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  1. Short Wave Radio Metal Detecting Golf I see a lot of wet shaving which I've added here as well. Not exactly what I call a "hobby", but more of a more pleasant way to accomplish a necessary task I hate. I've got over 2000 blades, numerous handles, soaps/oils and brushes (all given to me from the family of a passed loved one as I'm pretty bald, so they figured I shaved my head etc and could use all the stuff more than them!"
  2. With my Keg, I have to have the upper vent opened a lot more, but the lower vent opened much less. May not be applicable, but just tossin that out there.
  3. All looks great, but damn, that looks especially delicious!! Do you marinate the cauliflower or use a sauce or anything?
  4. Was in home depot purchasing other stuff and ran into this browsing the BBQ section. I don't really see any reviews out there for it. Anyone tried it? Home Depot CanadaHome Depot USA Also, it seems that here (Canada) is it "hardwood", but at Home Depot in the USA it is "mesquite". So far (just started first bag) the lump sizes are optimal for what I prefer (baseball sized chunks and numerous "real" pieces of tree wood (round sticks etc). Smoke aroma is nice. Also well priced (for Canada, where we pay a fortune for lump charcoal) at $19 for 20# which is cheaper than our crap Royal Oak we get here which imparts the taste of burning rubber (IMO).
  5. Interesting how smash burgers are received. Since changing from "regular" to smashing as our go-to method, I get requests non-stop for smash-burger night. Could probably do them three times a week. I love ALL burgers, but there is something about a simple, dark-crusted smash burger dripping cheese that just makes it for us.
  6. We have much slimmer pickings up here, but just found this at Home Depot. Going to give it a try: https://www.homedepot.ca/product/vision-grills-100-natural-hardwood-lump-charcoal-20-lb-bag/1001163171
  7. https://broilkingbbq.com/en_ca/grills/keg/
  8. *heavy sigh* Edmonton is under a fire ban...no charcoal/wood fuel BBQing....BOOO!! Have to resort to the OONI and the flat top unless we get some rain. Lots of forest fires in the province so I shouldn't complain....lots of others in a much worse state, but still!!
  9. What is you pizza stone setup? Are you using a second stone underneath the primary cooking stone (to deflect the direct flame heat) with an air-gap between the two? What temps?
  10. I always point my staff here to get a nice list to cut/paste from... https://coolsymbol.com/ I have found many have trouble with keyboard shortcuts, ALT codes etc...but understand putting the URL in their favorites.
  11. Interesting. I've never cooked lamb until fall off the bone unless it was braised (tomatoes, red wine etc.). So you're thinking like "pulled lamb"? Seems to be some recipes out there....
  12. LoL is very fatty and hard to dry out any time, and combined with the natural moist cooking environment of a Kamado, drying it out is not likely to be an issue....are you referring to cooking it longer to be well done? Medium rare is typical for serving....
  13. Bone in or not? I prefer to try cook leg of lamb as long and as low as possible until it hits around 110 degrees....then blast it up to your desired temp to get a great sear/char. Usually does not take anywhere near 5 hours though....
  14. I've tried oven prime rib cooked a similar way...don't have the exact recipe handy, but in general, you crank up your oven (only works if you have an electric oven) to maximum temp and cook the prime rib for a certain amount of time to sear the outside, then turn the oven off (and don't open the door) and let it sit there for 5-6 hours or something. It was many years ago we did this and it worked if I recall. Would be interesting to try in my keg!
  15. Often with steaks (at least those that are not mechanically tenderized) typically it is only the outside surface with the highest exposure to bacteria so often any amount of cooking kills it off (searing etc). That said, there are likely always risk factors and perhaps different levels of exposure as well. Hence, you can cook a steak rare to mid-rare safely, but take that same steak and grind it into burgers and cook it mid-rare and it can make you sick as the outside surface gets mixed in. But with E-coli....that's nasty stuff and I would not risk anything.
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