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  1. BBQ Shicken.......

    Nice looking cook.
  2. Kamado Jr how to booklet

    I would just give KJ a call. Customer service has always been very good for me.
  3. Yeah, that is pretty much the same story here.
  4. While I agree that it looks more like an avocado, throwing away decades of brand recognition by changing the company name would not be a bright idea. You never know though, someone once sat in a meeting and pitched an idea for a movie about sharks in a tornado....
  5. Grilled Sword Fish

    Nicely done.
  6. You don't know the half of it. I went to the gym and running this morning. Was planning on relaxing when I saw the shape of the tree. I had to cut it all up and haul it away in my Honda Fit.. It took a number of trips. It was one of those days when I wish I had a truck. Everything I read was that it was a mild wood. I don't see it available commercially around here at all, but it grows everywhere.
  7. Got Wood? Apple that is

    Nice that is close. I live near Northampton Community College. I also took down a maple today and will be curing some cherry and lilac if you would like some.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I saved about 6' of the trunk as it was too big to go to yard waste and unfortunately I don't have a fireplace. I've had maple smoked bacon, but never actually used it myself.
  9. I had a green leaf maple take a hit in the last storm, so I had to take it down today. It was a bit beyond my comfort zone at 18" diameter and about 35' tall. Has anyone smoked with maple? I saved some that I need to split and cut down to small chunks and start to dry. While I was at it, I took a branch off a Beech Tree, a wild black cherry growing in the tree row and a lilac bush I have in the yard. It will be some work getting it all ready to cure, but I should be set for a number of years once it dries. All I need is some apple and I will be golden. This Echo chainsaw has been a workhorse for me. It was a little under powered for the job at hand, but pulled it out. I wish I had a larger bar on it today. The maple....
  10. Becoming Frustrated With Joe Jr....

    Thanks for the replies. For the most part I realize that I have to deal with it, but I was just getting frustrated. As long as it stays together I can deal, but when I have to piece the firebox together for cleaning, it gets to be a drag. I have some Rutland's furnace cement and may give it a go when I have some down time. I also like the idea of wiring it together. The fire ring in my dad's imperial kamado was wired together and lasted for a decades in that shape.
  11. Got Wood? Apple that is

    I used a bunch of Apple from a tree that went down in my yard a number of years ago, but unfortunately it is gone now. If you would like some help or would like to unload a little of the wood, please let me know. I live in Bethlehem Township between 33 and 191. Regards, Dale
  12. I love my Joe Jr and use it multiple times a week, but I am a month in to my 3rd firebox since I got the grill and it is cracked from the top to the bottom. I noticed this morning when I was cleaning it out after a raised direct chicken cook at 400F. KJ customer service has taken good care of me to date, but I am getting frustrated about always having a cracked firebox. I am sure it will hold up for a while, but in my opinion the little grills are too pricey to be dealing with this constant quality issue. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  13. Time for a new gasket?

    What John said... Gaskets get banged up but will continue to work. When the leaks get bad or you have issues with maintaining a steady temp, then change it.
  14. Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

    I really don't have much need for a Big Joe. I've had a classic and junior for the last couple of years and do the vast majority of my cooking on the small grill.
  15. Nice. I was thinking it was a tiny vortex in a 18" grill before I read the description. Food looks tasty.