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  1. Dave Bell

    Hi from Mount Maunganui New Zealand

    Hi, Thanks for the tip i am going to get one. I have the Weber baskets and sit them on the ceramic plate, they work fine. nice grill marks on the burgers, but don't give much grill space.
  2. Dave Bell

    maintaining temperature

    Ummmmm ............ No Low n slow is all about getting the proper amount of lump lit and proper vent settings for your individual kamado. Yes the snake can be easier to accomplish that (I've used the snake in the past) but eventually you'll figure it out and then you won't have to worry about building a snake. LOL (@ myself) last night I did a snake with charcoal lump. Not enough mass so it kept going out. Made a volcano with one lighter block bottom vent on half and top almost closed (1/8" gap)but couldn't get temp under 180 after 3-4 hrs. Total cook 5 1/2 hrs with Kingfish (Amberjack tuna) and Kahawai. Really nice, moist and smoky. Internal temp 160. Most of the lump left. In the first post above I used peat bricks. They seem to burn at a lower temp and keep burning. They are natural but smell strong, like a petroleum smell, which puts me off a little. No taste of that in the food. I tried the peat for steak but couldn't get a high sear temp. So maybe different fuel for different cooks? Love my Akorn.
  3. Dave Bell

    maintaining temperature

    Buy a digital thermometer which gives oven temp. when I started using one it was all over the place but my thermometer on the Akorn stayed pretty solid,up to 58 degrees F variation from digital. What I learned was that my adjustments were making changes but they took a long time for the factory thermometer to show. Also with the digital different parts of the oven were different temperatures, by a lot. Over the coals is hotter than not over the coals, of course, but if you build your fire under the thermometer in the hood it will read hotter than if you build on the other side. The snake is the only way for low. But leave the hood open until the starter has burned out other wise it is hard to get temp back down. Start over the air vent other wise you get a temp spike when the snake starts to burn over the vent. I had one burn for 10 hrs at around 100 F on the factory thermometer but now don't trust that temp. Smoked fish. Forgot the water pan so they were a little dry. I will let you know how low and slow goes with the digital and a water pan. Beautiful smokey flavors. I would never go back to gas. Just practice.
  4. Dave Bell

    Bourbon Honey Citrus Smoked Salmon

    Made this last night on my Akorn. I had Wild Turkey American Honey and mandarin instead of orange. Manuka wood chips on charcoal. The fishmonger didn't have whole fillets so I got three solid pieces at around 1 1/2" thick, 1 1/2 pounds. Yum, delicious. We have always been salmon fans and this will become our staple for smoked salmon. Thank you for a great recipe and instructional video.
  5. Just bought a second hand Akorn Kamado. I need some extras like a grill that fits on the lower level where the ceramic pizza plate fits and some charcoal trays for indirect cooking. If anyone knows where I can get extras drop me a line..