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  1. So I let mine rust out didn't take care of it like I should have got busy with a baby etc etc.. anyone ever bought a 2nd one? Got my first from walmart wanted to see if anyone got the one from home depot with the cart and how they like it i know same grill but do you like the cart with it? Been having to smoke food on the traeger where I work
  2. Hey I did a overnight cook when I went to sleep it was at 230 but woke up to the grill at 135 and the butt temp is 126 id hate myself if I made people sick I'm sure its ok was wondering what y'all thought.
  3. Welcome! Think we all say the same I love the grill and my wife gets out of cooking a lot now so she's happy with it also lol!
  4. Been meaning to ask does everyone just pour it in like so I've done that once I always left a hole in the middle about 2in it seems to work fine both ways guess I'm just curious what everyone else does.
  5. First time I've cooked at 225 highest isn't gone is 230 one is at 180 been there for over a hr lol
  6. Started them late around 10am but left around noon come back to the akorn holding 185 lol didn't take long to get back to 225
  7. Wife and I of three years and our might as well say child reese
  8. My wife got it she wanted it grilled so I did what she asked! It was the pork loin in the small sealed bag had teriyaki in it.
  9. Yeah its a deep dish pizza pan I got from home depot seems to kill two birds with one stone works good so far
  10. Looks great!! Chicken on the akorn is so tender and juicy!
  11. Hey welcome! I got a 15 inch deep dish pizza pan works for me as a drip pan etc
  12. Yeah mine is 100 once it gets to like 150 no matter what temp I'm going for I start turning it down today I've been able to get it within 10 just going slower with it
  13. Well never would have thought a grill would teach someone patience but it has. Been playing all morning 225, 275 and now 350. Will be doing a chicken for supper been reading about spachcock going to give it a try. Guess the lesson I've learned is bring it up slow I've heard people say they can get within 25 and close vents down, doesn't work for me lol
  14. It will stay at like today 250 for maybe hr are more then it will drop about 10 to 20 degrees. I just need to learn to leave it alone I'll bump the top a tad lol. Either way its a awesome grill for the price
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