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  1. That has got to be one of the most "different" brines/sauces I think I have seen....but has me craving to try it! Making a note for next time for sure. My taste buds are watering at the combinations...
  2. I find that placing the poultry higher up in the Q, a drip tray underneath, and cooking in the 425+ degrees range always results in amazingly juicy chicken with crispy skin. TBH, never brined one as well as spatchcocking so I look forward to see your results! We love our dark meat cooked more so I rarely take it off until it measures 180 degrees plus in the thighs and legs, regardless of what the breast measures...the white meat still comes out nice and juicy even if it is cooked more...
  3. Looks delicious, but a warning that sous-vide at 120 can be in the bacterial danger zone when you start hitting that two hour time.
  4. You want completely indirect heat if possible, so far from the direct heat as possible. Many will also put the fat cap on the bottom as a additional protective layer. If your kamado has a "hot" area, place the point in that area as well.
  5. Found some lamb shanks we didn't need to mortgage the house for and have been craving some lately, so...braised em up! I'll just the pictures do the splain'n.
  6. I love to "tinker" and build (sometimes stupid) things (so this was a bit of overkill) but as a rain guard for my Weber Summit Kamado I took a stainless steel bowl that was large enough to sit over the top vent, then ran a bead of silicone gasket around the lip so it sits firmly and then I drilled some air holes in it on the side. I set my vent, then place the bowl over the top. Works perfectly up to hurricane level winds/rain. Basically...free. I would suspect many don't even bother though...of course volume of rain is pretty variable.
  7. What grade of brisket was it...scanned the thread but did not see if you mentioned prime, choice etc? If it was a low grade brisket with no intermuscular fat, it could easily explain it as well. Surface fat on a brisket mostly runs off and does not saturate the meat to a great extent.
  8. +1 to @KismetKamado comments. Totally agree. That said, I now have a 24" Weber Summit Kamado, and would never go back to an 18". Even though there is only 2 of us most nights, tonight I threw 6 chops on "slow n sear" style directly over charcoal (raised up right under the cooking grate) for a sear, them moved them over to the indirect side to come up to temp. It's just opened up different options for me that were trickier before. When @KismetKamado mentioned "especially if you are cooking in a way that lets you take advantage of vertical spaceā€¦"...that is a pretty key statemen
  9. Kinda thinking if you had a stock of wood for an offset smoker, then you likely have enough for about 100 years on a Kamado.
  10. I find all brushes just gunk up after a few uses. Always found them to be a poor product. I use a wadded up ball of tin foil...it molds to the grate nicely and you can even make pointy edges to get to tight spots. I use it before dropping the food on after the grates heat up and/or after cooking. You can drizzle a little oil on them to pre-grease too.
  11. This is our "prime rib" replacement these days since the price of prime rib is so ridiculous now. 48 hour sous vide roast, then a nice herb crust and a quick high-temp roast. After a few beers and wine...no one even notices!
  12. It's all you need for solid temp monitoring. Been using a similar one for years and have no desire for anything fancier. I cook, sit in the living room and drink wine, and watch the temps rise....good times!!
  13. A kamado makes a brief appearance... The comment about only a brief cook over charcoal to save the fat was interesting.
  14. Looks really good...though I think it is really more akin to chicken saltimbocca with the prosciutto and thyme theme...
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