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    Weber OTG. w/ Cast Iron grates + Smokenator, Hover Grill and Pitmaster IQue 110 temperature control.
  1. I have had my Costco Classic for 14 months. I use it regularly through all seasons and all weather (St. Louis, MO). I cook from 225 to 550 degrees. I have not had any issues with my Classic other than moisture in the thermometer. Customer service (Laurie) promptly sent me a replacement. Everything works and looks good including the stock cover . It cooks so well and is so easy to use that I can't imagine parting with it.
  2. They really need to hire or fire a copy writer for the website.. The product descriptions make my hair hurt. I agree the website is difficult. However, if you are an owner of a Vision, the site quickly points you to the "Adjustable Rig Spider Pro". Before I made my purchase I called. I was thinking about adding an additional 13" x 17" grid but the President, David Vogds, talked me into starting with the "Adjustable Rig Spider Pro". I followed his recommendation and am completely satisfied with it. He gave me the impression he wanted to help the customer make the correct choice. Les
  3. I bought the same minus the extender right after I bought my classic 'B' in June. I love it. To figure it out I studied the Ceramic Grill website's photo gallery. About the only time I do not use the rig is when searing steaks. For all else I use the adjustable rig. For low and slow (225 - 275) place the stone on the ring and the 13" x 17" grid up high. You can also put the Vision grill on top and the 13" x 17" one step below for room for more ribs. I use the same setup with the stone low + grid up high set at 375 degrees for chicken. I have only used the wok once r but it worked very well. The combination of the Vision and adjustable rig is a great match. Les
  4. Yep - Dremel cutoff wheel did the trick for me. As a design engineer (electrical), I have to wonder what was going through the guy's mind when they designed the upper rack. Was the grate even put into the grill and evaluated before the design documents were released to manufacturing?Of course, something else may have changed in the grill design, like the height of the top of the fire box, and they did not go back and change the grate. It happens all the time when multiple people work on a project and don't communicate. Must have been a mechanical engineer! Wherever I work I expect 1st generation engineering releases to have room for improvement. The key in my mind is to recognize this condition and respond with appropriate revisions. Like what Toolman_Johnny has demonstrated.
  5. I too just saw this thread. Is it too late to join in?
  6. Thank you all for sharing your experience. You give me a perspective I could only find and trust here within this group. While the Vision is not perfect the price, user satisfaction and customer service are very compelling.
  7. A few days ago a sales rep at Sherwin William's advised me about deck stains. Cabot's Australian Timber Oil and other "Natural" deck stains do not last as long as translucent or opaque stains. The more opaque the longer a stain will last. I re-coat my cedar deck with Cabot's Natural annually (5 years now). For that reason I am going to switch to a translucent deck stain. I hope to get a year or two more between coats.
  8. Currently I am a Machining Division Manager in Aerospace. Prior to that I was IT manager for 20 years.
  9. I Made 3 of these off of this video. The boards are great. Very durable and easy on the blade. They do take time but Mark's directions are spot on. Les
  10. When this site started I had seen the Akorn but considered it an oddity. At that time I was adding many capabilities to my Weber 22.5" such as the Smokenator, Craycort cast iron grates, and iQue temperature controller. Your videos convinced me to buy the Akorn and it has proven itself invaluable in low and slow cooking. I find the Weber plus Akorn as complimentary. Now you add the Kamado Joe to your stable and I smile. I have been eyeing the Kamado Joe too, so once again you are a step ahead of me. Please continue sharing your journey with us.
  11. I recommend the below link to help you to control your temperature. It may take a little practice to dial into a setting for your kamado. I practiced without food in the kamado a couple times on weekend mornings. Also you are correct in needing a deflector. I have two, a pizza pan and a stone. I use them both. The pizza pan is good to deflect and still keep temps a bit higher for chicken while the stone holds temps lower and more consistent for a pork butt or pork ribs. Finally frequent this group. The more I read the more I learn. This is a great resource. viewtopic.php?f=22&t=637&hilit=low+and+slow+fire
  12. Hello neighbors, I'm from St Louis too. Born here and will retire here. Spent several years in Rolla for college, dchance. Loved Rolla as well. I bought my Akorn at Lowes. Replaced the gaskets. Attached my iQue to better control the temps for the long, low and slow cooks. I plan on cooking a couple pizzas on it tonight.
  13. We held off buying one for a long time but now that we have it we wouldn't do without. They are quick, easy to use and keep clean. We often buy meat in bulk and break it down to meal sizes in the sealer before putting it in the freezer. By vacuuming out the air you eliminate almost all freezer burn. It is also very handy for freezing up left overs. Use a sharpie to ID and date it before you through it in the freezer. When you take it out of the freezer you may elect to reheat it by throwing the sealed bag in a pot of water and bringing it to a boil. That's convenient and you do not dry out the food.
  14. I have an iQue 110 which I originally bought for my Weber OTG and later adapted to the Akorn. Pitmaster is in the St Louis area and I went to their store to pick up my order. When John Kennington, the owner, learned I was adapting to the Akorn he switched me to a new adapter that fits perfectly. I snaps into the lower vent without any modifications. Now when I am through with my low and slow cook I remove the adapter and place it in a box with the iQue and my Maverick 732. Nice and tidy. Since it is new I suggest you call in your order to make sure they get the right adapter. By the way all the above advise is rock solid. I tightened up the air leaks in the Akorn a couple months ago and then when I struggled with overshooting with the iQue I adopted the progressive shooting technique. I can now hold +/- 5 degrees.
  15. Would it be better to put the stone on the grill grate while the Kooker heats up? I think this might reduce the thermal shock to the stone. Or is it the high temp alone that threatens the stone?
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