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  1. Keeper.... I thought these looked awesome too. Saw one on Raichlen's show. Definitely have the WOW factor. I bought of of their ring with grate inserts for my BigJoe. It is massive, heavy and top notch looking and feeling. I have not had a chance to use it yet. Would make sone killer smash burgers! https://www.arteflame.com/product-page/arteflame-18-kamado-style-cooktop?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgejQltal2AIVj3sBCh3qfAD7EAEYASAAEgLHzPD_BwE
  2. Hey Bosco... This stand looks really awesome. You had a friend fabricate it, but for those of us that don't have friends like that, or any skills of their own, can you tell me more about it? Did he weld the spike to/through the grate somehow? Or is it threaded and screwed through? There's a place selling something similar on FB, called "Trompo King", but they're like $90 (on sale). They have a solid plate (13" diameter) on bottom as opposed to open grate, and it looks like it has two interchangeable spikes of different lengths(7" and 12"). I'd like to try something like this, but doubt I would use it enough to justify spending $90 on a curiosity like this.
  3. Thanks CK... You're always welcome to request recipes or topics or whole chapters out of any of them.
  4. Thanks. Thought the Leg Lamp worked there pretty well. It's on a floor speaker, and the sub-woofer is just to the left, with an outdoor animatronic pink flamingo on it. Thought the flamingo might be sensory overload, especially with the Scooby Doo FatHeads on the same wall. . Have a bunch of iron pigs and stuff to add too, but haven't dug them out yet.
  5. Yeah, I've cut back on this some. Now it's more of the specialized cooking that I need real help with, the InstaPot, AirFryer, SousVide, etc... I know that there's a multitude of info online for those, but I'm a sucker for the hard copy. And when I see something coming out from people I really like, I definitely have that "gotta get it" obsessive urge. You can pretty much put me down for a Pre-Order for anything from CHRIS GROVE, Raichlen, AdamPerryLang, Chris Lilly, etc... My kids love looking through the books that have a lot of pictures... Looking for new stuff to try. Trying to get them more into the process of cooking, but seeing a professional photograph of a legit grill master makes them want to 'help their old man out' more and more. There may just be some method to my madness.
  6. Yep, got it. Love the show, so had it on Amazon pre-order. 3rd pic from top, just right of center, with a few other Raichlen books. Our library is is pretty small. Something about having an actual hard copy of a book just feels 'right' to me. Probably has something to do with my pops being a High School English, Drama, Debate, Speech teacher for 35 years... kinda had it in my genes.
  7. Finally got a couple decent book shelves and started to organize my books. Vast majority are BBQ/Smoking/Grilling, but also have some general all-inclusive books, some specific food books (pizza, bread/etc), and some specific cooking method books (sous vide, instant-pot, air fryer, etc). Including a small stack of really small ones, I think there are 99 books here, and most likely a few more floating around the house. Stack of ten Kamado books, but the top two are better than all of the others combined. Anyway....if there are any egregious omissions from my library, I'd be interested to add them. Have plenty of shelf space there to grow!
  8. Dang.... Lot more work than I had imagined. Check out quik.gopro.com Watching your food video was really reminiscent of the one's from that app. This lady says it's really easy to use and the stuff she's made has been really cool (and free).
  9. Love it! Is that done with some kind of "GoPro" app? On of the 'team moms' from one of my boys' best friends does videos that look just like that. She uses a phone, but then cuts it in with still shots and videos and the big word graphics and music and etc.... Just like this. She loves that app and has come up with some awesome videos of her son's sports. They were on a different Flag Football team, but it's the coach's wife of my boys traveling baseball team. I'm looking forward to some baseball highlight videos. The food video is awesome, IMO. A hundred times better than anything I could put together. Gotta love (some) of the tech that's available to us now. Ten years ago it would either have taken a $20K camera and weeks of editing to make something like this. I'm sure a few more productions and you'll be the Frank--Ford-Coppala of BBQ Vid's!
  10. I really, really, really wish I could've found 2 people to go in on the 3 for $1,200 deal that they had going. Now that they're "pre-selling" some for November delivery, the 'package' deal is missing a lot of stuff... For $638 right now, I could order one... But then still need to purchase the Gas Burner and Cover. Could manage just fine without any of the other swag that came with the original deal. That would put me well over $700 for the "quad-fueled" unit with a cover. What's in the box Uuni Pro Oven Stone Baking Board (4 parts) Door With Thermometer Pizza Door Wood & Charcoal Burner Safety Gloves Uuni Pro Manual Allen Key Available add-ons Pellet Burner Coming soon Pizza Peel 14" Uuni Pro Cover IR Thermometer Cast Iron Sizzler Pan Cast Iron Casserole Dish Uuni Pro Gas Burner
  11. I got the same one for my Blackstone (probably on CK's advice way back when). Amazon has them listed at $70, but priced with Prime shipping for $50... Heckuvadeal for a workhorse like that... https://www.amazon.com/OneGrill-Universal-Replacement-Stainless-Rotisserie/dp/B0043C5ZDI/ref=pd_sim_86_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0043C5ZDI&pd_rd_r=JCW3CEY7XS62PCJAX1EC&pd_rd_w=2FZua&pd_rd_wg=Q7sEY&psc=1&refRID=JCW3CEY7XS62PCJAX1EC
  12. I just ordered something similar to this, but with a big donut hole in the center... 3/8 thick, not sure how big the center hole is... Got it in BigJoe size, with the grill-grate insert for $170 shipped. They've got a 25% off coupon thru the 22nd. Weekend breakfasts here I come! https://www.arteflame.com/product-page/arteflame-18-kamado-style-cooktop
  13. Just ordered one of these 24's with the center grill insert... 25% off, $170 shipped. Will see what it's all about in the near future.
  14. @Bachman 5 --- thanks for the measurement and picture. If they are consistently at, or just under 24 & 1/4, I will have essentially 1/16 inch to spare. I was wondering if there was any taper in the part of the JT doing into the BJ... I was thinking if it raised the part going to the hole, any taper would be enhanced by raising the connection a bit with some gasket. Seeing this measurement though, is encouraging enough to make me want to go ahead and order one. Thanks. I'll post if it fits when it arrives.
  15. Just checking in on this... What is the outside-dimension of the inside lip of the B-JT? Worded another way... What size hole do you need to have for it to fit safely? @retfr8flyr gave us a measurement of 24 5/16 for the size of that inside ring a while back. Is that still the standard measurement? The inside diameter of my older Big Joe looks to me, to be right AT 24 5/16. Is it tapered at all? My gaskets have worn away to practically nothing, so having a new thick set of gaskets would give it a tiny bit of play... As is, that 24 5/16 measurement is no gasket on either side, hard edge to hard edge. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. This area appears to have broken completely through, and sloppily glued back together. Might be OK to use as is, but i wouldnt mess with it unless you knew you had a replacement part coming as soon as it is registered.
  17. I've never hear of a 'ceramic repair kit'... Let alone a company recommending and sending that in lieu of just replacing the part. Being on the edge of the bowl like that, I can't imagine that holding up any amount of time. I'd wait another month and buy a perfect new one for $300-350. If you get confirmation that Vision will REPLACE the damaged bowl and would have full warranty, then $200 might be decent. I just wouldn't want to go through the trouble.
  18. I have one of the "Classic" PK's and like it quite a bit. They're made in Arkansas, and fairly popular in the Midwest. The aluminum is really thick and durable on the original/classic design. I used mine for my Carson Rodizio, but have since gotten a second Carson, as well as a new charcoal rig to use both Rodizio's on. Don't want to really "speak for" Andy, but to paraphrase, he loves his classic PK's... Has one of the silver and one of the black, but he seemed to think the new PK360 was pretty overpriced. He didn't want any part of them when they came out, primarily because of the price. I love the look of the PK360. They are expensive, and I have not seen one in person, but I would imagine that it would be "worth" the investment. I got an email from them the other day, with a $100 OFF coupon, so the basic rig with the black side shelves would be $699 delivered (normally $799...). Free shipping... and outside of Arkansas, you wouldn't pay sales tax. I think there's about ten days left on the coupon/sale, but I probably won't pull the trigger. For me, that "kit" would be essentially all I would need/want, except for a cover. Their covers are expensive as well, two different options. I'd still really like to get a KBQ K-60 (or whatever the Karubeque model is), and it's about double the price of this. I just bought a pretty sweet gun (DPMS-Oracle-308) so dipped into the mad-money for that... And really want to get a Mossberg Shockwave soon, so that's another 4-bills out of pocket. The struggle is real. Oh yeah.... Also need to get a Big JoeTisserie as well... That might be slightly ahead of the Shockwave on the wish-list.
  19. Upon further review (of my book collection), I guess I have very similar book for pellet grills as well. Guess I didn't notice how ridiculous t was, as I had no real knowledge of pellet poopers when I bought it. It's extremely weak as well.
  20. I like books. I buy a lot of BBQ/smoking/Kamado/meat/pizza/etc... books. Some might say I buy too many. I usually enjoy them and often learn something. I finally found one that I cannot recommend on any level. It was cheap, like $6-7-ish... but not even worth that. No pictures, other than cover. Cover has a pic of a big red KJ, but definitely no affiliation to any company in the writing. Essentially a 'cookbook' of normal not creative plain recipes. First part has a questionable(at best) "history" of the Kamado in the US market. Some really basic(many incorrect) operating tips. I would not recommend this to any GURU or beginner. It would be an insult to the Guru level of knowledge and misinform the beginner. I don't intend for this to be a negative "bashing" review, but more of a PSA to prevent any of my book-loving people on here from wasting their money and being disappointed.
  21. I wouldn't get your hopes up... I sent him a message shortly after this was posted. No response. If you click on his user name, it will show his "last visit" was the same day he posted this. Sorry.
  22. Marty... You rock. I just searched 'Arteflame' here to see if this had made the rounds yet... Was going to pose this question regarding the potential problems these could cause in a Kamado. I love the look of the full units, but nowhere near $2K-love. Then I thought the $200 ring and center grate for BigJoe would be awesome, BUT had real concern about the heat being contained in the lower shell. I wonder if a KickAshBasket raised up closer to the center hole of this ring would make it Kamado-safe? Or a Vortex small side up, directing the heat to the center...? Or am I chasing a solution to a problem that I don't need to get into? Another option would be to get the 18" ring and put it in a Weber kettle. Or is that still throwing good money after bad?
  23. Not sure what I would do wth this, but it looks pretty nice. No idea what the value would be, either as a collectible or useable Kamado. For $350, I don't think I would get enough use out to of it, but thought I'd do a 'heat check' here to get input.
  24. Sounds good. Anxious to see your thoughts. Still can't get over that sale price.
  25. If it's built just like the original New Braunfels Bandera (which it looks just like it is), the main mod for that was basically adding a small metal sheet deflector where the heat/air goes from the fire box to smoke box. The issue was (is?) that the heat and smoke would go through the vent between the two and just go straight up and out the side and of the smoke box closest to the fire box. Google 'new Braunfels Bandera Mod's' and it'll come up. Simple thin metal flashing can be used... Doesn't need to go too far into the smoke box, but just directs the air down and out toward the center under where the water pan would sit. under a hundred bucks with tax.... Is a helluva good deal. the OLD New Braunfels smokers were awesome, heavy built, etc... They sold out to someone (CharBroil?)... Then OKJoe bought someone (CharBroil?)... Didn't follow the whole family tree, but wish they had kept the heavy duty old school build.
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