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  1. Go for it!!! I have an Akorn Jr and it's a great little grill. Not to heavy to lug around for tailgating or a beach day or BBQing on the front porch when it's raining or snowing too much to light up the Joe Classic.
  2. Hope that no one "shoots the messenger" if all these orders get cancelled!!
  3. Ok fine, I just ordered a second one as well!! Just in case!!
  4. Ok, not sure how this is possible, but I ordered it anyhow... https://www.amazon.com/Grill-Dome-GDS-BK-Infinity-Kamado/dp/B01GLERZL0/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1486749451&sr=8-11&keywords=kamado Came to 71.81 tax and shipping included.
  5. Here's Jr. Got a shout from some friends Sat morning to see if we were free for supper... told them that we would go as long as we could make supper for them as I had a pork loin injected with apple juice, rubbed with garlic and a Kansas city style rub. Packed Jr in the truck and off we went. Used an old stainless steel tray from an old toaster oven as a deflector. It was tasty!!
  6. Yup, taking the pictures with my iPhone... so that could be the problem. I'll try to take them in landscape from now on. I'll try it out when JR arrives today... UPS tracking says out for delivery!!!
  7. If it was the one in Chambly, then yes it was me.... . What did you end up getting??
  8. Hey there, been following this forum since the spring when I was researching the CG Akorn. I wasn't prepared to shell out 1000$ on a ceramic, so I picked one up at Lowes in Vermont, brought it home to Canada and then the following week I brought it back to the US to our campground in the Adirondacks I spent the weekdays planning what I was going to cook at camp on the following weekend... As fall was approaching I was wondering how I was going to go without my grill all winter... I have a Napolean gas grill at home, but once you've switched to charcoal, there was no going back. As I was looking for a deal on a ceramic... was debating a Vision from Canadian Tire, but it never went more than 50$ off... and finally I spotted a used Kamado Joe on Kijjiji. It was only 1 year old and had the grill extender and cover with it for 700$. And now thanks to this forum, I ordered an Akorn Jr from Walmart Canada for 98$... Should have it by next week. Thank you to all who post on here!! Lots of great information!! Any way to rotate the images ??
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