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  1. Great Job on this....What was your total time and $ investment on supplies?
  2. Finally got time to start the restoration on the lower half...found that the one crack doesn't go all the way through and doesn't go all the way to the bottom...so good news. Stripped off the old gasket as well. Another user suggested high heat JB Weld for the crack.
  3. Well...had to do it....placed my Primo XL on her pedestal ahead of schedule. Replaced her gaskets and cleaned her up...nice hight for my 6'4" frame.
  4. And the heavy a$$ travertine caps are on..these buggers weighed 60 pounds each....72 hours to wait, then grout and seal. Still looking for something nice to place on the floor and walls in the middle. My blue tailed Kamado Company K7 restoration is going there. Ideas?
  5. Well after doing research...I had to go the hard route. Placing caps in the blocks and making sure it was level...done....best way to create a base for the travertine mud to adhere and not have to redo this.
  6. Excellent! What process and tool did you use to CLEANLY cut the granite?
  7. This is friggin genius! Hurry up and patent the design! I'm not joking.
  8. Made some great progress today. Found out I flubbed my Primo XL measuring and had to add another 8 inches to the right side. I also started placing the pavers on today.
  9. Fellow Guru's, This past week I have started my new cook area. Removed and cleaned everything before getting started. I Hauled in 1000lbs of cinderblocks and used construction adhesive to bind them, the rebared and poured concrete in a few columns for stability. I got super lucky wit finding bull nose travertine that is 2 inches thick for the tops. Two outer pedestals are 23.5x23.5x23.5 before adding the caps and will hold my Vision and Primo XL 400. The inner tier is 32x23.5x8 and will hous my Kamado Company K7 restoration. I'll be skinning the vertical walls with inch thick pavers.
  10. Hey everyone! I'm looking for advice as I plow through the restore of my lightly used Komado Company K7. It's new home is in Murrieta, California so it will get 30 degree weather in the winter and up to 115 degree weather for a month or so in the summer. This is much more extreme than its previous home in LA. Recommendations for protection? Current State: Completely disassembled for transport. Minor cracks found on the (2)firebox, (1)back of the lower, and (1) back of the upper. All are hairline cracks. Zero tiles missing or loose! The top spider is not rusted, and the t
  11. Hello everyone! I joined a while back, went dark, but I'm back now after finding needed knowledge on the old Kamado Company K7 restorations. I just picked one up in great shape, but needing a few minor gasket replacements. I've been cooking on my Vision Kamado and Primo XL400 for many years. I do the entire range from smoking to baking.
  12. I did mine a while back after a run-away pizza cook. I ordered the Nomex gasket upgrade from Vision for about $20. Getting the old one off was the hardest part of the project. Did a dry fit with the chimney and found the same spacing problem, but it fits much more snugly than the original gasket. Overall, i'm very happy with the Nomex gasket and had to do some minor adjustments to my lid so it closes correctly. About 2 hours of work!
  13. Vision's Nomex kit is $20 and worth every penny. I charred the original felt with my first pizza cookout. The Nomex has survived EVERYTHING i've thrown at it. Make sure you get the gasket replaced on the top vent too!!!
  14. I just went through the Warranty process on mine after my 6 year old broke the tab off.... yes, that is how flimsy the tack weld is on the SS cap. Vision is sending a new one out free, but i'll be buying the CI cap when this new one fails. The CI costs $40 from Vision. Just call Larie at Customer Service. 877-917-4273. Make sure you register your Vision Kamado!
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