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  1. $250, that is an awesome price too!! I was expecting 7 or $8000.00 after our usual rapage on exchange!
  2. Anyone know if the Joetisserie is available in the Hamilton/London/Toronto area of Southen Ontario yet? Thanks Rick
  3. tinyfish, where are you getting the Pookie G's rubs? Thanks Rick
  4. Don't freeze it. Smoked cheese will keep for a much longer time than un-smoked cheese, particularly once vacuum sealed. I have heard of people storing it in the fridge for as long as a year before opening it
  5. I can't wait to see this unfold. Sales are great, I bought a chest freezer for meat, Mrs philpom tells me, "We already have 3 of those", I tell her, "not at this price!" Pretty sure if I came home with another fridge or freezer, I'd be coming home to divorce papers the next day... I've been divorced for many years, I like it!! Just sayin'.
  6. You do realize that you are talking about Bosco, right?
  7. Grinder is a 3/4hp #12 Cabelas grinder... Stuffer is the 15lb LEM stuffer...House recipe is simple... I use 1 1/2 teaspoons cajun seasoning per pound of meat, I use Pookie Gs season all... 1 to 1 1/2 cups water or liquid per 5 (five) lbs of ground meat 2tablespoons fresh rosemary to 5lbs meat 1/2 teaspoon each dried sage and dried thyme for 5lbs meat 1bunch green onions per 5lbs Additional salt to taste.. Grind thru 1/4 plate... Season and mix...make small test patty... Adjust seasonings if neccessory... Grind through 1/4 plate a second time... Add liquid and mix til very sticky(primary bind) without this step its just burger... the primary bind is what holds your sausage together... Stuff into casings or bulk bags or pattys... Refrigerate over night to bloom... Then package and freeze!!! So, any plan to put this in the recipe section?
  8. There is something very wrong with you!!
  9. Just for the record, there are 746 watts in 1 HP before accounting for efficiency losses. 3 HP would require 2238 watts not 1500. Just sayin'. While it might very well be a good machine, the math is incorrect.
  10. Hi Bosco; How do you find those high temps affecting the gasket? I have not gone that high on temp, 550 max so far, but I suspected the high heat would fail the gasket. I'm at the 1 1/2 year mark and no cracked firebox as of today.
  11. OK, thanks, and thanks for the information. I have wondered where you were getting your meat.
  12. That's pretty interesting but unless I missed something, we have no idea where you got it or where you are located. My apologies if I missed something here.
  13. Sure. You can see that this make me three breads, so scale accordingly. I followed basic baker's percentages except for the oil which I double from about 2% to 4-5% of total flour weight. 1) Make and maintain a yeast starter: http://youtu.be/6LOX-lS-a5w 2) Turn about 6-8 oz wt of starter into a sponge/bigga overnight by adding 7.5 oz wt each of dechlorinated water and bread flour. See http://youtu.be/EA6OjPtI6Mk for details on sponge making. 3) In morning, add 14 oz wt bread flour, ~4 oz dechlorinated water, ~.5 oz wt salt, and 1.0 oz wt olive oil. 4) Mix/Knead until elastic. Should only take a few minutes if using a stand mixer on it's dough setting. 5) Rise. Punch. Flatten. Form into whatever pan you want to bake it on. 6) Let rise some more. 7) Meanwhile roast some garlic. See http://youtu.be/EA6OjPtI6Mk for details on roasting garlic. 7) Poke little dents into the bread with your finger tips. 8) Drizzle with olive oil, smear roasted garlic, sprinkle chopped fresh rosemary and sea (or coarse) salt. 9) Bake indirect on kamado or in oven at around 425-450 F for approx. 20 minutes until done. Can this be added to the recipe section somehow??
  14. Riight, that's almost as good as saying I'll never drink that much again!!!!
  15. I don't see a place to add a PROMO code? Do I have to register or something?
  16. Oh man, this is going to cost me money, isn't it.
  17. Boscoe, you have no idea how good those are!!!! We need to import mudbugs up here!!
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