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  1. SmallBBQr

    Keto Diet

    Yeah, pretty well a day does not go by where I do not see a news article, comment, or medical study commenting on "ketogenic" diets and they go on to talk or explain something that is not even close to actual reality of the diet. I eat FAR more vegetables now than I ever had previously - I basically substitute green for white. My biggest annoyance is the comment "you get no fibre" on that diet. I just shake my head. Today (for example) I've eaten salad twice, a huge pile of sauteed brussel sprouts, cold vegetable plate with cucumber/mushrooms/broccoli/cauliflower with a couple great dips (full fat of course), and a nice BBQ pork chop (real fatty) with creamed spinach. Oh yeah....have lost 30 pounds since January, blood pressure has dropped from 140/100 to 120/80, and doctor is amazed at great blood test results. He thinks I'm on a "low fat" diet he recommended. I could not eat low fat food all the time. We still have cheat nights and do pizza etc, but keep those to special occasions etc.
  2. SmallBBQr

    Keto Diet

    I just use my (home made) dry rub which only has a very small amount of brown sugar in it, and then use a very small amount of BBQ sauce diluted with apple cider vinegar and/or red wine as a basting liquid...and just keep it to a minimum. A google search will find you many recipes for sugar-free BBQ sauce as well - or ones that use xylitol or stevia or something instead.
  3. SmallBBQr

    Keto Diet

    Interesting...I avoid ALL sweeteners just because there is an immediate addictive effect for most people. i.e. as soon as you get anything sweet...it immediately triggers the desire for more. I also find complete avoidance best. Monk Fruit (just did a couple searches as it's one I've never looked at before) certainly looks promising, but my first search came up with the following: Other cons to monk fruit sweeteners include: Some monk fruit sweeteners contain other sweeteners such as dextrose. Depending on how the ingredients are processed, this may make the end product less natural. This may also impact its nutritional profile. Mogrosides may stimulate insulin secretion. This may not be helpful for people whose pancreas is already overworking to make insulin. They haven’t been on the U.S. scene very long. They’re not as well studied in humans as other sweeteners. Will certainly be looking into Monk Fruit more for my wife who loves her sweets!
  4. SmallBBQr

    Uuni (Ooni) Pro Gas Burner

    Great to hear. I hear rumour Canadian orders will start shipping soon. While I have no issues playing the charcoal/wood for some things, for a 90 second pizza or two, the fire and forget gas option is nice. Also, hoping to do "pizza day" here at the office and really don't want to both tend the fire and be chief cook. Love to see some cooks! HAPPY EDIT!! And just moments ago...received my shipping notice for the gas burner!! WooHoo!
  5. My best pizza ever has been done on my baking steel and after being heated up, I doubt cast iron is that much different. I would suggest finding the right dough recipe to go with the pan. I have a couple baking/pizza stones as well and don't really use them that often any more - well, I do...but they go UNDERNEATH the steel to absorb the direct heat from the charcoal. Question...are you using the cast iron DIRECTLY over the coals without another pan etc underneath? If so, the #1 biggest factor in getting the top/bottom heat balance is another layer underneath. Edit...also, you didn't post your pizza dough recipe...because in my indoor oven with the baking steel alone, it's almost impossible to scorch the dough at 550 degrees unless it has a lot of oil or sugar in it. As a really quick test (and cheap to try) go to the baking steel site (www.bakingsteel.com) or ooni.com and get their dough recipe, and use the technique posted on the bakingsteel.com site for indoor ovens...it works great and I think you'll be happy with the results. You don't have to use any toppings if you just want to experiment...just play around with the technique.
  6. SmallBBQr

    DIY Stainless Steel Rain Cap

    Damn....there goes my next weekend! Thanks for the idea and step-by-steps. I'll just use regular aluminum rivets as I've got a rivet-gun already. I love the copper ones though...looks great.
  7. It's all about temperature control vs the crust ingredients. If you are using a dough recipe with AP flour and sugar, honey etc, it will burn much more readily at higher temps vs a dough made with 00 flour (and no "sweet" components). Even oil in the dough can make it more likely to burn. What dough recipe are you using?
  8. SmallBBQr

    How do you get to 800F?

    For my keg, it all about the bottom vent (airflow). With the top vent wide open, and the bottom vent wide open, but with the safety screen, it will rise over 800...but takes a little longer to get there. As soon as slide the bottom vent safety screen over (so the vent is completely wide open), it easy accelerates up (and beyond) 800 very quickly. Oh yeah...and much easier with a brand new batch of lump (no leftovers).
  9. We've been doing chicken in the UUNI/OONI (using charcoal and oak) and the first couple times I did at lower temps (maybe 500 degrees) which took around 30 min. Preheated the cast iron pans in the oven as well. I've been slowly upping the temps as 700 is an easy temp to maintain in this oven. As I've got a couple perfect sized sizzler pans (and there are two of us), doing two halves works perfectly. @ckreef - you'll love it. @BlindDog - Simple experiment if you have not come to a conclusion yet. Try your chicken again and just don't add ANY smoking wood next time ( I don't think chicken needs it anyways being pretty lightly flavored to begin with...unless you really love smoked chicken as opposed to "roast" chicken). I find charcoal alone adds just enough flavor. Just get the fire going and let it settle and throw on your chicken. It should solve the "wood was the problem" question easy enough...though, I strongly recommend a drip tray unless you enjoy raunchy scorched chicken fat!
  10. While I have no issues with beef or pork fat sizzling in the fire (love em!), IMO, chicken fat produces a horrible aftertaste in the meat. Just my 50 years of grilling experience and eating lots and lots of chicken on BBQ! Of course, everyone's taste is different.
  11. SmallBBQr

    Uuni (Ooni) Pro Gas Burner

    Damn....I'm still waiting for my shipping notice!! I'm sure they're not rushing the Canadian orders. Here's my last pizza (charcoal and wood) done at around 800 degrees. I love this thing! Used the dough recipe from the UUNI (now OONI) site....simple margherita.
  12. SmallBBQr

    Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning

    I love cast iron threads!! You could spend about a month on YouTube watching videos too!! Basically, my pan was seasoned with bacon grease, butter, pork fat, beef fat, olive and avocado oil. I did nothing to it except grease, cook, scrub, grease, cook, scrub...repeat.
  13. SmallBBQr

    Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning

    Yeah, I would not waste time/money. I've got numerous pieces of cast iron, most of which I've left pretty rough surfaced. My go-to cast iron pan was sanded down to nice and shiny smooth, then I just cooked all kinds of greasy stuff in it. Fried eggs just slide around in it now...
  14. SmallBBQr


    I really wish they made sets that fit the kamados better....full sized that would fit perfectly in the divide/conquer rack etc. without seams. I'd probably just keep a set in there full time on at least 1/2 the grill!
  15. I don't see anyone else posting about it here (may just be me that doesn't like it), but I find that when doing chicken, I do NOT let the dripping fat hit the coals. I put a catch tray underneath. I find the smell of burnt chicken fat highly "acrid" and gives an unpleasant taste to my food. As others have eluded to, wait for thinned, blue smoke, but if you like "light" smoke flavor...don't add any wood. Kamados burn slowly once they are at stable temps and just the burning charcoal provides enough of smoke flavor for many... My bet though is burning chicken fat is the problem in this case...unless there was still some wood in there.