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  1. Afternoon test session of ribs was awesome. Pit held 235 for 5 hours no problems. Did get a little hot at one point but brought itself back down I'm working on an overnight prok butt right now trying to hold it real low and slow. Sitting at 226 and holding for 2 hours now. Going to bed without a worry Very happy with the purchase
  2. Thanks guys. Ups says it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Excited to break it in. Will post results for sure
  3. Just ordered a pit master iq110 Very excited to have this unit for my akorn. I know there is a thread on the ring of fire method, but my question is about the top vents How open are yours with the iq110. Also the unit looks to have a damper control I am curious what setting most have success with there as well
  4. Anywhere between 500-700 degrees... Do you normally use the deflector when you cook your pizza or use two stones to set the pizza on I seem to have a bad problem with burning
  5. maybe i have just been a horrible burger cook
  6. i didnt have my maverick the first time I cooked them. I am going to use my maverick to make sure that i get up to 425ish today
  7. the first time i cooked burgers they had problems siticking to the cast iron grates what steps can i do that would prevent the burgers from sticking to those grates?
  8. Turned out amazing. Great smoke ring on it and incredibly moist. In the crockpot on the warm setting now until serving in about 4 hours or so
  9. Mines resting right now. I am making some soflaquer finishing sauce from the smoking meat forums
  10. did that was stressing out it being my first smoke and all. Got 4 solid hours. Fire dropped below 210 and Im currently bringing it back up before I goto bed for another 3 -3.5 hours. Cant wait to peek inside for the first time in the AM
  11. Got the temp back up quickly and then recused the vents and it is dropping again. So frustrating!!!! Can't find the right settings to maintain my tempature. I'm at a 1 on bottom and 1 on top and still dropping
  12. Temp is dropping. I had it at 230 and it has dropped 30 degrees in the last 35 minutes. Not sure if my fire is out or not. Opened up bottom vent to almost 2 to try and get it going agaon
  13. Ok pork butt is on. I also threw on some bones that I am going to smoke overnight as well for my parents dog Have bottom vent at .5, top vent is currently open to between .75 and 1. Once I hit 225 on the temp I am going to reduce it to .5 on the top and hope it stabilizes and we have an awesome overnight cook
  14. Smoker is at 232 once it reaches 240 I'm going to stabilize it and put the meat on
  15. Smoker is heating up. Stalled about 214 right now trying to get it up to 240 before I put the meat on so it settles around 225 or so afterward
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