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  1. Maverick 733

    I see.
  2. Maverick 733

    It would be worth double the price if they are intuitive to program.
  3. The LEM Products Jerky Cannon

    I should have put this in my post.
  4. The LEM Products Jerky Cannon

    Bosco, you need help.
  5. Wow, impressive that those are phone camera shots. Thanks very much
  6. Hey Dub, great food and great posts man!! What camera/lens combo are you using? Really good photos too. Rick
  7. Confused...trouble starting coals

    While I agree the Maverick is a great product, that thing sucks to program!!!! So much so that I don't use it anymore.
  8. Meat Grinder

    Awesome, thank you sir.
  9. Meat Grinder

    Thanks guys. What do the size numbers mean? (#5, #8, #12) I haven't quite figured that out yet. I figured it out, it is the size of the grinder head. Thanks again.
  10. Meat Grinder

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a meat grinder? I would not be a heave user and find this area to be pretty confusing to figure out what I should think of buying. Thanks for any advice.
  11. DeWalt Batteries

    They probably are hoping people will forget but it is so easy to do, takes about 1 minute once your account is set up. Tool Rental Centers are in the Home Depot stores here. You can also take stuff to the nearest authorized repair guy as well, as far as I know.
  12. DeWalt Batteries

    Oh, and the Home Depot Tool Rental center tested my failed batteries and submitted everything. Took roughly 5 working days for the replacement batteries to arrive at my house as I recall. It was easy, no hassles no problems. YMMV
  13. DeWalt Batteries

    He is wrong. From the Home Depot page you posted, "Parts Service & Batteries free for life" From the Ridgid Tools page, see picture below. My 2 original batteries were registered on Dec27, 2010. They got replaced 5 years later, I registered the replacements on Dec8, 2015.
  14. As I understood it, the whole idea is to have the smoke re-burn as it comes out the holes in the bottom and passes through the burning coals. Simply coming out from under the loose lid will not re-burn the smoke. Am I missing something?