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  1. What did you use to cut it Tom? Any tips?
  2. I am glad I saw this thread. I have had my Classic B for 2 years and gave up on it after a few months. I DID buy it on clearance at Sam's after reading so many positive reviews here and I waited for the clearance in fact as it was to be a secondary grill to my Primo XL which I love and no problems with. I DID expect to have to modify the ash catch tray, bottom vent and top vent just like I did on my Akorn, and I did so. It will not hold a temp below 340*. Period! I tried every trick I had learned in 3 years of Kamado style grilling short of rebuilding the grill itself and I am no engineer, and it just will not cook low and slow. Several failed cooks later, i just parked it on my deck at the river and I always use my gasser there instead. I have decided tonight to try removing the dome shocks as suggested here, and I also pulled the trigger on a Flame Boss for it. Yeah, I only spent $400 bucks on it but right now, it's no better than a $40 briquet special from the dollar store so might as well try again to make it usable. I just did not expect to have spend over $300 to make a $400 grill do what it is supposed to do. I do have renewed hope though!
  3. Thanks guys, I have only used it twice so far due to the crazy heat hear in Oklahoma. Average heat index the past month or so has been 105 -112. I love grilling but hate the heat more. I did do 5lbs of boneless chicken thighs, a few burgers and dogs and half a dozen chops and some zuchinni last night though. Love the flexibility and room to be able to cook multiple meat types at the same time. They all turned out great.
  4. So the cook went great! Blown away with how easy it is to dial in and lock down temps with this grill. I had read comments about how it is like setting the temp on an oven and scoffed a bit but it is a pretty fair analogy. The butt came out super juicy, tender and great smoke ring and flavor. I am mortified that forgot to get a pic of the finished product on the grill though. So sorry! I realized that I had forgotten just as I finished pulling it with my Bear paws. The family loved it and best of all, I have leftovers!! The cook took 21 hours, pulled off at 203* and rested for an hour before pulling, but was totally worth it and I had a blast doing it! A few pics below. And many great cooks to come! A little blurry but close up of the smoke ring. Carolina style pulled pork sandwich with vinegar slaw and home mage Carolina vinegar sauce, traditional with Stubbs Spicy BBQ sauce, grilled veggies and green beans. And...put to bed. A good nights rest for a good day, and nights work.
  5. Thanks guys! I put the butt on at 930 last night, went to bed at 11, woke up for restroom break at 3 and went back to bed thinking, "I trust the Primo, I am not even going to check it.' After a moment, I figured that was just silly, so took a peak at the thermometer and still rock solid at 226*. Woke up at 630 this morning, made coffee and stepped out to see what we have after 9 hours. 223* and meat at 158*. I opened the daisy wheel a tad and now two hours later it is coming out of the stall at 163* and smoking at 232*. All is right with the world
  6. So the day has finally come. I debated whether to make a new thread or just add to my request for setup and tips but I didn't want to clog it up for anyone else in the future who may search for that type of question/thread. So I brought home my table today and I got to tell you, I have been sweating setting the new grills into the table, so worried someone or myself would slip, or lose their grip or something and drop one of them and BOOM! Happy to report it went well and both are safely nested. I bought this old workbench off craigslist for 45 bucks. I sanded the whole thing down, laid out and cut the holes for the grills and then stained and put 4 coats of Spar Urethane weather sealer on it. It is not perfect by any means, the bottom shelf is way too low but it looks good and is functional and I had the fun of restoring it myself. All in for about 85 dollars and sweat equity. Saved enough over a Primo stainless cart to buy the second grill and I like this better overall. Assembled everything and went to load the coal and found that my storage container had a crack and last nights thunderstorm had soaked my stock. Off the lovely wife goes to pick me up a new bag of Royal Oak. I salted my butt last night and while she is gone, I add my homemade rub to it and let it sit. She gets back and I fire up the Primo. Goes without a hitch and after the flame is established, I set my vents at what I think will be in the ballpark. I am absolutely blown away when 5 minutes later it locks in at 225 and does not budge for the next 30 minutes! On my old akorn, it always took 30 minutes or more to lock in a temp. Very pleased!!!! I load my applewood and drip pan and the butt and off she goes for an overnight stay. Tune in tomorrow for the results.... They will never be this clean again Hahahahahaha! Got to represent! Go Steelers!! Must say I am a bit disappointed at the fit of the diffusers. Big gap in the center, I know it won't make any real difference but expected more from Primo. And so it begins! 10 lb butt going on...We'll see what it looks like in the morning!
  7. Thanks everyone! I am super excited about it. It has been a whirlwind week getting everything together. I have been working on my table every spare minute after and before work. Finally finished it last night at the shop and will bring it home and set the grills in it tomorrow evening after work. Then it's smoking time! Going straight into an overnight cook on the shoulder on the Primo. I feel that confident in it's abilities. I will definitely get some pictures of the setup and final resting places for the girls and share them with you all. One of the hardest parts was worrying about the Primo arriving broken from shipping but it showed up yesterday safe and sound. Now my only worry is setting them both in the table without something getting dropped!
  8. The Sam's Club by me had it for 400 if I pick it up. 500 for delivery. Researched online and not every Sams Club had it for those prices. Apparently the price can fluctuate somewhat from Club to Club. I'm new to Sam's Club. Same here in Tulsa. We have 3 different clubs here and only one of them had them for $399 with in store pickup only. Bought one a couple of days ago. First one was shattered but they swapped it right out for me without issue.
  9. No your problem is not the firebox. The problem is not enough pepperoni on the pizza!
  10. Well done Sir, sounds like everyone enjoyed your hard fun...err work.
  11. My story is very similar to yours. My best friend also has a Primo XL and after my first kamado style grill wore out, an Akron, I was in the market for a new big 3 grill. I watched tons of videos and read tons of threads online. I came down to a choice between the Big Joe and Primo XL. I am positive I would have been happy with either one. For me it came down to the oval design as I do a lot of big rack St. Louis style ribs and two turkeys on Thanksgiving and the oval design just fits that style of cooking better for me. I also preferred the black over the red fwiw. Like most of the above have said, you can hardly go wrong with any of your finalists. For me, I looked at what I like to cook and chose the grill that I thought would fit my style, and what I like to cook the best. I paid $1655 for my Primo with all of the accessories, $100 for the materials to make a table for it and the Big Joe was $1599 so not too much difference.
  12. So my 2 1/2 year old Kamado Kooker (Akorn's Grandfather) that I bought on clearance to try out the whole Kamado thing has rusted out to the point that I can no longer hold temps under 300*. It still grills a dam fine burger, steak or spatchcock chicken but no more low and slow so it is being taken to the shop for a work grill. I was hooked on this style of grilling and smoking from about the 5th cook on it and have produce the best grilled, smoked, BBQ'd meats and veggies of my life on it. So I have been putting a little back since I became sold on the concept preparing for this day. So tomorrow my new Primo Oval XL 400 arrives along with all of the Primo accessories for it. I also picked up a clearance Vision Classic B as well for those times where I need a 2nd grill for extreme temp differences and made a custom table to hold them both. Yeah, you might say I am all in with this new lifetime setup! So I am wondering if anyone has any setup, break-in, or just plain old 'new to a Primo' tips or suggestions as I have only cooked Kamado style on an Akorn style grill in the past. I have a 9lb pork shoulder ready to go for the maiden voyage 4 days from now. The family loves my pulled pork! Thanks in advance for your input.
  13. Great find! I just picked up a Vision classic B on clearance from Sam's to back up my new Primo XL but would have preferred the smaller M if I could have found it at the same or lower price. Glad he is enjoying it!
  14. Thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions. I really considered just getting a Weber as CeramicChef suggested. So that I could pull out when needed and thus preserve my table space but I have dreamed of a double Kamado grill setup for a couple of years now. After looking at the Duluth pictures more closely, I didn't like the limitations of the single grate laying on top of the diffuser or firebox, so I decided to go all in and bought the Vision Classic B from Sam's, I pick it up tomorrow and the Primo will be delivered two days later. I should finish my table 2 days after that and then set it all up. The following day is Sunday, my day off and I have a nice butt waiting for some low and slow love on the Primo, and will pick up some fresh veggies to break in the Vision on. I saved enough by doing the table myself over buying a Primo stainless table/cart or small cypress table to pay for the second grill so happy with the over all investment. I should be set for life now in Kamado heaven
  15. I just upgraded my 3 year old Akorn to a new Primo Oval XL wich will be here in a few days. I am building a custom table for it and really like the idea of adding a 2nd Kamado in a smaller size for 2nd temp cooks. I can get the Visions classic B currently on sale at Sam's for $399 but part of the attraction of a 2nd grill is a smaller size for faster heat up times for last minute cooks. Cost is a consideration considering how much I spent on the Primo and all of the accessories. Saw this grill on amazon at 16.5" grate size which seemed ideal. Looking for feedback on it. Trying to decide to take a chance on an unknown or go with the Visions which is a good grill with some tweaking at a great price, but a little larger than I would like. https://www.amazon.com/Duluth-Forge-Ceramic-Charcoal-Kamado/dp/B01DV7U2TC/ref=sr_1_29?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1470003509&sr=1-29&keywords=ceramic+grill
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