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  1. A friend of mine caught a verizon offer during sxsw i think he texted verizon they responded with a return time and he got some franklins BBQ for free.
  2. I agree i locked in the big joe at 1am at 225 put on a pork butt. No monitoring devices to wake me and 8am still at the same temp.
  3. All my slats are cracked on my big joe too.
  4. I made 2 gallon bags worth 3 days ago and now only a gallon remains, those darn kids are eating it too fast.... Just picked up a 10lb roast I will show them!!!!
  5. I am actually making some right now. It has been awhile and I have a professional deli slicer but I fear I sliced it way too thin to put in the kamado so I guess I will just use the dehydrattor and next time cut it thicker so I can smoke it for an hour before I dehydrate it. here is the recipe my family has used for decades 5lbs thinly sliced meat 1.5 C worcestershire 1.5 C soy sauce 1 C Cider Vinegar 1 C A1 Sauce 1 C Teriyaki .5 C Brown sugar 1 tbsp salt 4 tsp Garlic Powder 4 tsp Onion Powder 2 tsp liquid smoke 2 tsp black pepper sprinkle black pepper on meat on drying trays
  6. Thank you for your picture of your reciept I used that to get HD to match the reciept and picked up 20 bags. Should have picked up 40 bags for 8 bucks but then the wife might have said something. Now if the costco road show could come back to town so I can pic up something smaller than the big joe so these 20 bags would last longer......
  7. I use to live by my food saver but have found double wrapping meat in Saran wrap then double wrapping in aluminum foil does a superior job IMHO.
  8. 9 years old and still white on the inside nice find!
  9. Don't ever regret the big joe purchase. Looks like your ready for your second purchase If i got a classic i can see the big joe getting dusty because why use it except for long big smokes, oh and pizza? I tried to split the firebowl and couldn't get it over 350. Maybe i have some bad sams club lump.
  10. My joe has looked like yours i have had to use a torch to melt the ice in the top vent a few times this winter. And it takes forever for the big joe to heat up in the cold makes me somewhat regret not getting a classic that and all the extra lump i am using.
  11. I don't use cornmeal and it cooks on the parchment the whole time. Then I slide the parchment right onto a cutting board. After the pizza is eaten the parchment seems to disintegrate like a mission impossible intro.
  12. My weekly ad had a coupon insert on the front page for 5.99/lb for one of them
  13. In case it is in your area albertsons and King soopers has ribeye roast for 5.99 while supplies last. albertsons is bone in and king soopers is not. limit 1 per customer.
  14. Def right about the smoky gravy after cutting it 3:1 we made a non smoke gravy for those with a bland pallet. Loved it at 3:1 and all the food came out great. Next time i will have the breasts face down since the roasting pan deflected so much.
  15. So the aeromatics will be 4garlic cloves, 4 sage leaves, 4 thyme sprigs, 4 parsley sprigs, 1 onion, pepper, salt, chicken broth. Can i place the drip pan under the turkey rack or should i do the turkey in the roaster? I do want to make gravy from it.....Also how long should i wait to put the roast on after the turkey? Given the size difference it is a 4 lb roast and a 14 lb turkey. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Now back to the beef stew i am making for dinner.
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