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  1. My sister is a rock painter....well done. I'll have to show that to her....
  2. Are you talking about the cast iron one? If so, the only hole in mine is the oval seen below...
  3. I have an Ooni Pro for 1000 degree temps but still use the factory stones that came with. Some Ooni owners are using steel at those temps though. I never liked bringing the kamado up over 600-700. Past that I think is crazy stuff...particularly with a $2000 ceramic. Out of my comfort zone for sure! I wish my body tolerated more carbs....I could eat these 3 times a week.
  4. We don't like "smokey" gravy so for us that is a no. But, I don't cook turkey for "presentation" any more (we just don't do the traditional "table" setting/carving etc)....so I no longer actually cook whole birds. I find the whole process to be a waste of time, energy etc....ie. the hard way! It really makes no sense to cook whole birds. The day BEFORE the actual turkey cooking, we make sure our turkey is thawed (if it was frozen) and cut out the spine, take out the neck, gizzards etc, and make our gravy/drippings/stock. I also quarter the bird (white and dark sep
  5. My experience with dozens of kamado cooked pizzas on 3/8" steel does not agree with your comments TBH. 600 degree steel pizza is amazing and I find the perfect sweet spot. This is with 00 dough, no sugar, no oil etc....as close to Neapolitan style as I have been able to create...about 5 minutes to cook.
  6. I've made a LOT of pizza over the last 5 years, and I am amazed at how many new tips I picked up in this video and how many things I didn't understand previously.... ...geez....even how to EAT it (if you watch to the very end)!
  7. Reverse sear to me is just far more controllable. Either sous-vide then into the cast iron or onto the fire, or low/slow/smoke up to desired temp and then the fiery finish. As mentioned, without two grills, going forward sear is a bit trickier with a ceramic kamado or without a larger two zone area. For "fast" cooking, I'll do forward searing though....onto the super hot flame to sear up, then move it off the direct heat...but I find the results not as predictable and usually more "cooked" area near the edges.-
  8. That California Roll sounds AMAZING!!! Would love to see a cutting shot of what it looks like inside.
  9. I would highly doubt, unless someone could show me proof of such, that: "If you were involved in an automobile accident and they tested the corpse for the virus and found it, it was listed as a covid death." Personally, this sounds like a regurgitated/unresearched conspiracy type of statement that just keeps being repeated until someone believes it to be true. Lots of that going around these days. Case in point....what you posted and said "Fochi" (sic) posted are exact opposites... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/09/coronavirus-conspiracy-theory
  10. I know, right...the mark up here is insane!! The $$ exchange rate certainly does not justify it either.
  11. I'm envious....wish they were rolling out faster here but some ramping up seems to be happening at least. We can beat this thing!! Two front-line health care workers here have died from covid just recently, not to mention the hundreds of elderly so this cannot come fast enough!
  12. I've had my Broil King grilling stone for years and has never cracked or chipped after years of abuse as heat deflector, pizza stone etc. 3/4" thick x 15" diameter. I would buy it again based on my experience. https://broilkingbbq.com/en_ca/accessories/grilling_stone/ That said, I much prefer my baking steel and rarely use the stone any more....I find the results superior and it will last 1000 years (long as you don't let it rust out). I also use it regularly on the grill, on my gas stovetop, use it for Smashburgers, searing steaks etc. Very versatile. I also freez
  13. Edit....haha....just saw this was LAST YEARS post that got rejuvinated. Thanks John. Happy new year to you, yours, and everyone here....
  14. So, I ended up cooking around 270 (the Keg does not really hold lower temperatures than this very well) for about two hours, then adding a bit of beef broth before wrapping and going another hour and a half. Came out pretty good. I have another batch I'll let go a bit longer perhaps before wrapping, but they were pretty tender overall and great flavor.
  15. And they are tender at that short of cook time? I was thinking they would need to be cooked like pork ribs : 4-5 hours. But being from the prime rib area perhaps they do not need that? This is what they look like (before seasoning)....just gave them a good salt/pepper and into the fridge overnight.
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