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  1. Rick in Ontario

    WFO recommendations?

    OMG!! $5232.00 in Canada!!! https://www.lowes.ca/products/view.aspx?sku=10576605&linkloc=alfaOvens
  2. Rick in Ontario

    Steak Dinner

  3. Rick in Ontario

    Steak Dinner

    Dumb question maybe but what does CAB mean?
  4. Rick in Ontario

    Joe Jr Cover

    Am I the only one that wants the side tables up when I cover my Kamado Joe?
  5. Rick in Ontario

    Smoking wood

    I have often wondered what is the issue if the bark is not removed?
  6. Rick in Ontario

    Kamado Joe Classic III, Big Joe III (Possible Spoilers)

    What does PE stand for?
  7. Rick in Ontario

    Meatloaf and Mac N Cheese

    Yes, I already did that thanks.
  8. Rick in Ontario

    Meatloaf and Mac N Cheese

    Links don't work.
  9. Rick in Ontario

    My first pizza...

    Regarding stones, one word, CORDIERITE. https://www.google.com/search?q=cordierite+stone&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
  10. Rick in Ontario

    Pellet Grill Questions

    I might be the odd guy out on this topic but I had a Louisiana Grills pellet grill before I got the Kamado Joe and I hated it. It could cook well but I found it to be very expensive to run. Cooking pellets are not cheap and I thought it used a lot of them. Just my 2 cents worth, YMMV.
  11. Rick in Ontario

    Firebox divider

    I have had an Ash Dragon divider in my Kamado Joe for several years and have had no issues. There is no risk. It stays in my KJ all the time. I did have to trim the height a bit to get it to fit but that was easy. https://www.amazon.com/Ash-Dragon-Kamado-Firebox-Divider/dp/B00CQMAIYI
  12. Rick in Ontario

    Well D**M

    My buddy had the same thing happen with his Vision. One of the wheels broke off as he was opening the lid he said. He thinks it looks like a chitty weld was the cause. His is smashed in a million pieces though.
  13. Rick in Ontario

    kontrol tower top vent paint/coating issue

    Good to know, thanks
  14. Rick in Ontario

    Partially consumed wood chunks

  15. Rick in Ontario

    A few of my first cooks

    Sorry, I should have quoted the post I replied to which was specifically questioning the smoke ring.