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  1. Here are the boxes I did this week fill with flies I tied.
  2. Those same settings are what I us on my Jr as well. Same on my regular Akorn too.
  3. Thanks Y'all! I will post up a pic when I get the flies tied.
  4. I can't fish due to back problems. I hope to get that fixed soon. So, in the mean time I doodle fish in fly box lids with my sharpies. Did this one last night.
  5. Store with the vents closed and cook on it often.
  6. We have Dinner on the Grounds at my Church tomorrow and I did a smoked meatloaf on the Akorn as my contribution. 2.5 pounds cooked at 250*.I will post more pics tomorrow.
  7. I did spares, country style and beef short ribs on my Akorn. Mighty good if I do say so.
  8. Moon over West Point Lake last night. Cannon PowerShot SX530 HS
  9. Paymaster


    Happy Easter from my family to yours.
  10. I use the smoking stone in my Jr and a foil covered cake pan of sand in my regular Akorn. I cook pizza on a pizza stone on the main grate of my regular Akorn.
  11. Love my Jr. It is going on it's first RV trip next week.
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