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  1. If I had to offer any other advice, I would say experiment with higher temperatures....I prefer chicken roasted in the Kamado at 450 - 500 degrees....crisper skin, more roasted goodness!
  2. So, from what I have been able to collect from bits and pieces I have found elsewhere, pretty well confirmed a 2nd gen Weber Summit Charcoal Kamado... New name - "Summit Charcoal 24" Kamado Grill and Smoker" Current models "discontinued" my dealer told me New model is coming with lower price ($999 US base model) No propane starter (on the base model). The "grilling centre" might still have it? Picture on links below seem to indicate no propane on either. Mid November release date Some "bells and whistles" removed for lower cost? Still trying to co
  3. Thanks for the comments all. Interestingly, I went to the local BBQ shop that sells them here and they don't have any in stock and are having problems sourcing them....apparently production (which is likely at a covid low) is outstripped by demand - at least in Canada. Further, I was advised by the rep there they had met with Weber and there was some hinting that the WSCGC is changing looking into the new year. They would not tell me exactly WHAT was changing though...but were hinting it was possible going to be a little less expensive as well.
  4. Hey all, Looking for any final opinions on the Weber Summit "kamado"....which I call it loosely. I think it roughly matches the kamado concept. After looking at pretty well every grill out there, I think this is likely the one I am going to purchase. Trying to talk myself into it. That said, I am looking for anyone that has had one for a longer period of time and can provide me any other real life and experience thoughts. My main reasons for going this model is: Weight. I do not want a ceramic. I simply have to move it around too much for my purpos
  5. Hate to say it, but to me, this required a little higher temperature to break down the last little bit of tissue. Brisket class I took actually mentioned this exact thing as being a sign of needing more cooking time or higher temperature.
  6. Anything I do in the oven I do on the keg.....just add smoke!
  7. If only that 3 piece set was a 4 - with a chefs knife...it would be perfect!
  8. https://www.worksharptools.com/shop/sharpeners/powered/ken-onion-edition-knife-tool-sharpener/
  9. Beautiful, but Ouch! My last two knife purchases were from Value Village (discount/re-used store) - I think I paid $5 for both. Put both of them to the Ken Onion sharpener and they are both sharp as razor blades. I'm jealous of beautiful knives, but can't make myself purchase them any more. Even the cheapest knives I find has good enough steel to hold a great edge for some time. The metal of some cheapies is surprising high quality.
  10. @philpomThat is actually a HUGE +++++ I think as well!
  11. As a metal kamado (Keg) user, who's biggest issue with the Keg is that it is TOO well insulated, this looks like my perfect replacement. I'll by buying as soon as it's low/slow ability is proven. 1) Larger - the 22" size will be just what I crave when the 18" I have now feels just a bit tight for the rib racks, brisket etc. 2) Insulation - enough heat retention low down, but heat should drain enough to permit enough combustion to produce "good" smoke at low/slow temps. 3) Metal Weight vs Ceramic - I move my Keg around in my yard depending on wind conditions
  12. Yeah, if you have not tested out your procedure/process, I wouldn't be testing it on a party....I've done 4-5 this way now and it works great for the reduced effort etc. Works particularly good for those extra fatty cuts... https://www.snakeriverfarms.com/hot-fast-brisket
  13. That's what I am getting at...by cooking at higher temps, you can cook a decent sized brisket in 6-7 hours. No getting up in the middle of the night for me!
  14. Royal Oak (Canada) is certainly the least expensive here (not that you can find ANY charcoal here any more)...but it's never on my list to buy as it tastes like you've cooked your food over burning an old car tire. It's not the same as the US RO.
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