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  1. Thanks. I was a little concerned about how they would turn out as they seemed pretty light as compared to the short ribs or the baby backs I have been able to get recently. They turned out better than I had hoped.
  2. Wanted to do some ribs on the grill this weekend. When I went to the market, pork baby back ribs were insanely priced. I picked up a cryovac package of two racks of beef back ribs for less than a single rack of the pork baby backs.... I have done short ribs a few times, but this is the first time I have done these and was expecting about 5-6 hours, but they finished in 3 (250F with cherry wood smoke). Wrapped them in foil, in a towel, in a cooler and kept them warm for a few hours until it was closer to dinner time. They turned out really well and I definitely grab them again. Enjoy your day.
  3. I like running the deflector on a grate sitting on top of the fire ring and cooking at felt level. Since mine is split, i often use either a 13" or 15" pizza stone on top of the split deflector stones. I use 3/4" copper T pieces to separate the stones. I mostly do this because the bottom of my food was getting overdone along the split in the amount of time it took for the cook to finish. I don't have a seperate pic of the stone set up, but you can see it in the cooks below. There are many different paths that will all yield the same result once you dial in your technique using them. Have fun.
  4. Thanks. Only one grocery near me has them, but their company policy dictates they are cut into pieces. Asking the butcher normally nets me a pretty nice rack. I was planning on having them for dinner, but they ended up taking close to 8 hours to finish up. I think the plan tomorrow will be grilled short rib sandwiches with caramelized onions and Gouda.
  5. It has been a while since I have made short ribs. Rubbed with salt, pepper, and smoked paprika then smoked for about 7;5 hours until it probed tender around 200F. Used some cherry wood and currently have it wrapped for tomorrow. Thanks for looking.
  6. That's a pretty crappy bag of Royal Oak. It isn't the best, but most bags I have used are much better than that.
  7. I used to have that problem and told her learn to like rare steak or hit the bricks. I still have the dog who is completely happy eating rare steak. I think I came out on top here.
  8. Today I did a rack of baby back ribs and then baked some mac and cheese on the kamado. Used my standard rub and smoked for just under 5 hours at 250F using Cherry and Beech wood. Turned out very well.
  9. Looks Great. It's been a while since I've done a butt.
  10. This is my solution as well but not a pickle jar. They work well and are less expensive than the weber cubes.
  11. Nice. Riding has been my solace for most of my adult life. Last fall I did Pitt to DC and have put just over 3k miles so far this year. Enjoy and be safe. https://imgur.com/gallery/4nrgfW9
  12. I have ordered the small cuts from Fruitawood twice (peach and honey crisp apple ) and been happy with the product. I like the small cuts as I don't use a ton of smoke. Another option is pellets from bbqrsdelight in a small cast iron pot. It gets a nice clean smoke flavor and you don't have big boxes of wood everywhere. They work well and come in a number of flavors.
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