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  1. Nice. I have my grandmother's BSR Dutch Oven and picked up an Wagner Ware skillet that I picked up in a thrift store for $20. The skillet has a slight wobble, but is glass smooth.
  2. If I use wood with chicken, it is a small chunk of cherry. I like the color on the bird as well. Most times, I cook chicken about 400F and don't use any wood. Every once in a while, i like to cook it at a lower temp and use just a little smoke.
  3. I wouldn't let the slight price difference steer your shopping. These can be lifetime purchases if maintained correctly. Regardless of which you choose, I would look at the features you want, the warranty, and then the price. Ceramic grills do break and replacing fire boxes can be expensive. Good warranty and support go a long way.
  4. Due to the winter storm, work closed at noon today. I really didn't have all that much to do after work and decided to bake a pie on the kamado. This was an apple pie with an oatmeal crumble topping. It baked at 375F for just under an hour. Thanks for looking.
  5. Last August, we rescued a very high strung scaredy-cat of a chubby senior Chihuahua named Chico. In 6 months, he has come a long way but still barks and growls at me when he hears my footsteps and asks to be picked up as well while growling at me. To say the least he has some issues, but who knows what he went through in his previous life. He is finally settling in to a routine here and feeling more comfortable. I just need him to not be afraid of the neighbor's cat...
  6. Great Looking Room.... No backgammon or Foosball?
  7. Thanks. I wish I could take credit, but it was all my cellphone. I just pressed the button.
  8. I prefer lump as it burns hotter and has less ash, but my father had no problem with briquettes for close to 50 years in his Imperial Kamado. When the Home Depot puts Kingsford on sale for half price, I have no problem buying it either. I primarily use it in my other grills, but if I run out of lump it goes in the kamado too.
  9. That looks tasty, Nicely done. How long did it take to finish?
  10. Thanks. It turned out really well. The two day soak in marinade helped a bunch. As long as it isn't overcooked, top round can be delicious and tender when sliced right.
  11. I only wear it a couple times a year, but I am glad to have the big coat when I need it. Stay warm.
  12. The grocery had London Broil /Top Round on special last week ($2.59 lb), so I grabbed two of them. I hit it with the Jaccard tenderizer and marinated it for about 48 hours. Tonight was a balmy 15F/-9C with 25 mph sustained winds(after waking up to 3F/-16C) . It was cold enough that I had to break out the bomber jacket. It took just a few minutes per side between 400 and 450F for a nice rare steak. Cut thinly across the grain and enjoyed it with some smashed potatoes and seared greens.. Enjoy your night.
  13. Oh I completely understand that. In my opinion, they shouldn't have even made the post season. They did and I am thankful I got to see them in the wild card game and the loss to the Saints. This isn't animosity like it is towards the Cowboys... Just more mild disappointment than anything.
  14. I was going to be angry.... but that looks fantastic. It is a little over done though...
  15. Looking good. Despite my animosity towards the Saints for beating the Eagles, enjoy the game.
  16. The funny thing is that I lived a short time in Clackamas, Or and I was colder there than I ever am here. Something about the winds off the gorge that just went right through me. It was cool having flowers on the trees through Thanksgiving, but the rainy season was miserable...
  17. Looks good. No need to apologize, the Weber kettle does great things to chicken....
  18. Hah... I was going to say wear a jacket but that is barely below freezing. Monday isn't going to be fun at 15f. I have a couple chihuahuas so I have to clear the snow so they can do their business. While outside, I dragged the junior out and did a nice rib steak. It was about 10F/-12c with 40 mph winds. If I remember correctly, we got over 2 feet of snow on this one. I did modify my starting technique and closed the lid and removed the top vent and had the bottom wide open. It was mostly to keep the snow out more than anything else. It is always grilling season.
  19. Sometimes, if what I am doing takes too long, I close it for a bit to calm things down before opening it again to finish what I was doing. By the way, I commuted on the R5 daily to North Wales for about two years back in the dark ages right after I graduated. I loved living in South Philly and near Sarcones and visiting Sonny at D'Angelo's butcher shop. Sadly the butcher shop is closed now and I'm 90 minutes north....
  20. Looks pretty good to me. Nicely done.
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