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  1. Panchango

    First Pastrami

    That looks tasty. I'll take one to go please.
  2. Panchango

    Sausage and Carrots on the KJ

    Those look good. Roasted carrots are pretty tasty too. Nicely done.
  3. Panchango

    New (to me) fire starter tricks.

    I saw the stale tortilla chips before but haven't used them.
  4. Panchango

    Thighs & Potatoes

    Corn on the bone is new to me, but I've been saving pizza bones for my dogs as long as i can remember. Oh and that chicken looks great.
  5. Panchango

    Quick dinner, ribeye

    Fast food always has ketchup... They look great.
  6. Panchango


    One thing I initially heard in training with Louis Awerbuck, is mindset, skill set, then tool set. Seems fitting here as well. Glad you had fun and enjoyed the day.
  7. Panchango

    Pide, Chicken and Lamb

    Nicely done. Everything looks great
  8. Panchango

    Quick bangers and Salad

    Nicely done. I like it.
  9. Panchango

    Pop Quiz, Gurus....

  10. Panchango

    Quick bangers and Salad

    Nice plate of food. That is a neat grill grate. Is that re-purposed cast iron or was it made specifically for that grill?
  11. Panchango

    Cast Iron Quiche

    It was a dinner ham steak from Aldi.
  12. Panchango

    Pop Quiz, Gurus....

    Want to go squirrel hunting?
  13. Panchango

    Pop Quiz, Gurus....

    Is this one of those rhetorical quizzes?
  14. That's a really nice looking steak and I am glad that you did not cook it to 220F. It would have been well beyond burnt..