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  1. I saw it and was impressed. It is way more than I would ever need cooking for 1 or 2 people, but it was a nice looking rig. I had a Silver B for over 15 years before I gifted it to a friend that wanted to rebuild it. It is still running and 20 years old at this point. It was a nice grill, but a little under powered. If I would have been able to afford the 3 burner version. I would probably still be using it. I can't say that I disagree about the price, but it seems that is the norm these days.
  2. Awesome. Thanks. That looks tasty
  3. Those look good... Dale's Pale Ale?
  4. That is a big one. How much shrinkage will you have with the final product?
  5. If you are cooking for 6 people, the 18" models will be tight. Regardless of which brand you choose, read up on warranty claims and how happy customers are a few years down the road. Ceramic does break and having a company stand behind their product is important. BGE and KJ were the two that I looked at when I made my purchase as I had local dealers. The KJ won out on price point / included accessories and has served me well. I did have a cracked firebox, but it was replaced quickly and free of charge. I am sure you will be happy with whatever cooker you purchase. There is a learning curve, but once you figure it out, turning out great food is a snap. Dont get too caught up in brand vs brand. Just find one you like and enjoy it.
  6. I preferred the soaked one, but I gave samples to a few friends and they all liked the one that wasn't soaked. The feedback I got was the rub was really peppery and the salt helped balance it out. They all said I should definitely do it again.
  7. I had a bag of it last year when it was on sale for $8.50 or so. I remember not liking it much, but I don't remember exactly why.
  8. Thanks all. I definitely learned a few things and will be doing it again when I find them on sale...
  9. No experience with the wicked edge. When I went for one a few years ago, I got the edge pro as you only needed one stone per grit instead of the two with the wicked edge system. The rare earth magnets really hold the knife in place. Whatever you get there will be a small learning curve, but I cannot complain about the edge pro. I have the chosera stones for mine.
  10. Wow, that looks good.
  11. Nicely done. That is a tasty looking sandwich.
  12. I will trim the fat cap slightly closer next time, but I am very pleased with my first attempt and will try it again next time I see it on sale. Steamed the meat in the top of my rice cooker for about a minute, before hitting some fresh rye bread with some nice swiss and Plochman's mustard. It cooked for about 7.5 hours and then spent a couple hours wrapped in a cooler before being refrigerated over night. The cooker crept up to just under 300F for the last hour of the cook. The other one that I did not soak retained much more bright pink color but was really salty. I will definitely soak next time as well. Sliced... The finished product. Thanks for looking.