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  1. Panchango

    Smoking wood

    It doesn't really bother me but I removed the bark from the stuff I processed. Most of the wood I use comes from trees in my yard. I try to cut them up into small chunks (cookshack cuts size) as I found them easier to work with on the small kamado. I have a box from fruitawood and just throw the chunks in with bark or not.
  2. Panchango

    Need some help with poultry

    Buy a Joetisserie? Other than that, I wouldn't know how to duplicate rotisserie chicken on the grill. I don't have one so unfortunately I could not be of any help there. I normally butterfly my birds and cook raised indirect where the grill lands between 350F and 400F. Pull when the breast hits 155F and let sit for a few minutes.
  3. Panchango

    CÔTE de boeuf on the Joe jr

    Happy birthday. That was a nice looking steak and a very nice cook. Congrats.
  4. Panchango

    Steak Dinner

    That's a great looking steak. Nicely done.
  5. Panchango

    Turkey and space on KJ

    You could butterfly the bird so it lies flat and cooks evenly. If you have an extender rack you could do the same with with breast above it. Or just fire up one of your other cookers. You could also cook one ahead of time, slice and vacuum pack it. When you need it, bring it back up to temp in a warm bath. Good luck and have fun. Edit to add. Here is a 10lb turkey I did on an 18" KJ.
  6. Panchango

    Saucy Jerk Pork Ribs

    Yes. I boned some Chicken thighs and have them marinating. I am think with yellow rice / pigeon peas and grilled tostones with a garlic mojo sauce.
  7. Panchango

    Costco's St Louis cut spares

    They look tasty. Nicely done.
  8. Panchango

    What did they feed that chicken?!?!

    Your comment motivated for a possible challenge entry.
  9. Panchango

    Saucy Jerk Pork Ribs

    They would be good. Thanks for the idea.
  10. Panchango

    Saucy Jerk Pork Ribs

    Thanks Everyone. They were tasty and make me wonder why I dont do ribs more often. I still have some of the glaze for lack of a better term in the fridge and haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet.
  11. Panchango

    Beef back ribs

    They look tasty. I haven't these yet, only the short ribs, I will need to give them a try at some point.
  12. Panchango

    My First Atlanta Brisket

    Nicely done...
  13. Panchango

    Thick ### chops reverse seared

    Nice Pork T-bones. Looks tasty.
  14. I felt like trying something different than the normal prep for ribs. I marinated a rack of St. Louis cut pork ribs for a couple days in a mixture of Walker's Wood Jerk Paste, Orange and Pineapple juices, and a touch of oil. The grill got away from a little bit and these smoked between 250 and 300 F today. It was 2 hours open with a mix of cherry, apple, and beech wood. Followed by 45 minutes wrapped, and about the same open to finish. I reserved the marinade added some catsup, brown sugar, maple sugar, and a bit of dark rice wine vinegar. brought to a boil until slightly thickened then basted the ribs on my final step. Overall, they turned out better than expected, tasty and tender. The one got a little hot near the edge of the deflector, but it was minor. Thanks for looking.
  15. Panchango

    Pork ribs