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  1. My brother in-law's mother is dying right now after contracting it. She lived in a retirement home and an employee apparently introduced it to the facility...they figure the one infected person will now result in numerous deaths there...
  2. I do not see why there would be any risk....even 180 is still safe (albeit slow) cooking temperature. I sous-vide at much lower temperatures for 48 hours or even longer. Perhaps I am ignorant of some other risk though....so disclaimer....*eat at your own risk*. Sorry....had to do it.
  3. As per the title...just wondering....if you have one of these, would you recommend or suggest otherwise? Looking for some sort of portable grill for camping this year and this is getting close to my short list. Still deciding propane vs. solid. Hard to go back to gas after cooking with lump, but convenience, and possible fire bans vs flavor top of list too...
  4. I'm not one to hold back on the constructive criticism as I expect no less from anyone else.... ...so, looks all right, but thinking your bottom temp was pretty good, but not the top-down? Can you post a pic of what your setup looks like? Without a pic, just a guess, but I'm thinking you need to up your overall temp a little, RAISE the cooking surface higher, while also maybe protecting / keeping a close eye on the bottom...it can be a tricky balance to find. i.e. bottom looks great, but top looks under-cooked a bit...but really hard to say from the pics and without a taste. No browning/charring on top of crust which is what I would want.
  5. *sigh* I'm always on the hunt for brisket point...definitely our favorite and never found alone around here. Not sure it is the *best* way, but my first thought is I would prepare it like any other brisket cook - season, smoke, probe, rest, eat!! Of course, that fatty cut could be prepared so many ways....
  6. I completely agree. I think a lot depends on the TYPE of fire, the temp, etc. etc....though I know not the specifics of what makes it taste good, vs what makes it taste acrid/burnt. There is that "flare up" which seems to spread amazing flavour, and the kind that just tastes bad...
  7. I do all my chicken (either parts, whole/spatched etc) over a foil drip pan (I hate burned chicken fat taste), and at no less than 425-450....always turns out great. Alternatively, I do it IN a cast iron pan (either in the oven or kamado) at 450ish. Pan sauce from the drippings is amazing.
  8. I finally got around to installing my sumosprings this week as well prepping for trailer time....incredibly pleased with the much more solid ride. Not stiff, just firm. Truck now easily handles the 350 pounds of sand I have in the back instead being soggy over the compression type bumps.
  9. Hmmmm......so how does one get hold of "Edmonton" sourdough starter? Do you deliver? I'm in the West end...
  10. +1 on the MAPP / Propane torch.... 1001 uses around the home.
  11. When setting up for low/slow, I set up like this: 1) Give the ash basket a shake and make sure bottom has some space for air. 2) Place 5-6 golf-ball sized wood chunks spaced out around bottom of pit - like the numbers on a clock. Not too close to the middle, but maybe one small piece in the middle as well. 3) Stack lump charcoal all over the top of the wood chunks. 4) Using torch, light a very small area in the top/middle of the pile of lump. 5) Place on my deflection plate (ceramic pizza stone covered in foil) and grills etc. 6) Bottom vent with just a small opening - about pencil sized like Walrus mentioned. 7) Place top vent at about a 4. Wait, wait, wait....usually over 1 hour. If I rush this part, it never goes well for me. 8) Once it get's closer to my desired temp, I drop the top vent to 2.5...maybe 2.25....temperature will rise just slightly more and then coast.... 9) QUICKLY drop in my brisket, butt etc....and open the lid as rarely as possible.
  12. Nice. I've been buying quite a few knives at the local thrift store (I watch for certain types to come in and pay about $2 for them) and then hand them out to all my friends/family who don't seem to understand how great a razor sharp knife is. I use my Work Sharp - Ken Onion sharpener on them and it's amazing actually how well almost of them hold an edge. I really want a smaller type Japanese cleaver but have never seen one come around...just the monster bone choppers!!
  13. Similar function, I just took delivery of some SumoSprings for my truck...will be installing as soon as weather permits.
  14. That's my go-to method now as well. No more getting up in the middle of the night or baby-sitting the fire. Much easier to time and results are very consistent if you have a fatty enough cut.
  15. I've done picanha (rump cap here) numerous few times now at home, and also had it a few time as part of the menu at pretty good Brazilian steakhouses in different cities, and to be honest, I really do NOT get what everyone loves about this cut, particularly when cooked the way it is traditionally done. I mean it's good, but not crazy good (at least for the price they want). To be honest, I also find most Brazilian steakhouses a little overrated in general too though... To me, it just needs more in preparation. A couple months back we saw it again at a local butcher and picked it up to try again with a different approach. I dry brined it for 24 hours with a heavier than usual amount of rock salt, then dropped it in the sous vide for six hours at 130 - purposely trying to break it down a bit more than usual. Then on to a 600 degree blazing grill for a fast sear and crisp up. All I can say is try it and compare...we enjoyed it much more.
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