terminals, and neither one has missed any of the hundreds of packages we've had in the ten plus years of living here. Other companies are more of a 50/50 proposition. We love, love LOVE UPS!
  14. They look really cool. For the price, I'd still lean more to the Uuni-Pro though. It's taking every bit of will power ihave to resist popping on a Uuni-Pro. i just keep telling myself that I already have other pizza options, and that any mad money slush BBQ slush fund should be going towards a Karubeque. Then again,I don't listen to myself very well.
  15. I was shocked and amazed at how much flavor GOOD wood like this adds to a hunk o meat. I really had no idea, until I smelled some peach smoke and tasted it on some pork butt. FruitaWood is fantastic. Great quality and decent enough prices too. I LOVE the peach wood on pork... Bet Apricot would be great with pork too. I've read about a few other wood places that people have suggested, but I can't force myself away from FruitaWood.