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  1. I forgot to mention this part... I was convinced that I had a paper receipt for the first Akron I bought from Lowes and I just couldn't find it. I'm pretty good at keeping receipts, so was shocked that I couldn't find it... Fast forward a couple of years and I had to register my second Akron, so I took pictures of the receipt and kept the warranty confirmation email in a receipts folder in my email. Well I was looking through that receipts folder and I found the Lowes email receipt from my first Akorn...I forgot that I had to actually order it from Lowes... Yep - keep those receipts and emails!
  2. Hi, I thought I would share my story and maybe it will help some decide to get an Akorn or not.... About 7 years ago a friend of mine at work who knew I enjoyed pork BBQ was telling me all about his Green Egg. I did some investigation and knew that 1K was too much to spend on a grill but the Akorn looked interesting. I purchased one at Lowes. I had only cooked on gas grills, so using charcoal was new to me. It was steep learning curve, but eventually I figured it out. I also purchased a Tip Top Temp, that changed low and slow cooks for me. After about 3 years I noticed the typical rust around the ash pan. I wasn't worried about it because it was under warranty and I had the receipt. I couldn't find the receipt, so now I had a decision to make...fix it or upgrade to a ceramic grill. I decided to go ceramic, but I still didn't want to spend 1k. After some research I settled on a Vision Classic B. (I ended up selling this Akorn on Craigslist...surprisingly a former co-worker bought it, but I didn't who it was until he came to pick it up) I ordered the Vision from Sam's and I was really impressed with it. It included a lot of nice features for a good price. The top vent much larger than the Akorn so I had to make an adapter to use the TTT, but I don't think it ever worked that great. After cooking with Vision, I noticed that it consumed more charcoal to the point that on low and slow cooks, I would actually have to reload it with charcoal at about the 9 hr mark. This actually changed how I cooked pork butts and briskets...since I had to reload with charcoal, I would just wrap the meat in foil and cook in direct heat until it an internal temp of around 200. By doing it this way, I could have the meat ready at a specific time which meant no more overnight cooks. Maybe another year went by and I noticed a new Akorn in the box sitting in the garden center at Wal-Mart. It was there at least 6 month, before I decided to ask about it. Without me even asking for a discount, they were willing to sell it to me for 60% off. I couldn't pass on that deal so I bought it I decided to put it together and rotate between the Vision and Akorn to see which one I liked better. The Akorn heated up faster, used less charcoal, and with the TTT, the temp control was very good. After a couple of months I decided to sell the Vision and keep the Akorn... I haven't regretted that decision...I know I will face that same rust issue at some point, but I am fine buying the replacement parts... I know everybody has a different opinion about this grills, but I feel good about cooking anything on my Akorn.
  3. Hey! I have had the same issue with my classic b. I gave up on overnight cooks and just cook at a higher temp and use foil. I had a Akorn before this grill and overnight cooks were very easy when using a tip top temp. I tried using the tip top temp with the vision but that didn't work either. If you figure out something please let us know. -65PP
  4. After taking another look this morning,,,it does just look like some type of build up. I cleaned with foil, and it looks ready to go for the next cook
  5. Hi...I noticed my dome was peeling last night while I was cooking some pizzas. A piece of this black stuff fell on the ground, and it felt like a rubberized coating. I have only had my Akorn for about 3 months.
  6. I have not purchased bought a probe yet, so I was just using the dial in the lid. I have read that it could be 50 degrees off... Do you good receipe for chicken including grill settings? Thanks!
  7. One more thing...my wife questioned this purchase...so need I need to produce some results! Thanks again
  8. Thanks for the responses! My thought is that I am not using enough charcoal. So is there multiple start up procedures depending on what you are going to cook? I used lighting blocks so far..
  9. Just bought the Akorn last week, and I need some pointers - I have never cooked with charcoal before - Lowes put it together for me I did my seasoning cook, and the dome temp never got past 300. I thought I did not use enough charcoal. A day later I cooked some pork chops, and the dome temp never got past 375 with the bottom vent and top vent wide open. So my question is why is the grill not getting as it should with the vents open ? Also, I am using stubbs lump charcoal.. Thanks for any advice..
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