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  1. I think an ash drawer would be a game changer. Cleaning the jr out is a pain in my opinion. It's so much more difficult than the other sizes.
  2. CeramicChef- when you put it that way, not wrapping makes sense. I looked at wrapping/drip pan as sort of the same thing just a way to keep my diffuser clean. Having said that, I did a brisket and pork shoulder cook and my ash pan had a bunch of grease in it when I cleaned it up the next day. I will start using a drip pan going forward. However it seems that when I watch Setzlers videos, he does neither? Does 2 racks of ribs need a drip pan?
  3. Saw this guy in the scratch and dent section of the meat department. It's a whole bone in ham. I think it's a pretty good price, but I don't know what to do with it. Do I just go slow and low and make pulled pork or....??????
  4. I wrap my half moon deflectors as I have a hard time getting them to come clean. It's not a frugal thing, it's just that the grease never seems to burn fully off, then when I cook pizza or want to bake something else I get nasty smoke.
  5. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/34274-new-kamado-joe-classic-ii-2017/ Allegedly for locking the hinge??
  6. That Timberline looks very, very nice. I'd love a nice pellet job, but I don't have that kind of budget. Holy expensive.
  7. Great looking steaks. A very successful 1st attempt at the reverse sear.
  8. Point being your vent is not off center. Everything else is. And what is attached to those bands you are going to rotate.....??
  9. I don't think your vent is off center, I think the hinge and shelves are off center. Good thing those can be rotated. You should be able to loosen the band and rotate, so everything lines up. I don't have a BJII, but pretty sure that's how it works.
  10. Beautiful. And I think the pocket screws are fine. Could you have taken it to the next level construction wise? Maybe, but I think you did great.
  11. Very sharp looking grill you have there.
  12. It took me 3 tries to get the BJ/JR deal, one was sold before the store even opened-which seemed unfair. 2nd time KJ wasn't there at all, some sort of mix up. 3rd time was the charm, the rep was great.
  13. Why didn't you get to pick your color? I thought that's how it worked?
  14. Pretty much all steaks are good!!!! However Ribeye over NY Strip. But the tri tip is awesome, and currently the Flat Iron is my favorite of any.
  15. It wasn't bad when they sold it. Just because Costco will provide a refund , doesn't mean it should be returned.
  16. Awesome. I need to do the same thing. I like the variety of dishes you used the pork for.
  17. I can tell you that I just sold a classic with joe tisserie and kick ash basket for 700 (think it was worth more). I can also tell you that I really like my Big Joe, but that thing is huge!!! And since buying it I have used my Joe Junior at least 3 to 1 over the Big Joe. I do agree with Grabber and RWalters- go to a costco roadshow and buy a Kamado Joe regardless of the size!!!
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