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  1. I don't know anything about that fish, but I like your use of the rack on the Jr to hold the cast iron skillet. I will need to use that myself. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. It was one of my better efforts.
  3. Today was a good day for the Kamado.... I installed a desperately needed new gasket. After that, I got a couple T-couplers of copper pipe, to give a little space between the deflector and the stone. I had a couple chicken leg quarters in the fridge that I wanted to use up so I roasted them and some garlic on the Jr this afternoon when I was swapping the gasket on the classic. I made a whole wheat bar pie with peach smoked chicken, roasted garlic, spinach, and fresh ricotta. I started it in a sheet pan and then put it on the stone towards the end of the cook to give it a nice crunch. Served the pizza with a side salad and had a very nice meal. Thanks for looking.
  4. A couple leg quarters with some roasted potatoes.
  5. Congrats. Enjoy your new cooker. Chicken soaks up smoke really quickly, so be careful when adding smoking wood to your cooker. Less is more. I have ruined a bird or two over smoking it. Like others said, that is just fat dripping in the coals. Please post pics if you took some. Everybody loves pics.
  6. I mostly roast with my kamado and it gets pretty disgusting where I don't want to touch it. About once a year, I pull it apart and brush it out, do a high temp cook, and brush it out again. Just be careful, you don't want to fry your gasket.
  7. Great pic. A little roasted garlic with olive oil and nice bread is a treat. I love the smell of it roasting.
  8. I picked up some of the peach cookshack cuts. I really like the size as well.
  9. I have had pretty good luck doing hams on the kamado. The only time I noticed much dryness was when I did a spiral ham. On the non spiral cut ones, I just season with my all purpose rub and smoke raised indirect cut side down until 130-140F. Just a thought, but could your probe be bad and you over-cooked it? Or you were measuring temp at the thickest part and the narrower part got past the 140F mark?
  10. Hah. I used to have a friend in Edmonton and would tell me to man up (in less polite terms) when I complained about the cold here in Pennsylvania. He was a welder at the oil sands and dealt with some crappy weather. We also all have our own crappy seasons to deal with too. For some it is winter and for others it is dealing with triple digit summer temps. I used to have the 2 burner silver a and thought that the grill was just under powered for the winter and used it that way for a long time. It wasn't until last year that I put that together about the gas when my camping stove wasn't working during a really cold January trip. I have switched to an alcohol stove now and don't bother with the gas canisters much any more.
  11. Very nice. I will need to try this. I never used cast iron on cabbage, just spritzed with olive oil, added some salt and pepper and went raised direct until it was done. I also like halving romaine hearts and doing the same thing
  12. The food looks great. Just a note of caution, I used to use pyrex all the time on the kamado, until a tray of enchiladas exploded. It was a real mess to clean up...
  13. Nicely done. It looks fantastic.
  14. They don't stay new looking for long. Great looking food.