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  1. I wasn't actually in the market, but might be now lol. ThanksSent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. Went to Costco today (Auburn hills, MI.) and noticed they have the Pitboss ceramic kamado for $200 off...price seems great! Sign said sale runs through 7/10. They probably had at least 8 in stock. Any thoughts on the quality? Currently I'm cooking on a 3 year old Akorn which is still does the job. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. Welcome home, fellow Sparty! The site is great, lots of help here
  4. I just finished dinner then saw this post….now i'm hungry again. It is almost game time though…maybe a halftime snack is in order
  5. Char-griller Akorn and akorn jr. Auburn Hills, MI.
  6. Looks great! I just did my first overnight cook on the big Akorn- that butt was a huge success, my sister hosted the picnic so we let her keep the leftovers, she was pumped! Now it appears it is time to fire up Jr. for a quicker butt cook and keep the food for ourselves lol.
  7. Thanks for the thermapen, especially the quick shipping. I see a lot of grilling happening this weekend!
  8. You can absolutely count me in as a purchaser- Not sure what I'd be able to contribute as far as recipes though. I'd love to see this happen!
  9. PM sent yesterday regarding the Thermapen, is it still avail- I'm interested. Thanks
  10. Jabo8- How much did the Jr. cover cost from Char-Griller?
  11. I had the same idea...sawzall the handle of a small ci skillet, looks perfect!
  12. I agree Thx John! I'm looking forward to seeing all the great smaller meal cook ideas since ordinarily I'm only cooking for 2-3 people
  13. Looks great, I'm also anxious to see if it will work as a diffuser.
  14. Thx guys, it most certainly was tasty. Also, I'm amazed by how little charcoal was used in such a long burn...yet another reason to love kamado cooking! I'm thinking my next long cook will have to be brisket, time to start researching : )
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