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  1. Thanks....alternatively, I was also thinking I could just try find a couple tritips or something and go the "sliced steak" route as well...could still sous-vide them, but would making finishing a lot easier.
  2. We are having a bit of a get-together and could easily see 10-12 people....maybe more. I've got a BK Keg so not a huge cooking surface, and properly cooking at least 10-12 steaks could be challenging, and of course, I'm looking for perfection, and have a ton of other things to cook too. It's going to be crazy. I was thinking of sous-vide'ing them all in advance, so I can just use the Keg for final sear and adjusting temps that like those more than mid-rare (as crazy as they are!). That will keep me in the party more, doing less cooking, and less worry all around. Anyone gone bulk cooking this way? How did it turn out?
  3. I go the opposite direction...I spice/rest and smoke the pork for a few hours....and THEN throw it in the sous-vide for some gently love at 165.
  4. I've been experimenting lately with using pellets instead of chunks. Has been working pretty good. I get my Keg up to my set temp and have pellets sprinkled evenly throughout the charcoal. I get a long, consistent smoke so far as the pellets seem to continuously catch/burn etc.
  5. SmallBBQr

    Weber Starter Cubes anybody use them?

    +1 on the chemical odour from me too. Bought a box, and ended giving them to a friend who camps a lot for starting camp fires. Quickly went back to the torch starting method.
  6. SmallBBQr

    Fire ban

    *sigh*...still no end to this mini heat-wave / dry spell in sight!! ARRGH!! Going to have to go pay for BBQ at some restaurant soon.
  7. SmallBBQr

    Fire ban

    Right here with you buddy....it's killing me!! Between not using the Keg or the Uuni on a nice warm, sunny long weekend...just torture!! Was thinking i might throw the trailer hitch attachment on the car, and take my Keg out to a friends place near Devon soon...they have a "Fire Restriction" in place there, which I believe at least allows wood/charcoal BBQs. Come on rain!!
  8. SmallBBQr

    WFO Installation Thread

    Looks great for a first cook. Doesn't look like your dome temp is hot enough perhaps? The top/outer edges are not looking like they are getting hit without enough radiant? You said your upper temp was reading "Hi", but that is not what it looks like to me... Bottom looks like it is cooking faster than the top.
  9. SmallBBQr

    Grill Light

    I use a flexible gooseneck flashlight that is part of my DeWalt cordless tool set. https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DW919-18-Volt-Flexible-Floodlight/dp/B0000222ZP/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1525136348&sr=8-1&keywords=dw919 One thing age has taught me (yeah...I'm getting old) is to stop buying 1-use tools and gadgets and improvise with things already owned. When I look back over the years, I've spent a TON of money on things that I could have skipped easily.
  10. SmallBBQr

    Do You Deserve Cast Iron?

    I clean my cast iron and seasoned steel pans after use by wiping them out, then half-filling them with boiling water (I have instant boiling water tap on my espresso machine I use for this) and letting them sit a minute or two. I then give them a scrub with a still bristle brush and dry with a paper towel. I have used soap the odd time depending on what I've cooked (fish ?!?!) if residual odour is a concern. After that, I flip them upside down over a burner (I have a gas stove) to dry really well, and MOST of the time, I give them a light wipe with some sort of oil (whatever is handy). They get used a lot on the stovetop, but also in the Kamado up to 600 degrees or so. Never have an issue with seasoning unless I use a lot of acidic liquid (lemon juice I find strips it down a bit).
  11. SmallBBQr

    Tri-tip Help and Suggestions

    Thanks for the tips/suggestions all. Ended up doing a sous-vide for 6 hours to 130 degrees. Plopped it on the grill running nice and hot and gave the outside a good searing. Was incredibly tender/juicy and nice and pink all the way through.
  12. The tri-tip is very rare (no pun intended) around here, but walking in Costco the other day, they have some sitting there!! Picked one up, but have never cooked one before. Going to have some people over for tri-tip, caesar salad, and miscellaneous other goodies. Looked at numerous recipes but seems there is a lot of variance. Really looking for the perfect way to cook it. What technique do you suggest? I can sous-vide then sear, reverse sear, slow cook, smoke, etc. Looking for that optimal / tested way! What say you?
  13. SmallBBQr

    Blaze Raised Rack?

    As the title says, does the Blaze have either out of the box or as an option a raised rack? I would like to go up in size from my keg from an 18" to a 20" or 21", but need a raised rack too. Also, how big of turkey could you fit on the blaze?
  14. SmallBBQr

    Stuck top

    I've got a Keg, but my top vent is always jammed/gummed up (much more so in winter than summer). I find this is good for air-flow though...nice tight seal. My regular startup process is to pull off the cover, use the blow torch for 10-15 seconds on the top vent (which loosens it right up), open the top vent, then start the charcoal etc. Like mentioned, a few high heat burn offs tends to clean it up for a while too....
  15. SmallBBQr


    Was out at lunch at found some "Grade A" ducks, and most were around the $24 mark...but also much larger than my $10 utility grade ones I've been using.