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  1. Panchango

    Prime Rib

    Thanks.Do you flip it during the cooking process or leave it put?
  2. Panchango

    Prime Rib

    Do you cook it direct or indirect?
  3. Panchango


    That looks great.
  4. Panchango

    Second cook Same turkey

    Nice. That looks good. I baked some rolls and had a turkey sandwich.
  5. It is much easier to raise the temp than lower it. If you need to do the high heat cook first, I would just close the vents down to almost nothing, add the ambient temp deflector and see where it sits after an hour.
  6. Panchango

    How do you control your heat?

    Other things to consider are how much fuel you have in your firebox and how much of it is on fire. I keep the bottom in the general range and try to dial it in with the top vent.
  7. Nice pork roast. The smell of fresh bread filling the house is a delight.. It decided to get cold here with a high below freezing and the low well below. I have given some thought to using my oven this year.
  8. Panchango

    Spatchy Turkey

  9. I don't have a Joetisserie, but I am not sure there is enough room for both a turkey and a rib roast on the classic. You could squeeze them on, but it would be more of a pain than having either centered comfortably over the deflector. I think you would need to butterfly the bird and then stack them to do them together, but you will end up with beef drippings on a turkey or turkey drippings on the beef. Neither ideal. I would consider cooking the beef earlier to a full rare, then crank up the grill and sear it after the turkey has come off and is sitting. Ham can be done in advance and holds well too.
  10. Panchango

    Spatchy Turkey

    Nice tips. I never thought about a magnet to keep the top vent stationary. I do have the pivot on the front, but honestly mine in gunked up enough that it doesn't move much any more. It needs a cleaning. That's a nice looking burly grill grate. Who made it?
  11. Panchango

    Cast Iron or Stainless Grate?

    I don't have an Acorn smoker, but I do prefer stainless to cast iron. The only time I swapped them was in an old gasser that had uncoated CI grates. I got tired of them rusting and losing seasoning before swapping them out.
  12. Panchango

    Cooks Using Covered CI Pots

    Honestly I notice a smoke flavor even with a covered dutch oven.
  13. Panchango

    38 degrees and grilling

    A big part of why I got a kamado was so I could grill year round. Nice cook.
  14. Panchango

    Drying Peppers

    Very nice. Did you use a controller to maintain 185F for that long? I used to smoke some of my peppers for a couple hours then use a food dehydrator but havent grown much in the last couple years..
  15. Panchango

    Big Turkey, thermometer probe trick

    A very nice solution. Thanks for posting.