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  1. Just quoting the CDC...(note the bold text). I would suspect the 500,000+ Americans that have died wish they had (or had taken) the opportunity to get vaccinated. Over 189 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through April 12, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 3,005 reports of death (0.00158%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information i
  2. Great to hear it worked out... Interestingly, I had gone to our local fish mart today needing some shrimp (we are doing a fondue for a friends birthday tomorrow) and what did they have sitting there...yup.... couple huge slabs of Chilean Sea Bass....only $30 EACH!! Ouch...but I bought them. We are locked down pretty well and don't really spend too much on anything else special these days, so thought I would do a nice Friday dinner for my wife. Chilean Sea Bass (pan seared and finished in the oven) with lemon risotto (I'll post the recipe...we do this one often and it'
  3. Welcome from Alberta @Minto89... Say hello to a ton of my relatives out there for me.... Innerkip, Woodstock, London, Barrie!! Miss my Ontario visits.
  4. OK....I call BS....that brisket looks so good it must be photoshopped!!
  5. Having recently just tried Cowboy lump, it will be the first and last bag of that I ever buy! Certainly try different lump.
  6. So, I love the table of the S6 (though you pay heavily for it!) but I hate the crappy little wire basket drawer that it comes with...so I changed it out to a full extension dual drawer set...will be interesting to see if they rust...though i wrapped it in 1/4" ABS as well for extra protection (as well as being covered. Humidity is always low here so hoping I can get a few years out of it...
  7. Just double checking as the connector is upside down (so may be hard to see), but did you take out the little yellow plug that is there to keep the dust out? They do require a little extra "push" to get seated as well. Other than that, unless the threads are defective, I've used both the little 1lb bottle and the adapter for my larger tank and no problems with either.... Can you take a picture of the connector maybe? Stupid Alberta weather....was nice earlier and now there is 4" of snow on the grill or I would take a picture of mine to compare...
  8. Woohoo! Thanks @John Setzler !! I've posted links back to your site from the Facebook Groups with the Summit Kamado topics...hopefully generates you some more traffic etc.
  9. I just recently sold my Keg after about 10 years of continuous use - the one thing I could never do reliably is hold temperatures under 275 reliably. I even ran it with a temperature controller (Pitmaster IQ120) and it would have issues as well. It is too well insulated and requires such a small fire to maintain low temps that it would either spike or go out. I also found the smoke flavour at low temps "harsh". At 275+, it worked amazing though, and paid for itself being so fuel miserly. Note...mine was a "Big Steel Keg"...the generation before the Broil King takeover so perhap
  10. @Random Pointer Here's a nicely summarized "how to" as well... Change the word "pan" to "soap stone" or "cast iron" or whatever surface you are using and good to go... https://grilling24x7.com/pan-seared-chilean-sea-bass-with-crispy-skin/
  11. Yup. A couple times....did CSB and seared scallops on the same grilling steel last Aug for wife's birthday. Nothing magical about it when you follow the instructions of the pros. I'm just a copycat! YouTube is where I originally found how to cook it for the first time as it's so expensive HERE I didn't want to wing it. Cooking on a very hot surface is key. But I cook salmon pretty well exactly the same way...it's just not as delicate.
  12. So, to me, a thick Chilean Sea Bass filet screams quick sear (cooked to golden and seared crispy on both sides) and nothing that really requires anything special. Same as I would do a skin-on Salmon filet. Thicker just takes longer. Dry both sides well, season well, heat a searing surface to about 450 degrees and lightly oil. Assuming you are presenting skin side up, sear skin side down first until nice and crisp, flip it over and sear the other side until it is just barely cooked through or crispy (but this side does not matter as much). To finish cooking, place it on a secondar
  13. I think part of the issue when I read this thread, is the original question...."Do you have a suggestion on how to properly seared a fish steak?" There are so many different kinds of fish (with different cooking needs) and the term "steak" can maybe be interpreted a couple different ways... Do you mean "steak" as in picture below, or filet? For example, we do "Salmon Steaks" quite often...that look like this....throw them on the lightly oiled baking steel (steel at around 450 degrees) for 3-4 minutes a side and done!
  14. I know Weber sells in some South American countries, do they have any distribution in Argentina? The Weber Summit Kamado E6 may be something to see if you can source there...
  15. *sigh* I miss Fogo....cannot seem to find it anywhere around here these days and don't think anyone is shipping it (Canada).
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