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  1. SmallBBQr

    Review Meta

    Just a (hopefully) PSA for all you online shoppers out there. If you are anything like me, you either use Amazon (or other sites) for many purchases. One of the big problems I increasingly have now though is sorting through product reviews - particularly FALSE ones ramping up the ratings of bad products. I see a lot more products out there with obviously falsified reviews and I wanted to dig deeper - I wanted to "review the reviews" so to say, but some have hundreds!! What I ran into was this site - https://reviewmeta.com So far, I am VERY impressed and running all my products through it. Some very very interesting results. Give it a try. Note, I have absolutely zero affiliation or anything to do with https://reviewmeta.com other than using it for my personal purchases. Hope you find it useful.
  2. SmallBBQr

    Indoor Chicken

    Is there some chicken under all that bacon?
  3. SmallBBQr

    Keto Diet

    I think weight loss plateaus are part of pretty well ANY diet. You can't get rid of fat cells once they are created and slowing metabolism is a killer. Good video to watch...
  4. SmallBBQr

    De Buyer Mineral B Element Pans

    Felt like I hijacked the thread. Deleted to post elsewhere.
  5. SmallBBQr

    De Buyer Mineral B Element Pans

    As an alternative and if you want to save a LOT of cash, check out the Thermalloy pans. Available unseasoned or pre-seasoned. This one was around $15 locally (Canadian). The "famous" brands here are 3-4x as much. Good balance of weight to heat very fast and also provide great sear as well. Built to last in a commercial environment.
  6. SmallBBQr

    Don't cry over spilled milk

    The crying will commence right about the same time the sour milk smell starts!
  7. SmallBBQr

    New KJ in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

    Cool. Pretty well lived my entire life in St. Albert and still work here. If I smell food cooking, I may just swing by!
  8. Yup. Have been using the torch method pretty well exclusively now for years. One small location for low/slow, or up to 3 spots for faster heat up times and higher temp searing/roasting. The cheapest propane cylinders work great.
  9. SmallBBQr


    I manage over 400 camera here where I work, and to be honest, 90% of the time we have an incident, they don't help catch anyone or provide any useful evidence. A ball cap and hoodie defeats the best of them. We get the odd person who is oblivious to the camera and not taking any measures to cover their face, but does not happen too often. We have cameras specifically set up to capture license plates as vehicles drive in/off our properties which have help more than actually getting a face. So, carefully consider how much you are willing to spend, vs the 10% chance you might get anything useful. They can be helpful for insurance claims and other issues as well though. Might be better off to put up "fake" cameras, and take measures like not leaving valuable in vehicles, better quality doors/locks, motion sensor lights/alarms etc.
  10. SmallBBQr

    Scissor Sharpening

    I have the Ken Onion edition Work Sharp and it has a specific guide for scissor sharpening. Works amazing (as well as for sharpening knives). Keep that bevel edge on the scissors sharp and good to go. Don't touch/hone the flat internal face of the blades.
  11. SmallBBQr

    Traeger Timberline Bad Reviews

    Based on some pretty iffy reviews I've been seeing, I've been holding off on the Timberline (considering the crazy price here in Canada as well). For that kind of money, it should be close to perfected. I'm also waiting to see what happens with Broil King's new pellet grill. It's also a bit on the pricey side (though cheaper than the Timberline) compared to many entry level models out there, but has a lot of great features - but like the Timberline...waiting to see if they can pull it off. https://www.barbecuecountry.com/grills-and-smokers/electric-grill/broil-king-smoketm-pellet-xl.html
  12. SmallBBQr

    Coconut Oil, “Pure Poison”. Say What?

    To be honest, don't really pay too much attention to the prices unless they feel out of whack...but Costco has large tubs (54oz) of coconut oil for somewhere around $12 I think. A little goes a long way with coconut oil as well so it last forever.
  13. SmallBBQr

    .:: OMG!!! ::.

    That means you only have like 30 minutes to drink your case of beer!!
  14. SmallBBQr

    Coconut Oil, “Pure Poison”. Say What?

    You have to watch the Grapeseed oils as some are highly refined, extracted using solvents and high pressure. The "better" ones are organic cold pressed. IMO though, grapeseed is still much too high in Omega-6 to be considered healthy - my high temperature go-to is Avocado oil (which I also use for salad dressing when I want a lighter taste than olive oil). We also use Walnut oil for salad dressing - amazing stuff for the flavour.