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  1. Blaze Raised Rack?

    As the title says, does the Blaze have either out of the box or as an option a raised rack? I would like to go up in size from my keg from an 18" to a 20" or 21", but need a raised rack too. Also, how big of turkey could you fit on the blaze?
  2. Stuck top

    I've got a Keg, but my top vent is always jammed/gummed up (much more so in winter than summer). I find this is good for air-flow though...nice tight seal. My regular startup process is to pull off the cover, use the blow torch for 10-15 seconds on the top vent (which loosens it right up), open the top vent, then start the charcoal etc. Like mentioned, a few high heat burn offs tends to clean it up for a while too....
  3. DUCK!

    Was out at lunch at found some "Grade A" ducks, and most were around the $24 mark...but also much larger than my $10 utility grade ones I've been using.
  4. DUCK!

    Wow! $30!! I suppose they may be a lot bigger? These are about 2 pounds and "utility grade" (for around $10 on sale, regular price is usually about $14) Canadian $$. Imported from Hungary. Final cooked picture after about 3 hours and brought in to rest...in the last 30 min I mixed a little honey into the balsamic/lemon to glaze it a bit. Was very happy with the taste/results. Lots of work though to cook/carve. Skin could have been crispier, but that has always been a problem in the Keg. Such a moist environment that difficult to get a crispy skin on chicken etc.
  5. DUCK!

    After a bit more than 2 hours in.....starting brushing with a balsamic/lemon juice mixture. Going to up the temp a bit as the skin is not getting as crispy as I would like...alway have this issue with the Keg...it is such a sealed environment.
  6. DUCK!

    I finally bit the bullet and picked one up as to purchase duck breast or legs here they are usually $6 each. I can often find ducks on sale for about $10, which gives me 2 breasts, 2 legs (and they were easy to cut up) and a lot of duck fat too!!
  7. DUCK!

    Roasting this little guy for 3 hours total at 350 degrees. This is the end of hour 1. Just flipped it over for breast-side down for a bit. I'll update it as it cooks... Salt/pepper on the outside, brined lemons and garlic inside.
  8. A Tale of Two Chicken Legs

    I thought the smoke overtook the ginger/sesame so those flavors were a bit understated on those pieces. Perhaps should have marinated longer though or add more dry spice. BBQ all the way for me....
  9. Seven Bone - Pulled

    Color looks amazing. Makes my mouth water just looking at it!!
  10. Pork Butt Shoulder

    That looks amazing! Bet it tasted as good!!
  11. Yeah. there are days when you just can't decide if you really want pure BBQ flavor or not....so have it both ways! One dry BBQ rubbed and then sauced (BBQ/vinegar), and one ginger/sesame marinated and wet brushed with the same. Sitting in there with light smoke at around 325 degrees. Bacon brussel sprouts and sous-vide carrots (cooked in butter) for sides.
  12. Broil King Smoke Pellet XL

    Looks like Broil King is introducing their competitor into the WIFI managed pellet burner market... Just rumours so far, but reported can get up to 650 degrees temps.
  13. Pork Belly/Side

    I concur. I purchase meat when it goes on a good sale so buy more than I can use quickly (as protein tends to be very pricey here for the most part) and I also find that pre-seasoning and then freezing really "marinates" and help the flavours permeate as well. Also very convenient with sous-vide as I can go right from freezer to sous-vide pot with a lot of things.... I don't notice any change in texture etc.
  14. Pork Belly/Side

    Thanks. Just ate...and not much got left behind, though the skin could have been a little crispier...was nice and crunchy, but tougher underneath.
  15. Pork Belly/Side

    Pork Belly/Side was on sale a while back, so I bought a bunch, and then notched, pre-seasoned and vacuumed sealed so I could bring them straight out of the freezer, thaw in the sink and then sous-vide or roast. Today was thawed then straignt into the Keg. Will give it about 3 hours at 350...this is about 2 hours in. Going for about 205 degrees finished temp and fall apart tender (I hope!)