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  1. Thanks everyone!! I guess we'll be fiddling with the lid assembly, as I suspected. I'll let you know whether we needed to remove the shock absorber or not. Fingers crossed!
  2. Welcome from Canada! Nice looking cook to be sure!
  3. Greetings Gurus! I seem to be a Grillin' Damsel in Distress, again, this spring! *sigh* We recently replaced our stock Vision gasket with the shiny new white Nomex one! We were really excited about this, because we had done it on our previous kamado and it lasted and lasted and really improved the temperature control we were able to get. The stock one seemed to burn faster this time and pretty unevenly, but the first one we had nearly burned all up too, so we didn't really think anything of it. Unfortunately, 1 pizza cook and 2 smokes later and about 1/3 of our shiny new Nomex is burned right up!! *tear, sniff* When we had the seal off, I noticed that the lid is sitting pretty unlevel. I measured it after this catastrophe and there is about an 8mm difference from the left side that isn't burned (1cm / <1/2 inch) and the right side that is (1.8cm / ~3/4 inch). I noticed that when we're cooking there is a bit of air escaping on that side, so I'm thinking that if the lid was sitting level, then the seal would have been perfect and this probably wouldn't have happened. Obviously, I'd like to correct the unlevel lid issue, before replacing another $30 seal, so my question is has anyone seen this or have suggestions for how to fix it? I *think* it might be an issue with the hinge or lid assembly alignment (?). We don't see any pieces that look bent, but we do notice a bit of torque (1/2 inch) to the left, when lowering the lid, because it doesn't quite line up with the spring loaded catching post on the bottom. Any thoughts, suggestions, YouTube or article references would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time and help! Grillin' Canuck
  4. Awesome! Totally doing this if we can get our little bit of fog out first!
  5. I'm hungry now. Looks fantastic! Cheesecake on a Kamado... I'm feeling inspired.
  6. Thanks K-ville! And thanks Vision! This is true!! After I last replied to this thread, Laurie from Vision, replied to me and said that it would be easier for them to simply ship us a new grill from a Canadian warehouse rather than just the base. We received it this Monday. We haven't put it together yet, but the box was opened before it arrived, we are hopeful that it is in full working order with no damage. At first glance it looks good. Vision really come through on this one, I have to echo K-ville's praise here!
  7. Yeah, looks like a general term for Costco's inventory, since Costco Canada is probably only receiving one model. ~$600, though? The US Costco has it for $660, so I would expect it to be more like ~$700 here.
  8. haha. Yeah. It snowed, got warm, then got really cold, hence lots of moisture on the felt. At first we tried to fix it in -30C, but decided indoors was a better option. Now we cover it as soon as it's cooled.
  9. Greetings Kamado Gurus! After a colleague and friend, K-ville, acquired his Vision Classic B from Costco last year, my interest was peaked. Around the office here in Ottawa, K-ville is known as 'The Guy' to talk to about all things smoked, grilled, BBQ'd, marinated, brined, etc, etc, etc. Having had his new cooker for less than 72 hours, already he was thrilled and enthusiastic about his cooking future. The next day, my husband, Nadir, found himself standing in front of the large piles of barbeques at Costco with me selling him on ALL of the amazing things I had heard from K-ville and read on the internet about Kamados being not only the barbeque, but a barbeque way of life!!! (For the record, it really didn't take much convincing.) We grabbed a flat bed trolley for the Vision Classic B, loaded the cadillac-sized Costco cart with charcoal and the rest... well, the rest was a smoke filled year of slow cooked pig parts and hunks of beef, perfectly peppered steaks and grilled veggies, herby roasted chickens and turkeys, wood-oven fired pizzas and more. We are two wine lovin', beer drinkin', grillin', smokin', cottage goin', hikin' bikin', canoin', Canuck Yuppies in the Software biz and we both absolutely love to come home to our Kamado at the end of any day. In true Canadian stylie we cook on it hot or cold, rain or snow or shine and have found that no matter what, the food ALWAYS comes out tasting delish! (Even, despite a few growing pains.) We are so happy that we discovered this baby early in our careers and lives together and look forward to improving our recipes and ranting about the addition to our family for years to come! Start your fire boxes and get your smoke on! Grillin' Canuck
  10. hmmm... a pot for an herb garden for flavouring all our yummy grill spoils! I started a new thread here: So you need to Replace a Kamado Base... now what?
  11. Greeting Gurus! My husband and I had a crack in our Vision Classic B base and will be receiving a new one from Vision soon. To see photos and read about this topic see this thread: Crack in Our Vision Base Now to replace the base. The Vision Warehouse Manager, Bob, said that this is definitely a two person job and hinted that it's not necessarily an easy one. Already, folks have started posting tips and tricks, on my other thread, for how one would carry out this daunting task. So... Has anyone done this before? If so, how did it go? Any things to consider before hand? Resources, videos, how tos, tools, safety precautions? Also, any creative ideas for what to use the old base for? As always, thanks so much for your responses! Grillin' Canuck
  12. All great info! I feel like I should start another thread "So you need to Replace a Kamado Base... now what?"
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