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  1. I have had the Akorn since it first came out and absolutley love it. From hi to low heat cooks it is awesome. The smoking stone is a worth while investment as well. I will be cooking up some stromboli on mine this weekend. I have had no air leak issues with mine. Go get yours now!
  2. The smoking stone is well worth the investment. I used a clay saucer prior to the, but I really like this much better. Just looks impressive. I use it on almost all of my cooks unless they are high temp quick sears. Thne I use a different setup.
  3. Thanks for the link. I think I need to do that this weekend as well. That dipping sauce they made sounds very good as well.
  4. Get it good and hot for a bit, then use the typical wire BBQ brush. Recoat with oil and reseason. All better!
  5. I called Char Griller directly. The Smokin' Stone is $29.00 plus shipping. You can purchase it over the phone by calling (912) 638-4724. They were very nice and completed my order in just a few minutes. Mine came to $41.00 with shipping.
  6. That looks awesome JM. Will be trying that over the weekend if I can not get the stuff to make it any sooner that is.
  7. What did you do to cut the onion like that for the blossom??
  8. Just ordered my smoking stone. This past weekend my 16" clay saucer cracked after a 5 hour cook at 350 or so. Will be curious how this is versus the clay saucer. Will post my thoughts after I use it.
  9. Glad to hear the burgers came out awesome. Just to pass something along to you I recently got a gadget that works ver good for great burgers as well. It is called The Burger Pocket Press. Makes a rea inside the burgers that you can put your fixins, seal it, grill it and enjoy. Tkaes the burger to another level. Hereis the link to the site. Check it out! http://burgerpocketpress.com/
  10. Hey All...I have done many a pork butt for pulled pork and want to try something different this weekend. I want to do some sort of beef roast that I can do a low and slow cook with and then pull for a BBQ sandwich. What is my best bet for a hunk of meat to get? Thanks!
  11. So far I have used my clay saucer for about at least a dozen or so low and slow cooks and have had no issues with cracking. Maybe at higher temp cooks it could be an issue. I may have to pick up the CG diffuser if you all say it is worth it. I like gadgets and if it is only 30 bucks or so what the heck!
  12. Just curious how much they want for the stone? I have been very happy with my charcoal grate and 16 inch clay saucer. Really helps keep the temps stable for low and slow.
  13. Hey John...great ideas here so far. Like the last design, but how about doing up the simple outline like you have going on there to be a kamado with the lid open and lettering inside just as it is???
  14. See here: http://kamadoguru.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=251 excellent idea. Thank you John. This shall be a weekend project.
  15. What is this "searing basket" you speak of???"
  16. Welcome aboard. Lots of good info to be had here!
  17. That looks awesome. Will put that on my to do list.
  18. I am a fan of indirect for spatched yardbird myself at 350-400.
  19. If all else fails and you can not get it out still remove the firebox and use a shop vac to remove the ashes! That is what I do anyway.
  20. No way I know of to calibrate it either. I just use it as a reference for the most part. Use my Maverick for an accurate grate temperature.
  21. Nice!!! Haven't seen these before, looks like they would make flipping kabobs a breeze. Sure does, and you can make lots of cools shapes to impress your guests while they are on the grill!
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