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  1. I Googled it. "How to make bacon bowls" Looks like you're on the right track, but most put foil on the inverted muffin tins, then did the criss cross pattern with the bacon. Good luck!
  2. Looks to me like you're paying high dollar for the bracket that the 24 LED flashlight fits into. The light looks like something I've seen before at Walmart or somewhere similar. I did find one...$6.29 for the light. That's my 2 cents. http://www.dx.com/p/24-led-3-led-2-mode-white-light-with-hanging-hook-and-magnet-3-aaa-44073#.U176vZPD_VI
  3. Loving my Akorn and this forum! I noticed during assembly that the 'warming basket' wasn't straight. Looks like the mounting part is welded crooked, therefor the basket leans. I have been putting my pizza stone on the basket so that it is further up in the dome for cooking pizza. Has worked great, but the lean makes for uneven cooking. Bought a couple bolts, nuts and washers and made legs for the basket. I think this will work. Any thoughts? Comments? Oh yeah, got my Maverick 732 yesterday! Life is good, gonna get better when I put the Maverick to work!
  4. I just joined in the past couple of weeks and have learned a lot already! Like a few of the other members told me, Welcome to the addiction! I haven't smoked anything yet, but have always wanted to build a pizza oven, now I don't have to. Trying to decide what to do this weekend....thinking ribs. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks to everyone that has welcomed me to the forum. You're all correct, this site is awesome! I'm reading and learning. Today, I was gonna go big, but wifey wanted wings. So....we had wings. They were awesome. Cooked well, not burnt. Head Country BBQ Sauce. Yum! Only problem was controlling the temperature. But for my trial run, I can't complain. Gotta get a Maverick.
  6. Just put together my Akorn Kamado grill last night. Haven't even seasoned it yet, but excited. Have always had the standard grill and separate smoker. Been watching videos, reading forum notes. Did I say I was excited? Wifey is too. That's a good thing! Rob23322 (Chesapeake, VA)
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