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  1. SmallBBQr

    Anyone make some sort of canopy or small shelter?

    Wow...there is some fancy stuff out there. I use a golf umbrella stuck in the top of a metal pipe on an umbrella stand!
  2. SmallBBQr

    Houston Visit Suggestions

    Greatly appreciate all the ideas and suggestions everyone!! Very helpful and appreciated.
  3. SmallBBQr

    Houston Visit Suggestions

    Not too often I make it into the US, especially the Southern end, but will be in Houston in a little while for a week or so. Any suggestions of any kind for what to do, where to eat (BBQ?!?), etc?
  4. SmallBBQr

    Pao de Queijo - Brazilian Cheese Rolls

    Damn those look amazing!!
  5. SmallBBQr

    Baking Steel Pizza

    There is a post about it here with a lot more detail. I think this may be optimized for more a Neopolitan style dough so some adjustment to technique, times etc may be required depending on how much you load up the toppings as well as dough ingredients etc. http://www.bakingsteel.com/blog/perfect-pizza-using-baking-steel-broiler-method
  6. SmallBBQr

    Baking Steel Pizza

    Looks like you cooked it on quite a low rack. When I use mine in the oven, I use 550 (hottest mine will go) and use a very high rack. As soon as I launch the pizza onto the steel, I turn on the broiler to high to cook the crust from the top while the steel cooks it from the bottom. It works very well.
  7. SmallBBQr

    Wicked Edge

    Not to mention the irony of putting a beautiful edge on a knife and then having your wife or kids use it saw open a coffee can or chop a frozen pork chop on your granite counter top!
  8. Thank you for mentioning Ken onion edition work sharp system.   I picked one up from Cabela’s and I am impressed with it.   Last night I used it to sharpen all my sister-in-law’s knifes including getting the one with missing tip and ground to make new tip and you can no longer tell the knife had previously had broken tip.  I was able to do this because I had practiced on cheap knife before sharping up all my  chef style knives.   

  9. SmallBBQr


    I wish I could get one of these in Canada. Have not found a source.
  10. SmallBBQr

    Wicked Edge WE-130 First Looks

    It's an amazing looking system, but I could not justify the cost. I ended up getting the Ken Onion edition Work Sharp a while back and totally pleased. Best $200 (CDN) I have spent in a long time.
  11. SmallBBQr

    Hard Boiled Eggs

    Instant Pot to pressure cook/boil the eggs. Into ice bath when they come out....they pretty well slide right out of the shells.
  12. SmallBBQr

    Review Meta

    Just a (hopefully) PSA for all you online shoppers out there. If you are anything like me, you either use Amazon (or other sites) for many purchases. One of the big problems I increasingly have now though is sorting through product reviews - particularly FALSE ones ramping up the ratings of bad products. I see a lot more products out there with obviously falsified reviews and I wanted to dig deeper - I wanted to "review the reviews" so to say, but some have hundreds!! What I ran into was this site - https://reviewmeta.com So far, I am VERY impressed and running all my products through it. Some very very interesting results. Give it a try. Note, I have absolutely zero affiliation or anything to do with https://reviewmeta.com other than using it for my personal purchases. Hope you find it useful.
  13. SmallBBQr

    Indoor Chicken

    Is there some chicken under all that bacon?
  14. SmallBBQr

    Keto Diet

    I think weight loss plateaus are part of pretty well ANY diet. You can't get rid of fat cells once they are created and slowing metabolism is a killer. Good video to watch...