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  1. Yes, both the S6 and E6 have the blower port. I had retrofitted my PitMaster IQ120 to work with my S6, but I got a great black Friday deal so decided to upgrade to a Signals/Billows combo....absolutely love it. That said, the S6/E6 are rock solid holding temp without the controller as well.
  2. eek....if you've ever seen a dog die of pancreatitis, not really a great idea.
  3. Kamado losing heat to environment at faster rate (also wind chill will impact too!) + colder air entering kamado = much higher fuel usage. Overall, I would say the overall environment drawing off heat would be the largest impact. You are not pushing tons of air once temps are stabilized other than to offset loss. Fuel + Oxygen to keep the kamado at a set temp is going to be somewhat equal, regardless of using a fan or not....you can't change the laws of physics. Drawing naturally or controlling with a fan is going to be roughly the same. i.e. energy in vs energy out of the system. I see the same on my Weber Summit kamado...at both smoking temps and higher temps...the lower the temp (I did a roast at -28C the other day with wind) the more fuel usage easily seen. My Keg (super-insulated) would hold temps even at -30 and barely use any more fuel than at +30. Put a fire-proof blanket/insulator over the KJ would likely be the only way to reduce usage I would guess.
  4. Received some Black Lemon Gouda this year for Christmas....was very interesting due to color and subtle lemon flavor. Looks amazing on a cheese board!
  5. I prefer to use a drip pan to catch the drippings (I usually even add some water so nothing scorches/burns) and have the coals off to the sides (24" grill so I can use both sides for coals). We absolutely LOVE rotisserie chicken, but do not like the flavor imparted by fat dripping and burning on coals. When we had a gas grill, I did not mind the searing drippings, but no-go with charcoal.
  6. Don't get to try a taste until later tonight (we have an annual Christmas eve festivities party in "normal" years)....a great Christmas gift from my son who can't make it home for Christmas this year. He purchased two bottles and we'll do a tasting together over Zoom.
  7. 650 degrees for a couple hours is what I would try....looks like residue from a lot of "regular" temp cooks perhaps?
  8. I have a plastic/tupperware case and put my Signals/Bellow/Probes in it. I keep it in the house for the most part for less environmental impact. Humidity, temperature variation etc, will have a longevity impact over years....
  9. I would just reverse the assembly instructions from the BILT app or manual until things are apart enough to start over. When you reassemble and tighten up the bolts on the bowl and lid, make sure the lid is sitting closed naturally and evenly across the entire surface and the lid is centered etc. Tighten things up slowly, evenly, and not too tight either...you don't need to muscle anything. I just followed the instructions and took my time and did nothing special otherwise. Important...when assembling....make sure all the bolt holes line up WITHOUT having to shift things too much before inserting bolts, tightening. If you have to yank things around to make them fit, or tightening the bolts shifts things around, you will pull things out of alignment and then that creates the leaks.
  10. It may not be too noticeable at first (or ever unless disturbed in some way), but smoke residue clings to EVERYTHING!! There is no way around it other than disperse as much as possible etc.
  11. Not a problem....you can get the manual from the Weber site I believe... Electronically, you can also see them on the BILT app on a mobile device. But, without the two safety bolts/pins, you can't loosen up the lid bolts....I would talk to Weber service for sure to get their advice.
  12. It's probably important to ensure the gasket at the rear is not damaged in any way, but that amount of smoke seems to looks like the lid and/or bowl are not mounted level/flush so the rear is sitting up too high. It can be adjusted. I can take pics of mine if you need a reference or something... Did they provide you the two safety bolts for the hinge? It is CRITICAL that you re-install those BEFORE you loosen anything. There is a lot of force being applied by the springs and loosening things will result in ugly results to you and/your grill!
  13. First off, have you talked to Weber support about this? They may have an official response. But I have seen a couple people report this on other sites and there are usually two responses... 1) A little bit of smoke leak there is not abnormal as that is where the gaskets meet and there is a small gap there. I actually use that space as a routing location for my temperature probes too. As you use the grill a few more times, the entire gasket will gunk up a bit and seal more as well. If the amount of smoke leaking there is still too high or does not seal up... 2) The lid/hinge may not have been aligned carefully upon installation (the back edge might be sitting up a little higher than optimal) - reverse the lid installation instruction steps (IMPORTANT!!! You need to re-install the hinge safety bolts) and then remount the hinge assembly (loosen and carefully re-tighten the bolts etc) to both the bowl and lid, and make sure to re-seat the lid so it sits tightly when everything is being tightened - there is a little play in the mounting to adjust things a bit. You can even apply a little extra force on the back edge when tightening. Make sure you center the lid side to side as well. Hope that helps...seems to have resolved it everywhere else I have seen this mentioned (Facebook Groups etc).
  14. Hello from Edmonton!! Looks like a great (if early) X-Mas dinner!!! I can almost taste it...your gravy looks amazing. Did a -13C ribeye steak myself this evening.
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