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  1. This is my solution as well but not a pickle jar. They work well and are less expensive than the weber cubes.
  2. Nice. Riding has been my solace for most of my adult life. Last fall I did Pitt to DC and have put just over 3k miles so far this year. Enjoy and be safe. https://imgur.com/gallery/4nrgfW9
  3. I have ordered the small cuts from Fruitawood twice (peach and honey crisp apple ) and been happy with the product. I like the small cuts as I don't use a ton of smoke. Another option is pellets from bbqrsdelight in a small cast iron pot. It gets a nice clean smoke flavor and you don't have big boxes of wood everywhere. They work well and come in a number of flavors.
  4. I prefer to cook the light and dark meat separately to get the best of both. I did a roughly 4 hour confit of the thighs and legs and spatchcocked the breast on the kamado with a touch of cherry wood. Dry brine and basted with herb garlic butter a few times through the cool. It took about 2 hours between 300 and 350F.
  5. Very nice looking bird especially for a first cook. Don't let yourself get too caught up in with over analyzing adjustments. Have fun and enjoy your grill.
  6. If you want, just wrap it and throw it in the oven. You already put smoke on it and just need to finish cooking it.
  7. I cook on my driveway which is sloped and roll it back into the garage when I am finished and it is cool. The casters are plenty strong, like Tony, I shim mine to keep it level when braising or a more liquid cook. My shim is a piece of 1x screwed to the edge of some scrap plywood. With most of my cooks it isn't an issue. Give it a shot and if it is beyond your comfort zone, then deal with it at that point. Enjoy.
  8. The wings look great. Have fun breaking in that grill. I can't remember when mine looked that clean.
  9. Most of the time I just use them until they fall through the grate. I haven't noticed any issues with roasting and grilling temps. If I am doing a long low and slow cook, I normally clean them out.
  10. The raised outwardly pointing handles are most likely a problem with the pan fitting the inward sloping dome. Not on the junior, but I had the same problem on my classic with a carbon steel pan. It would fit on the grill but I could not close the lid. Why not something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Lodge-Logic-Round-Griddle-Handles/dp/B00I4XNEE4
  11. You can do a lot with a small grill, but sometimes you need to be creative to get everything to fit. I have a Joe Jr which is slightly smaller than the akorn jr and have done an 8lb pork butt, butterflied chicken, baked bread in my 2qt dutch oven and plenty of other cooks.
  12. Thanks @KismetKamado. It is good to see you as well. They turned out much better than expected. It has definitely been a while since I posted anything.
  13. Howdy. It has been a while since I checked in, but I am still using the grill when I get a chance. Last weekend I saw a nice rack of spare ribs at the market and decided to grab them. I just used an ad-hoc rub with stuff in the cabinet and smoked them with cherry and beech for just under 7 hours at roughly 240F. I wrapped them for about 45 minutes once they hit the stall and then finished on the grate. Here they are about ready to be pulled. Today I ground the trimmings and made a nice pot of chili. Thanks for looking.
  14. Smoked a 2.5 lb rack of pork ribs yesterday while I worked in the yard. Rubbed with Texas Pig Rub and smoked at 250F with some cherry, they were done in just about 3 hours. I had to wrap them for a few hours until it was time to eat.
  15. Finish cooking them in a pot of wing sauce until they start falling apart?
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