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  1. kinguling

    Homemade Ash Shaker (picture heavy)

    forgot to mention, I have KJ Classic and it's just fine.
  2. kinguling

    Kickash basket

    For $35.95 buy Titan's Stainless Steel charcoal basket. Just received mine last week and used it over the weekend smoking ribs for six hours and really happy with it. I think the only difference is the width of the basket which is 14" to 15" for the KAB. that extra space gives you more airflow. I love mine and it's just less than half the price of KAB. Plus one year warranty.
  3. kinguling

    Homemade Ash Shaker (picture heavy)

    Just received my titan charcoal basket and used it over the weekend. Very happy thought it's an inch narrower but i believe it creates more airflow that way. Half the price of KAB.
  4. @boxmaster, where can i buy a steel mesh? i like the mod you did with the grate.