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  1. Thanks. I have the flat basket already.
  2. Thanks. I think I will save my money this time.
  3. What is the advantage of tumbling the wings over say having them on the grill?
  4. Many years ago one of our managers where I work said "anyone can make a product that does what ours do, the thing that we can do to set ourselves apart is to service the crap out of the customer" Several years ago I bought a Kamado Joe largely because of the reputation they had for support of their product. I might come to a different conclusion if I were buying today, unfortunately.
  5. You can always buy a SloRoller later if you still want it. It isn't so easy to get a larger diameter grill later.
  6. I live by myself and that is also my problem with a brisket. I don't eat that much beef in a year. Thanks for trying this for us smaller quantity users!!
  7. More on wrapped vs unwrapped just to add to fuel the fire some more.
  8. Wrapping ribs is not necessary in a Kamado, I assume it is because of the moist environment, so I am wondering if wrapping a brisket is also not so necessary in a Kamado as well? I also have never cooked a brisket.
  9. I have been there and it is a bad place to get to because I have to go past BOTH Barbeques Galore and Florence Meats to get there!!! Can be a very expensive trip.
  10. Wildwr, how did you go about getting that information from Costco?
  11. Nature's Own from Costco has been my favorite lump. I did notice, however, this year the pieces were much smaller than in the past. They seemed to burn OK though. I hope that they go back to the bigger pieces.
  12. I have never had horrible tasting chicken off my Joetisserie over banked coals but each to their own.
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