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  1. Since getting a baking steel, I've never used a ceramic stones as the top stone since. Pizza crust is amazing. I also use it for smash burgers, searing tuna, searing steaks....you name it. Also works great in the oven.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I have not purchased blue bag RO in years as find it absolutely disgusting. My latest few bags has been the Vision lump...only place I have found it is at Home Depot. I might try pick up a bag of the Master Chef and see how it compares.
  3. SmallBBQr

    Wood Chunks

    I use whatever brand I can find at Lowes, Home Depot etc, as here in Alberta, there is not much hardwood locally that grows. Various brands of mesquite, cherry, apple, hickory. Can't say I've noticed any difference between brands. I place my lump UNDERNEATH my charcoal as I find it burns much cleaner than when I place it on top, but my Keg burns very little to maintain temp, so that might be more specific to metal/insulated kamados than ceramic.
  4. I've done both Kamado reverse sear and oven reverse sear prime rib many time, always finishing up with a super-hot sear just before serving and never had the "tough" issue @Easto is wondering about. I sear at 550 in my house oven or sometimes even hotter in the Keg. Buying the bulk of my meat at Costco, I either get AAA or Prime cuts grades. I do recall purchasing some "cheap" prime rib at SuperStore a few years back - I think it was a AA, and my usual crowd commented about it being less tender. Happy Birthday @ckreef!
  5. What was the grade of meat? The only time I've had tougher/chewier results reverse searing is typical of purchasing a lower grade of beef.
  6. In his mod, he used fireplace rope to seal that gap up between the box and shell, so that's why I think the overall airflow is pretty much the same as the KK in the end - all the air has to go from intake through the coals. I did something similar to my keg a few years back and it worked very well - faster heat up times and more control over the fire, but it just ended up being too much an annoyance in the end to have to keep setting it up etc. I'm not sure why more kamado setups don't use something similar - though I believe the Blaze does, no?
  7. Aluminum foil is likely a poor choice as a filler, but the Komodo Kamado uses that airflow model with obviously good success. I would think a better center grate to allow small bits and ash to fall straight through would be better than the ones with the holes.
  8. Beautiful color. Looks delicious. I've done brisket low/slow and turbo, and to be honest, I notice very little difference in a faster cook which makes it much more predictable time-wise, and no getting up at ungodly hours. It's the way I always do them now. Same as pulled pork too. I put mine on around 350 degrees with extra protective layers insulating underneath so the bottom does not sear by any direct radiant heat. Bring it up to 160ish, pull it off and hyrdrate it a bit some beef broth, wrap, and put it back in (or even in the oven at this point is fine) until probe tender. Whole process usually takes 5-6 hours....into the cooler for 1-2 hours and good for eating!! Very repeatable. No stall waiting.
  9. Their "Fire Plate" is a very interesting looking accessory!! I want one!!
  10. Looks delicious. I don't understand the steak raised above the wrapped ribs...was it being smoked to completion or reverse searing?
  11. I think one of the biggest problems with long term negative calorie diets is that over time, they drop your metabolic rate, which then makes is increasingly difficult to KEEP losing weight, and additionally, makes it much EASIER to GAIN weight afterwards. How many times have you heard/seen the "lost 15, gained 20" scenario? Intermittent fasting seems to be a solution from everything I have been researching over the last 2-3 years. At this time, I simply do NOT eat Mondays and Thursdays. Nothing...zero calories from Sunday 7:00pm to Tuesday 5:00pm, and same from Wednesday 7:00pm to Friday 5:00pm. I think this avoids any type of metabolic degradation (at least that's what I am telling myself). I am down 20 pounds, eating to total satisfaction on other days, and can easily sustain this forever without restricting myself of anything really....though I do avoid carby foods, like Mike, to avoid insulin increases.
  12. ...and the businesses as well as a result. Once those prices rise, sales volumes are very likely to drop...particularly on "luxury" and non-essentials.
  13. Everyone went home happy and full. Brisket was really good. Great beefy flavour and very moist. Rub was 1/3 kosher salt, 1/3 pepper, and 1/3 BBQ mushroom powder BBQ rub. The bottom had a serious crust (which I actually liked, but I would consider a flaw) from being in the foil wrap I think and was a tad overcooked, but being a prime cut it held up nicely and delicious all the same. Sort of a lousy photo...end of the flat and the point just separated right off...
  14. My technique for the Keg and brisket (or pulled pork) is hotter /faster (a Harry Soo method I copied). The Keg does not like low/slow temps and I have a hard time getting nice smoke at lower temps - it simply does not burn enough fuel. At high temps, I put wood chunks under the lump, and at 300 - 400 temps I get fantastic blue smoke for a long time as even holding 400 does not burn a lot of fuel. So, on it went with 3 chunks of oak and some smaller mesquite lumps too. Temp was around 325 or so...10:00am. Foil near front was to prevent direct heat on the front edge of the flat. At this temp, it usually takes about 3 hours to get to around 160 - 165. Sure enough, checked it at 1:00pm and it's ready to wrap and at about 164 in most areas. Rehydrated it a bit with a bit of organic beef broth and then into two layers of parchment paper and foil and back in the heat to get up to probe tender...usually takes another 3 hours.
  15. Got the brisket all trimmed up this evening. Not wanting to waste a single bit, made a couple smash burgers with all the little bits of meat trimmed off....turned out great. Ready for tomorrow. Beautifully marbled.
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