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  1. I've never cooked specially for my pups but they eat BBQ food almost every day. Mostly leftovers.
  2. I created this BBQ sauce recipe because I dislike almost all commercial brands due to the sugary sweetness and the added smoke flavoring. I like my smoke flavor to be natural, from slow wood smoking. 1- 28oz can Tomato puree. (Cento is the best brand Ive found) 3-cloves finely chopped garlic 2oz finely chopped onion 3-tsp prepared whole grain mustard. (I used my favorite Sierra Nevada stout mustard) 1-tsp Old Bay seasoning blend (Old Bay has many wonderful ingedients) 1-tsp Cumin powder 3-tsp Worcestershire sauce 4- tsp Balsamic vinegar (because balsamic is naturally sweeter and smoother) 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 3 oz Aged Tequila (or Whisky if you prefer) Add some chili heat now if you like Heat all ingredients very slowly to 190F to cook off alcohol and marry the flavors.
  3. Ive cooked hundreds of times on my Akorn with just the dome temp guage. It suits me just fine.
  4. Wow, That's like a cross between a pizza and a calzone. I gotta try some of those soon.
  5. Recently I brought home a Tri tip. I trimmed it, seasoned it well and then something came up to interrupt my BBQ plans, so I wrapped it and froze it. Then I later cooked it from stone frozen on my CG Akorn. It was of my best-ever Tri tips.
  6. To make smashburgers you start with a raw meatball and then using a spatula you press the meatball down onto a very hot griddle. Smash it flat and hold it down hard to get maximum browning all over the underside before flipping.
  7. Can you dry age individual steaks with those bags or must you age a larger cut first?
  8. I baked a large potato till fork tender, then smashed it in the cast iron pan, seasoned with S&P, dotted with bits of butter, then covered with grated cheese and chopped onion. Then I put it in the Akorn till hot and browned and then dressed it up with sour cream and bacon bits. This is my favorite potato dish.
  9. I smoked the 2.75 # Tri tip to ~225 and then rested in foil. Here it is resting-- I cranked up the heat to sear the meat and brown the hot crashers-- Ready to eat now
  10. Beautiful color on that food. It looks mouthwatering good.
  11. I've owned my Akorn for 3 full years now and it's holding up very very well. I'm used it hundreds of times and it hasnt failed me yet. I never did any mods to it and it still holds temps well and no rust. Ive never covered it but it lives permanently at the edge of a patio cover.The warming rack got stuck and I wrecked it by forcing it out. I only empty the ashes every 5-6 cooks. I burn mostly Trader Joes natural briqs plus sometimes lump. Ill bet it will last me another 3 years and I'll probly buy another. It's that good.
  12. My 4.5 lb ribeye roast is all ready for the smoker. I'm using the reverse sear method that is recommended by Meathead Goldwyn of Amazingribs.com and Thermowrks as well. They have scientific reasoning behind each of the preparation steps that I have followed. 1. Leave the bones off. 2. Remove most exterior fat and silverskin. 3. Dry brine by liberal salting roast a day in advance. 4. Truss roast with twine to make the roast more uniformly round. 5. Smoke at low temp to ~115 internal. 6. Sear in a very hot oven to~130 7 Rest and slice. Here is the pre-cook pic:
  13. I'm a big fan of the Deckle. I hope I see these at my local Costco soon.
  14. That is a beautiful money photo. I'm gonna bet it tasted every bit as good as it looks. Well done, sir.
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