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  1. Out here in central CA, just found for $74 at Wally World as well. Gave my Akorn that I got for something like $90, again at Wally World to son who moved out. He loves it, and I figured the Jr. would be great for little cooks for my shrinking household, don't always have to break out the big Vision ceramic kamado. Love these things. If you have a WalMart, keep cruising the outdoor areas, they make crazy decisions sometimes. The one I gave away, they'd had marked down to about $140 or something or other for a long while. One day I was BS'ing with the dept. mgr and asked why they couldn't
  2. Just picked up the last Vision Classic at my local Costco yesterday, went by on whim to see if any left, now down to $399 and couldn't help myself. Feeling a little buyers remorse as I just bought an Akorn in June or so, but the 18 y.o. son and buddies tried to move it with the rear wheel locked and knocked it over on it's face, so until I can find a guy that does auto body work to try and get it back to round, it'll have to be a mostly high temp unit. The packing job is excellent, so far looks pretty good, now I can put together my Wally World end of season clearance BBQ gazebo and start
  3. Here's one for you fellas. Wife and I made a big mistake in getting away for a few days, left my Akorn and my dogs home with our idiot 17 y.o. son. Guess what? He and his idiot buddies tried to move it with the rear wheel locked. Of course it fell on it's face and is now no longer a smoker, big ole gap between the lid and the body, not even close to sealing any more. I guess I can keep it as a high heat open cooker, but I fear it's dead for low and slow. I'm not the handiest guy in the world, probably not the worst either, but does anyone think that it'd be possible to try and bang it ba
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